Paying it Forward: (in) Puredistance Gold

This post is a part of a joint mini project, a.k.a. giveaway, held by Undina (Undina’s Looking Glass), Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume), Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) and Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies) – see details at the bottom of the post.

* * *

In this age of advertising in social networks and working through influencers, vloggers and instagrammers (ha! MS Word’s spell checker knows the former but objects to the latter while Firefox browser’s spell checker doesn’t think any of the three terms are grammatically correct), it is hard to justify spending marketing resources on a handful of “old school” bloggers with quirky blogging styles and limited outreach via followers or organic search.

Most brands stopped doing that silently. Some were quite vocal about it (I will not name names now, but will mention that even years later I still hold a grudge – not for the decision not to provide free samples itself but rather for the publicly provided “justification” for that decision, but I digress). And a very few keep doing that through the years for whatever reasons – be that gratitude for the role perfumistas in general or particular individuals played once in popularizing niche perfumery or the brand; or out of sentimental feelings towards the “dying art” of blogging; or even pragmatical calculation that people who spend hundreds, sometimes thousands dollars per year on their hobby and who “talk” to others with the same predisposition might be a better target audience for a “free sample” than an average perfume counter visitor. I don’t know the reasoning, but I know that those brands are still out there.



Puredistance is one of such brands that – as long as I remember, even before I started blogging – was extremely friendly and generous with bloggers, and not just with press release samples that would promote their newest perfume but with acknowledgement of bloggers contribution to spreading good word about the brand, their time in communications and some unexpected surprises for the brand’s milestones.

Late last year Puredistance sent me a travel spray of their newest perfume Puredistance Gold. As always, no strings attached.

I tied and I liked Puredistance Gold, which made me happy and thankful to the brand for bringing me joy that holiday season. And at the same time, I felt bad because there was no story or topic in my head that I could use for a post, and since I don’t do regular reviews, it meant I wouldn’t be able to make my tiniest input into promoting this perfume to the World.


Puredistance Gold


And then I thought that even if I were to review this perfume, in my opinion, it wouldn’t be enough because while it is like that for many good perfumes, for Puredistance Gold it is particularly true: to fully appreciate it, one needs to wear it. Even if I were to tell you that it’s great, since the only place where you could test it would be a niche shop with dozens of other perfumes that compete for your attention, you’ll spray it on paper, sniff and, most likely, move to the next bottle.

And that’s how the idea of this joint mini project came to live. We, several bloggers who were lucky to get some preview samples from Puredistance, decided to share what we got – just to make sure it reaches more people who might otherwise never try it.

* * *

Puredistance Gold Sample(s) Giveaway

One ~ 1.5ml handmade sample of Puredistance Gold is offered in a giveaway on each blog for a reader from the specific geographical region:

Undina’s Looking Glass (this blog) – the US and Canada

Chemist in the Bottle – Europe (without the UK)

Bonkers about Perfume – the UK

Australian Perfume Junkies – Australia


While you’re invited and encouraged to comment on any/all of the participating blogs, to be entered into the draw you should leave comment on “your” region’s blog following the instructions given there.

If you are in the US or Canada and wish to enter the giveaway, all you need to do on this blog is to state in your comment “I live in [country]. That’s it. The draw on this blog will close on February 23rd. You know all the disclaimers, etc.

Regardless of whether you participate in my draw or not, I would love to know: Have you tried any of Puredistance perfumes? Do you have favorite ones? Are there any you haven’t tried yet but want to?


Images: my own


46 thoughts on “Paying it Forward: (in) Puredistance Gold

  1. Such a lovely idea and I agree absolutely with your comments. Your three musketeers are a kind trio! Puredistance is a great company and I can vouch for the beauty of Gold, having been given a sample from one of those three angels.

    Thank you for the feast of Rusty photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. What a lovely idea to share the joy. I wish I had access to a shop that carries Puredistance – I have never had the chance to sniff the line. I am glad they still appreciate the bloggers, I certainly do! I live in the USA!


  4. 👍 👏 👏 👏

    Great idea, Undina! DNEM as I bought my own travel spray.

    I love and own Opardu and White. I also have a decants / official 5mL atomizers of M, Sheiduna and Aenotus. And I have a full discovery set …I think I’ve had 3 altogether over time and I ended up giving away one as a gift, another one in a swap and I kept the newest set.


    • Thank you for helping to spread the word, hajusuuri!

      My most favorite one is Antonia, closely followed by White (for me) and Black (for my vSO). Opardu and Sheiduna – strong “likes.”


  5. I have tried and liked Warszawa. Thank you for this generous giveaway! And also to Porria for recommending your blog. I live in the USA.


  6. I might have tried M I think since lot of people compared it to my beloved vintage Bel Ami. Don’t enter me in the draw if Puredistance Gold is similar to either vintage Opium or Amouage Gold as some online reviews are saying. I have plenty of vintage Opium and also Amouage Gold so if Puredistance Gold is similar to either one of these, I would prefer someone else to win the draw and be introduced to this perfumery style.


    • I’m not sure I remember how Opium smells, vintage or otherwise, but since I love Amouage Gold, I can assure you that other than the name and both being perfumes, there isn’t much in common between these two. So, you’ll “have” to play. Worse comes worst, if you win and find it too similar, you’ll spray it once and re-home the remaining sample.



  7. I don’t have anywhere I could try these, I think. I was very curious about Warszawa, I think Chemist in the Bottle had a very positive review when it came out. The packaging is also very appealing.


  8. Hi Undina, I’m certainly a latecomer to your blog and am glad that you are keeping the “art” from being lost on your end! I live in the US and have never had the opportunity to try a Puredistance perfume, but everything I’ve read about them has been very positive.


    • It’s never late! I’m always glad to meet new perfume bloggers (well, I mean, new for me: I haven’t come across your blog until today). I’ll be reading it now.

      Puredistance is worth trying, and I wish it was better represented in the US.



  9. What a lovely gesture! I found your blog through Hajusuuri who is quite active on NST and who I follow on Instagram. I haven’t gotten to try Puredistance but would surely love to! In Canada and excited to have another perfume blog to follow now.


  10. I really like the artistry behind Pure Distance scents. They’re unique and above so many scents created today. Of the ones I’ve sniffed PureDistance I and Antonia are my favorites.
    I live in the USA.


  11. Fantastic! I’m happy to be reminded
    (thank you, @hajusuuri) that there are some fabulous perfume bloggers that I need to keep reading, and commenting on their posts as well. Life gets in the way, but the love of fragrance is an endless delight! It must be indulged regularly. ☺️

    I am in the US. Thank you for the generous draw!


  12. I live in the USA. Thanks for this drawing. I have a little sample of Puredistance Gold and totally love it. On my skin it smells like it’s shimmering like gold jewelry in the sun. Love Rusty’s photo shoot!


  13. Hi Undina: I live in USA (NYC playwright) and haven’t tried Puredistance yet. Gold sounds lovely. Packaging looks 👌🏼 Ready for a great base and lively top notes. The feeling of gold … #fragfanatic #sniffapalooza #fragrancefiend


    • Richard, send me your mailing address: I can’t promise you Gold (I’ll have less than 2 ml left in my travel spray after sharing it in this draw), but I can try “smuggling” to you in mail a couple of samples of their earlier perfumes (how strict are your mail rules?).


  14. I’m in the US. Thanks for this amazing opportunity! I haven’t tried any perfumes in this line but White sounds like one I’d like.
    I always enjoy seeing photos of Rusty! Keep them coming 😀


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