Honor System Posting


This is the Honor System Virus.
Please send this to everyone in your e-mail address book, and then format your hard drive.
Thank You!
Parody of virus hoaxes, late 90s

A couple of months ago Puredistance held a drawing for samples of M and Opardu on the Kafkaesque blog. One of the conditions was that each randomly selected winner would “take a nice (creative) photo of his/her satin pouch and spray vials, and post that photo on either your Facebook status or on Twitter.” And since that was a future action request Kafka wrote:

Obviously, there is no way to check if you have or have not, so we’re going by the Honour System here. :) But it’s a tiny request from a wonderful perfume house that not a lot of people know about, so I think it would be nice to get the word out, don’t you?

I was one of the winners. Since I read that post, every time I think about the “honour system” I can’t help but smile remembering that old joke about the virus.

I couldn’t figure out any really creative way for taking those pictures so, as often, I just moved my photo shoot to the area where Rusty would have no problems inserting himself into the said pictures. I will post some of them on Facebook and Twitter, as was requested, but for my readers I present all of them here.

Rusty and Puredistance Bag

Rusty and Puredistance Bag

I tested M on my vSO. I like it on him; he likes it but says that it’s a little spicier than he’d like – not refusing to wear it though so it’s still a candidate for getting into my collection one day. If you’ve tried Puredistance M you know what I’m talking about. If not, I recommend reading reviews by Kafka (Kafkaesque), Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels), Suzanne (Eiderdown Press) and Steve (The Scented Hound) – and then testing it.

Rusty and Puredistance Bag

Opardu is very pleasant and I would not mind wearing it but I’m not in love with the scent so probably the sample (or a small decant in a swap) will be the extent of my involvement with it. Other bloggers were much more enchanted by Opardu so if you haven’t tried it yet read reviews by Kafka (Kafkaesque), Suzanne (Eiderdown Press) and Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels) – and then hunt down a sample: you might just love it.

Rusty and Puredistance Bag

I would love to hear your thoughts about Puredistance M, Opardu, Rusty or creative pictures but, just in case you’re in the mood for a non-perfume-related questions, I have one for you:

What was the most memorable computer virus you’ve ever encountered or heard of?


Images: my own


45 thoughts on “Honor System Posting

  1. Rusty Rusty Rusty! I think I am in love with Rusty! I haven’t tried anything by Puredistance so I am at a loss…but Rust, Oh what a face what a beauty… what a fur coat! I think Frank Sinatra’s “I’m A Fool To Love You” will sum up my palpitations over Rusty.
    I think I have the Rusty Virus…I am all feverish and swoony!


  2. There couldn’t have been anyone better to win this draw since Rusty is the best “spokescat” around! I will always associate Puredistance with Rusty now :-) This reminds me to dig out my Opardu sample (also won in a draw) to try again. I do love this line!


    • Puredistance is a very strong line. Not only they produce great perfumes, they do it at a slow pace and with attention to details.

      Rusty will get a treat for his modeling.


  3. Congrats on the win once again! Could it be that you just got this satin pouch? If yes, then it took quite a while for Puredistance to deliver it.

    Rusty is fabulous as always. By the way, is it that he knows himself how to pose for your photos or you try to tell him what to do – do tell, I’m curious how it works to have such a furry model.

    You did good my ginger friend, I especially like the photo where you bite the ribbon from the pouch. You deserve a prize.
    Undina, you know what to do ;)


    • Thank you, Lucas! Rusty appreciates your care ;)

      The pouch arrived while I was on the trip – so it could have been even end of May, I just don’t know. But then it took me some time to organize the “opening ceremony.”

      It’s almost impossible to tell a cat what to do. So the best you can hope for is that he will be interested enough to keep sniffing, playing, etc. – while you’re taking as many pictures as possible and later figure out which were focused enough for publishing.

      From my experience: it’s much easier to take pictures with small objects (samples, bags, pipettes) than with bottles since big objects aren’t as attractive for Rusty.


      • I see, I forgot you were travelling for so long. You did the “opening ceremony” right :)

        I though so that it’s Rusty who “controls” the entire photoshoot. You’re lucky to have such a curious cat as he’s almost always interested in your perfumes. And he poses so well :)


  4. He’s just adorable, and that’s saying something because I’m a dog person. I love how he helps you with your photos. I’m sure he helps you write too. I’m picturing him up on the table swatting at your hands as you try to type on the keyboard. :)
    I have a sample of a Puredistance scent but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s not one of these if I remember correctly.


    • Oh, yeah… If allowed Rusty does miracles on my laptop keyboard. With four paws he manages to press such combinations that I never knew existed! :)

      The only other two Puredistance perfumes (gooood boy company) are Puredistance I and Antonia. Both are excellent and many perfumistas like them – so you should test whatever you’ve got. If you need an inspiration, here’s the link to my story about Antonia – one of my all-time favorites.


  5. Hi Undina,

    Cute Rusty photos as always!

    Today I just love the Puredistance-line but I have to admit that it took some time to really appreciate these elegant, timeless, understated fragrances, which I think this is often the case with more complicated fragrances, they doesn’t flatter instantly. When I first tested them ca 2,5 years ago my impression was that M was a re-bottled Hermès Bel Ami (they are very close at least the vintage Bel Ami), I as a luxury Flora Bella by Lalique and found my todays favourite of the line Antonia too close to PdN Un Fête d’un Temps + some detergentnotes which I can’t smell now. Today I appreciate the line on its own merits and to compare and find similarities with other fragrances is afterall one of the most intriguing parts of the perfumehobby.

    Here are my impressions of the members of the Puredistancefamily: M, Opardu, I and Antonia.


    • Hi Parfumista,

      I know exactly how you feel: some of the perfumes didn’t open to me until my nose was better trained to notice nuances.

      Antonia is also my personal favorite in the line but for me it was love from the first skin test. I also like that PdN’s perfume and I agree that they are from the same genre but I never smelled too many similarities between those two. Interesting. As to the others, I read the comparison of M to Bel Ami but I haven’t had a chance to try the latter and, as a person who constantly tries to find similarities between different perfumes (have you seen my Déjà vu series?) I experienced more than once that perfumes that seemed like twins when I smelled them separately.

      (I hope you don’t mind my changing your links to html)


  6. I love Puredistance M. It is probably in my top 10/20. I think it is one of the few ‘perfect’ perfumes that I find beautiful.I doubt if I’ll ever buy a bottle though (not in my budget right now), so I hope to get in on a split if anybody splits some..:)

    Rusty is too cute!


  7. LOVED the Rusty photos! Simply adored them and I’m hard-pressed to find a favorite. Like Lucas, however, it may be the one where he’s nibbling on the ribbon. Then again, look at his fat paws in that photo about 3 down where it shows his pink paw pads and just how fluffy his arm is!! I think you should have posted all of them on the Puredistance page. Rusty may be their best spokesman yet. LOL!

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that old virus hoax thing. It doesn’t even make logical sense to me, and I don’t see how it would tempt or influence people to do things. Even if you were in a school with a detailed Honour Code policy, why would it…. never mind, why am I attempting to find logic in a virus hoax? LOL


  8. I hope to someday meet Rusty. He is so photogenic that I can practically feel I could pet him through my computer screen. Perhaps that is something programmers should work on next? Tactile computer screens?

    As for Opardu, what can I say? I quite liked it, but not an FB for me. M was a little too much for me, and waaaay too much for Mr. APB. So I still have no true PureDistance love. But all their perfumes are so well made that I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they release something that really hits home for me. You like Antonia a lot, don’t you?


    • You will definitely meet Rusty! Just come to visit SF once you’re done with your current tour.

      Antonia is my strong favorite but I can see myself warming to M.


  9. Ooh, hurrah for the Honour System and the most photogenic pet of all time. Love the biting shot and the one of Rusty lying down, as he looks so relaxed. However does he keep his whites so bright?!

    I enjoy PD1 and Opardu was also pleasant to my nose, but flitted in and out of a mainstream musky kind of vibe. And you have smelt it on me(!), so whilst it didn’t wow me, it is also a happy reminder of our meeting. It makes me think of the Marais district and the Place des Vosges in particular, where repeated sniffing was conducted. ;-)

    No virus stories to offer up, sorry!


    • Rusty spends a lot of time cleaning himself but to tell you the truth I also can’t figure out how he manages to keep his paws that white.

      Opardu did smell good on you!

      I knew it was a “tough crowd”: not that many computer nerds among perfumistas ;)


  10. Dearest Undina
    Splendidly pithy reviews of the most useful kind.
    I’m not sure if any are my thing right now, but certainly my curiosity has ben piqued and if and when they cross my path I shall be sure to try.
    As to Rusty – and this comes from a gentleman of the canine persuassion – that cat is hot!!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy
    PS As one who’s been afflicted by a virus of late I think whistfully of the days when they were so easy to spot!


    • Thank you, Mr. Dandy. Rusty and I appreciate your kind words… Well, I appreciate words and Rusty is grateful for treats he’s getting for being praised by my readers.

      Every time I hear about any real damage done by a virus it makes me angree: why wouldn’t people do something creative with a positive spin?!


  11. Can cats be ambidextrous? If yes, then Rusty must be one! Our handsome perfume “mascat” also looks like he is beginning his fluffy phase!

    The Puredistance perfumes are so well done. The only one I have left to try (and I have a sample) is Puredistance I. I love Opardu (and have a travel spray to prove it…but of course now thinking I should upsize), have a 10mL decant of Antonia coming soon and have an M decant that I accidentally ordered but ended up liking (although not as much as Opardu and Antonia). Let’s see if I bat 4 for 4 once I try Puredistance I!


    • Until today I didn’t think about it but my firstthought was that cats are ambidextrous. After you asked I started looking and found some opinions that about 40% of cats are ambidextrous but the rest favor one paw over the other. Interesting :)

      If you love Opardu you will at least like Puredistance I: in my opinion these two have something in common (and that something is exactly what prevents mefrom loving them :) ).


      • Now I am really curious and will hunt down that one thing (and to think we are scent twins in many ways!).

        So Rusty is part of the minority. We always knew he IS special.


    • <3

      Portia, you didn't try any of Puredistance perfumes?! I can't believe it! Unless you're boycotting the brand for whatever reason (which I can respect) you should try all four: I'm sure you'll love at least one and might like even more.


        • Actually, I don’t remember any store in LV carrying Puredistance (I did the post on the perfume shopping in LV, remember?) but I’m sure sooner or later your paths will cross :)


  12. Oh, those Puredistance beauties … those elegant women who model for the brand? … oh poor them!! They probably never saw Rusty coming.

    (Rusty with his Baryshnikov, ballerina-like pose in that second photo. Gosh, it’s almost not fair, Undina. Who can compete with that?) ;)


    • !!!
      Suzanne, I tried to figure out what that pose reminded me of. My closest association was with tennis but yours is better! :)

      Rusty will get two treats from you.


  13. I agree with Natalie! Rusty is an unbelievably photogenic cat and I love it when he makes a blog appearance.

    Of the two, Puredistance M has really captured my heart. I’m not on facebook, but there is a google splits thing? Are you on it?

    It could be very bad for my bank account ;-)


    • I’ll let you know as soon as I come across a split – I’m watching for it.

      Thank you (from Rusty) for the compliment: he appreciates those treats coming his way (though I’d love to be able to explain to him how they correlate with his participation in those games with strangely looking objects ;) ).


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