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My name is Julia. I live in the Bay Area, California. Undina is my online name and I used it for so many years that it feels very natural to respond to it. So feel free to address me either way (here is the story of my nickname).

I loved perfumes as long as I could remember myself (since I was 4-5 years old).

Perfumes for me are mostly a sensual experience; I’m much less interested in the science behind them. I do not know, pretend to know or even plan to know too much about them.

I do not write perfume reviews per se. The majority of my posts are life stories related to perfumes. It doesn’t matter if I loved the perfume I tested or hated it: if there is no story in my head to tell about that perfume, I won’t.

The main purpose of this blog is to make friends with similar interests and maintain a conversation with them. I’m not in the competition for readership, following or industry recognition – not that there is anything wrong with that, I just want to state where I stand.

I think that blog posts’ “shelf life” is too short compared to the effort put into their creation. That’s why I welcome (and actively encourage!) my blogo-friends’ giving links to their posts related to the topic of my posts. Do not be modest – link away!

I link to my earlier posts not for the purposes of SEO (again – nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t serve my purposes) but because I want to share them with those who joined the circle later (it’s like telling the same story at the table where some friends have already heard it and some have even been a part of it).

Being just stories, most of my posts aren’t topical so if you come across them months later feel free to comment, ask a question or add a link: I read and answer all comments.

If your blog is on my reading list I will read each of your posts. Sometimes a week later but I’ll get there. And I always come back to read your answers.

Go to My Perfume Portrait page if you want to know more about my personal perfumes preferences.

To contact me send an e-mail to: undinaba@gmail.com


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi
    I’ve enjoyed reading your Yves Rocher reviews, I’ve tried a couple of them myself and had been contemplating new purchases, and your reviews have helped me make up my mind in this matter.
    Have you tried YR Ispahan? An oriental type scent. If you’d like to try it, I’d be happy to send you a sample of it.



  2. Great updates, and I do agree with the idea of linking to past posts to share them with people who joined the circle later. I am one of those later discoverers of your blog, and am very glad to have done so!


  3. I came upon your blog through the black narcissus as you left a comment on there recently. Like you, my love affair with perfume began at the age of six. There were copious amounts of bottles of classics throughout my house in the 1970s and my mother shared them all with me! For me perfume had always told a story- my story or a story I envision in my mind. Certain scents of my past can literally bring me to tears: of joy, nostalgia or even rememberance of a difficult period in my life. I am so going to enjoy perusing through your posts now that I have found you!


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  5. I just found your blog and I’m looking forward to following upcoming posts. Online seems like the only place I can find people who relate to my fervor for ‘fume. :). And I love that you love cats! Although, I’m finding that seems to be a common denominator with perfumistas.


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  7. Very refreshing to take such a stance. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing on my own perfume blog, other than learning to make perfumes, but I am also writing about scents and memory. I’ll be happy to follow your stories!


  8. Hello, Undina

    These are my first steps on a blog, I’m not familiar ways. My English is basic, I apologize in advance to all to use a translator. My name is Anna and I live in Belgium. I discovered your site through my search for a linden fragrance. Although I’ve read many of your posts, I do not know if you finally find your happiness. Here is a place that I have found. I have not tested.

    Laget house in Provence

    edt 30 ml lime-100ml-200ml

    I would like to say that I find your website really lovely, I really enjoy reading you.

    Best Regards,



    • Hi Anna! Welcome to my blog. I must say that your English is much better than my Dutch, French and German together ;-)

      The best linden I found so far is Jo Malone French Lime Blossom and April Aromatics Under den Linden.


  9. I too am a perfume lover and subscribe to a lot of blogs! I live in California, both in Sacramento and Calaveras–I linked over from Lucasi, but I’ve read many of your posts before, and Kafkaesque and others link to your posts. The fires were awful and I was very concerned about Laurie and SSS. I enjoy your writing–just wanted to say a “hi” and thanks.

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