“All that is gold does not glitter…”: Parfums Dusita Le Pavillon d’Or

As I started writing this post, it dawned on me how prescient were the lines that inspired Pissara Umavijani to create Le Pavillon d’Or: “… to live more happily in just any confinement” (Montri Umavijani, a Thai poet and the perfumer’s father). In just several months after the perfume release, the whole World suddenly had to slow down and start learning how to live in confinement and if not be happier but at least survive.

Le Pavillon d’Or is very fitting to the circumstances: it is not manifestly shiny, so you don’t have to rationalize to yourself wearing it while working from the kitchen table or blitzkrieging through a grocery store in search of TP, but it possesses an internal beauty that elevates your spirit and contributes to the feeling of well-being and… well, happiness.

Dusita Parfums Pavillon d'Or

Do you remember how Parfums Dusita brand appeared on the scene? It came seemingly from nowhere around 2015, released 3 perfumes by a new perfumer, and those perfumes were offered at a price point that not that many niche brands dared to put on their price tag back then. Especially not those without some history/standing in the community or at least done by renowned “noses.”

While I do not think that perfumes (or any luxury goods for that matter) should be accessible or even reasonable in their price setting, I remember being slightly annoyed by that launch. (Little did I know that from that point on there will be dozens of brands springing up like mushrooms and flooding the market with perfumes at astounding prices.)

But since back then many blogs that were reviewing and discussing new perfume launches were still around, I got curious about the brand because of the general buzz those reviews created. So, as soon as I got a chance, I tried those first three perfumes and … let me put it this way: I still didn’t get either the prices or the buzz. I guess, the fact that two out of the first three perfumes were built around ingredients I usually dislike (agarwood and tuberose) didn’t help.

The next three perfumes that were released I found interesting, but I didn’t want to wear any of them – so, I decided that Parfums Dusita wasn’t “my brand” and could have never tried another perfume from this brand if it weren’t for my perfumista friends. Cynthia (The Fragrant Journey), after in comment to her wonderful review, I expressed interest in testing Le Pavillon d’Or, had shared with me the remaining portion of her tiny sample. And it was enough for me to fall in love with Le Pavillon d’Or.

Dusita Parfums Pavillon d'Or

I’m a little confused with the notes for Le Pavillon d’Or. The brand’s site has the following list (explanations in parentheses are mine): Wild Menthe Citrata (bergamot mint), Honeysuckle Extrait, Boronia Absolute, Frankincense Green Sacra, White Thyme Oil, Vanilla, English Oakwood and Sandalwood Spicata (Australian sandalwood). I do not smell mint, but Cynthia in the review linked to above shares what she discovered about the ingredient used. Fragrantica, Luckyscent and the perfumer’s older posts on Instagram also mention fig leaves, heliotrope and orris butter. I wouldn’t recognize heliotrope (in general, not specifically here), but I thought that I know both fig and iris enough to distinguish them in the composition, and I can’t. So, I’m not sure if they are there, were there before but not anymore, or if they are created by some other ingredients that I don’t recognize as such. Le Pavillion d’Or starts as a very green perfume – a tad herbal, slightly bitter and somewhat uplifting. It develops through sheer resinous frankincense into a woody base, though my nose isn’t sophisticated enough to recognize which wood. But when you like what you smell, it doesn’t really matter what you smell, does it?

Rusty and Dusita Parfums Pavillon d'Or

The pavilion is golden not because it’s made of gold. Imagine a late-Spring morning when a rising sun reflects in dewdrops on the wooden beams of a pavilion making them sparkle through the leafy branches of the old tranquil park.


Images: my own


20 thoughts on ““All that is gold does not glitter…”: Parfums Dusita Le Pavillon d’Or

  1. Dusita didn’t seem to be my brand either but I can sense why you fell for this one from your lovely description.

    Pricing and taste aside, they are clearly top quality and thoughtfully composed peefumes.

    Great pic of Rusty sniffing the cap!


    • I would have given it up if it weren’t for a couple of perfumista friends who sent me this one and the iris one (I’ll write about it separately) to try. But I’m definitely on the border with the line: it seems like even those perfumes that I don’t dislike, I don’t find pleasant enough to wear. With the exception of the two.

      Rusty was promised a treat if he would pose with the bottle :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rusty seems to like it. Or at least the golden cap. I have only sniffed Splendiris from Dusita – liked it but don’t need an Iris perfume. Intrigued by several others including this one.


  3. Hi Undina, Thank you for the mention! To show you where my brain is at these days, I don’t remember sending the sample, but I am glad that I did and that you enjoyed it! I love your last paragraph description, by the way. I remember that two luxury brands, Puredistance and Dusita, both introduced a “gold” fragrance around the same time. Interestingly they both represented gold as a warm glow rather than flashy bling. I liked them both very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was last January, right before your trip that extended beyond than initially planned, so I’m not surprised it slipped your mind. But I’m glad you shared it – I wouldn’t have tried it without you.
      I also noticed that there were two “golden” perfumes last year, and I also liked both.


  4. Such a lovely and heartwarming story of falling in love with a perfume. I can understand that you don’t consider Dusita as your brand but still I’m happy to see that you fell in love with Splendiris (wasn’t it because of me?) and now also in Le Pavillon d’Or.
    I still have a sample from you but I find fig to be quite pronounced on my skin and as you know I don’t really like fig in perfume.
    I like the honeysuckle and thyme in it though.
    I like Moonlight in Chiangmai and that one was less to your liking.

    Congrats on your flacon my dear!


    • You’re correct on Splenderis (I plan to write about it at some point), but I’m not sure about the timing: according to my records, I got a sample of this perfume slightly earlier than I got a sample of Splenderis from you. That’s why the story about my change of heart about this brand comes with Pavillon d’Or.
      I will test Moonlight once again, but I rarely change my mind about perfumes that didn’t work for me the first time around. I remember it being too masculine for me.

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    • I’m with you on the opinion about perfumes in this line. But whenever a brand has at least one perfume that I like, I keep trying their new creations hoping for the next success. It’s when nothing attracts me at all (as it were with Dusita initially), I stop seeking the new ones.


  5. Your post was very timely for me as I am in the midst of exploring a sample set from Dusita. So many perfumistas have raved about the brand that I decided to try some samples. I found all the perfumes to be very well made. I also liked Pavilion d’Or very much, but the one I love the most is Issara. It has some cypress, fir type notes and is another calming beauty. I really like both of these scents, but I will probably purchase Issara since the price point per bottle is so high. I also like Melodie de L’Amour, but I have many other white and tropical florals already so I’ll probably pass on that one unless they start offering small travel bottles.

    I’m still exploring all the samples and having a great time with it.


    • Since they do sell travel sprays with refills, you could try splitting it during the next NST splitmeet. Depending on whether you need to pay a sales tax, either Luckyscent or brand’s site might be a better choice. And the brand’s site runs some additional promotions from time to time (now you can choose 3 samples with your purchase, but I saw other offers during holidays).


  6. I remember trying a few Dusitas in Bloom with the gang – what year was that?!? – and liking one of the original releases, though I can’t call it to mind now. Not sure this would be my thing, as I don’t get on too well with herbal notes, but I am very happy you have found a new love. Rusty seems to be giving it the sniff of approval too. ;)


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