Puredistance Rubikona: Iacta alea esto!

I rarely participate in campaigns when new niche perfumes are launched: if I do not like them, I prefer to keep silence, and if I like them, I go through the careful testing first, then add perfume to my collection, and only after that I would write about that perfume – and only if I have a story. I have a few perfumes in my collection that I love and wear but have never covered in the blog.

With the new release from Puredistance, RUBIKONA, I had a conundrum: while I liked this perfume very much, I would not be buying it any time soon … because the brand sent me a beautiful travel spray of it. At the same time, in the “new normal” situation with perfume sales, any small brand needs all the possible help in promoting perfumes that are worth the attention. So, it wouldn’t be fair to “punish” the brand because I do not have to buy perfume now. Because of that, I am doing this post and a giveaway – as a part of the self-organized mini joint project between my scent triplets – hajusuuri and Lucas (see the details at the end of this post).


Rusty and Puredistance Rubikona


A couple of days ago Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) published a comprehensive review for Rubikona, so I invite you to read it if you want to get a real review since from me you’re getting mostly impressions and pictures of Rusty.

Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian. Top notes – grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin; middle notes – rose, iris, ylang, clove, orange blossom and creamy notes; base notes – patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, solar notes and musk.

Sometimes, trying to explain what something is, it is easier to describe what it is not. Puredistance Rubikona is not an exercise in edgy modern aroma creation. It absolutely cannot be described as “nice perfume.” And nobody would mistake Rubikona for an ambiance scent.


Puredistance Rubikona


I do not get any vintage vibe from Rubikona but at the same time the moment I smell it I know that it is perfume in its classical meaning: it is polished and elegant and complete, without any rough edges or artistic imperfections. Recently I find myself gravitating towards this type of perfume – neither too loud nor a whisper, not obnoxious but with enough confidence, not Angel-like revolutionary but distinct enough not to have close dupes in my scent wardrobe. And Rubikona fits the narrative perfectly.


Rusty and Puredistance Rubikona


I would like to briefly discuss the price. Historically, perfumes from Puredistance were expensive: these are not something one buys on a whim. But despite the format (spray flacons), these are extraits. And if we were to compare these to other brands’ perfumes in the same concentration, we’d see that Puredistance offers them more than twice cheaper than extraits from mainstream brands – and those sell perfumes in hundreds of thousands of bottles per year, if not more. So, it’s hard to expect a small niche brand to be able to produce high-quality perfumes cheaper.

As much as I like Puredistance’s colorful flacons, I think that even smaller volume of perfume in a glass dabber bottle à la mini bottles for Givenchy Extravagance, Organza or Organza Indecence for the current price would feel a more justified purchase. It looks though, one has to choose what to pay for – a beautiful bottle or high-quality composition.

But at that price, no matter how great and pure ingredients are, one must love perfume to justify paying this sum for a single bottle instead of 3-4-5 “instant gratifications” of discounter bargains or vintage eBay finds. And to have a chance to like it, one needs to try it first. Definitely on skin.


Rusty and Puredistance Rubikona


To help with promoting this perfume that we all liked, hajusuuri, Lucas and I are running parallel giveaways on blogs (Undina’s Looking Glass for the US and Chemist in the Bottle for Europe) and Instagram (my account is linked on the side (web)/below (mobile) and here is hajusuuri’s account – both for readers in the US). The US readers get to enter into any or all giveaways. Follow the instructions for each of the draws.

To be entered on this blog, all you need to do is to add in your comment that you live in the US. Otherwise, I’ll consider your comment as a “DNEM.”


Rusty's Tail and Puredistance Rubikona


What do you think about Puredistance bottles? Do you like them? Would you prefer glass bottles with extraits? Do you think they should produce less expensive EdP or even EdT versions of their extraits?


Images: my own


28 thoughts on “Puredistance Rubikona: Iacta alea esto!

  1. Woohoo! Happy to see your giveaway post live.
    I absolutely agree that Puredistance makes luxurious and polished compositions and yes, their price level & quality positions them really high on the shelf compared to other brands. Yes, a perfume at this price, even an extrait concentration, is not something you decide to buy in 5 minutes.
    From the Puredistance range I like the most the 17.5 ml travel size flacon. Somehow they have the best aesthetics for me (but I have to say I liked them slightly more when they came with caps instead of these new tag pins).

    Yay, you did an amazing job to convince Rusty to cooperate for Rubikona shots. The tail wag gif is so cute. I hope he got the right amount of treats for being so handsome and curious about the flacon.

    PS. The necklace looks really great right next to the perfume :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I liked caps more as well. I didn’t realize that it was a new standard way: I assumed it was a promotional thing.

      Rusty didn’t want to pose (the first shot), so I gave up and decided that I’d use one or two shots that were OK, and the rest will do something with the bottle itself – and that’s when he decided to participate :) I have a couple of funny shots where he lifted the bottle and got scared by it. But it was slightly off-focus, so I ended up not using it. But Rusty got enough treats for his part :)

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. I would love to try Rubikona, even though I’ve tried a few Puredistance samples and none of them was big love. Thanks for the drawing!


    • Wow… 800 is an impressive number :)

      I hate the new IG’s habit not to show what they consider “old” content and instead offer some strangers’ posts: I often don’t have time to finish scrolling through all the new posts, but by the time I come back, even those that I haven’t seen disappear. I always stop at the beginning of those “suggested” posts.


  4. As Lucas said,, Puredistance is a true luxury brand so I don’t mind them only producing extraits. There are so many niche brands out there aiming at the luxury market but not producing anything that is even a fraction of the quality of PD.

    Superb Rusty content!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have tried several from this house so far with no success, but am always hopeful given the appreciation others have expressed that I just need to keep looking. Thank you for this chance to try something new. I live in the US.


  6. I always try the new releases from this house because I appreciate that they don’t release a million scents and wait until they have something that is worthwhile. I have bee drawn to this one because I usually enjoy Cecile’s work and I love the red visuals. Thanks for the draw. I’m in the US.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I hoped you’ll appreciate it :)
      My “review” is an easy one: mostly it’s not about reading but rather admiring my “craftsmanship” in tricking Rusty to pose with perfume :)


  7. I live in the USA. Thanks so much for the drawing. This new Puredistance fragrance sounds really interesting. I own Opardu and I love Puredistance White, Gold, and Sheiduna. I’ve not been able to sample Antonia or WArsawa yet.


  8. I’ve never tried this brand but they should consider Rusty for their campaign! Thanks for sharing your impressions and your pics. Very pricey brands like this often give me sampling paralysis: I don’t know where to start and discovery sets are expensive so I tell myself my nose is not well-trained enough to appreciate the brand and move along. Someday I’ll treat myself and take the plunge! I’m in the US. Thanks to you and Puredistance for this drawing.


    • Hi Kate! You’re in. Good luck!

      Perfumes at that price point is not something that anyone can buy casually – either some notes should really talk to you, or you need to read that someone who you closely share perfume tastes loves it – and even then there’s no guarantee.

      I hope Puredistance will start offering smaller subsets of or individual samples.


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  10. Hi Undina, thank You so much for this giveaway!!! I was intrigued when i read Your review of the Rubicona- would love to try it!!! I do live in the US….


  11. I am now able to come back and take a proper look at your post, which doesn’t disappoint. I especially love the picture of Rusty in lounging pose.

    RUBIKONA is difficult to describe, but I totally agree that it is classical, and louder and with more assertiveness than a whisper, while not being ‘loud’. ;)

    I had never thought of PD doing smaller trial sizes or weaker formulations. I think the former might be a way to go, that would give more people access to the brand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope they will start offering soon smaller sets of samples: 12 perfumes are great to get to know the brand, but giving the price, nobody can keep buying the complete set when one new perfume is added.


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