Saturday Question: What Is Your Favorite Puredistance Perfume?

With the news of the upcoming new release, Puredistance has been on my mind recently.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #78:

What Is Your Favorite Puredistance Perfume?

Do you own any? Do you like any of those that you tried but don’t currently own? Are there any that you’d like to try?

My Answer

Puredistance is “my brand.” I do not love all of their perfumes, and ironically their main perfume – Puredistnce I – has never found its way into my heart, but among the rest of their creations I have several perfume loves and strong likes.

Antonia is probably still my most favorite perfume from the line, one of those that made it to the “love and don’t ever want to be without” category in My Perfume Portrait. And that light green bottle!

Puredistance White, Puredistance Gold and Rubikona are all strong rivals for the second place spot in my heart. I don’t think I could choose just one of them: they fit into different moods and seasons, and I think that all three are beautiful.

I find Opardu, Warszawa and Sheiduna very pleasant and wear these from time to time, but admittedly they are just in the “like and wear” category: unlike the previous four, I wouldn’t be chasing these but I’ll enjoy them as long as I have them.

Finally, I like Puredistance Black on my vSO (he seems to like it as well). Not surprisingly, two the most masculine perfumes in the line – Aenotus and Puredistance M – do not work for me at all.

What I also like about this brand is that because I’ve done many posts about their perfumes over years, I have a wide choice of previously published pictures of Rusty that I can use again for this Saturday Question post.



What Is Your Favorite Puredistance Perfume?


34 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Is Your Favorite Puredistance Perfume?

  1. Although I admire them all as extremely well made fragrances, presentation fantastic, the crew so nice, the don’t quite have the edginess I like. I will still be interested to read about the new release though. xxx


  2. Puredistance is up there with Chanel and Guerlain as one of my favorite brands. Unequivocally, White is my absolute favorite, but the others are not far behind. The new No. 12 has been marketed as “grand,” so I’m hoping it means it’s a big bold white floral. We’ll see. As always, Rusty makes the perfect model.


  3. I have only tried Rubikona thanks to the theee way giveaway you did with hajusuuri and Lucas. Beautiful perfume. The price point is a little high for me but I could see putting that on my birthday list some day.


    • I agree that it’s expensive, but as I calculated in one of my previous posts, per ml it’s less expensive than extraits from other brands. I do wish though they made these in glass bottles with a stopper or in lighter concentration and less expensive.


  4. There is not a Puredistance perfume I dislike, well, maybe Sheiduna is my least favorite. But my love, and the one I can’t be without, is Warszawa. It was just magic at first spray to me. It is like time travel in a bottle, and takes me back to a world I only got glimpses of as a child through my parents. Antonia is a very close second. I love it too. Black is gorgeous, but like you, I prefer it on my husband. I loved the new introduction of Rubikona last year. The one that gets me the most compliments is Gold, although I cannot smell it so much on myself.I am eagerly waiting to see the newest. The blue flowers they’ve drawn have me not knowing what to expect. Does anyone have any ideas?


  5. I know that I have tried several but I honestly don’t remember what they smelled like so I couldn’t pick a favorite. Like others have mentioned, price is a bit too high for me.


  6. Opardu is my favorite, followed by White. I have been tempted to get M in the travel spray but my decant is still going strong, not that it has ever stopped me.

    I know the PR materials mentioned this 12th perfume as the capstone to the Grand collection but I hope they continue…good stuff and yes, overpriced but eh, you only live once.


    • I also hope they’ll keep going. But maybe they’ll do another line or different concentrations?

      I haven’t worn Opardu in a while. I need to spend some time with it soon!


  7. I’ve tried quite a few, including Rubikona thanks to you, but none of them inspired a FB purchase. They are pleasant and well-made though.


    • I think that not falling in love with an expensive perfume is almost as good as the opposite :)
      The perfume world would have been quite boring had we all liked the same perfumes.


  8. I’m with hajusuuri. Opardu is my favorite and White is second for me. I have a small bottle of Opardu and a nice decant of White as well. Sheiduna is also one that I enjoy, but it’s too expensive for me to have anything but a sample of it since it’s not a total love. I think all the Purdistance scents are very well done. I have not tried Antonia or Rubikona, but I have some samples coming soon. I love that they are elixirs and last for many hours on my skin.


    • True, Puredistance perfumes have very good tenacity on my skin as well (though, those travel sprays are very convenient for re-application, if necessary).
      And yes, the price point of the brand’s perfumes doesn’t warrant “likes” – only “loves.”


    • Thank you! He was posing with my very first Puredistance bottle.

      I think this brand is one of those that are worth trying as a part of the hobby: even if you won’t find the next love, their perfumes are of a high quality and with a lot of attention to details, which isn’t the case with many newer brands.

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  9. I don’t have a favorite — I haven’t tried most, and I honestly don’t remember the 1-2 I’ve tried. But now that I know how strongly you all endorse them, I’ll hunt those samples down again!


  10. A question after my own heart, being another PD fan as you know! I’d say Rubikona, followed by PD1 and Gold. I also like Black on men, if I can entice them to put some on. ;) If you ever run out of Antonia, please let me know, as it is not amongst my favourites.

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    • Do you think your preferences might be based on the time when you first tried these perfumes? I don’t mean that you like these, but rather that in your list there is no “newer” perfumes from the brand.


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