Saturday Question: What Perfume Did/Will You Wear to Get Vaccinated?

I’ll admit: it’s a lame question: I want to talk about the vaccination, and I tried to tie it into the more perfume-blog-appropriate topic. My excuse is that I think it’s a great opportunity to “document” some gleams of life, and not just my but also of my readers’ from different parts of the world.


Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass


Saturday Question #60:

What Perfume Did/Will You Wear to Get Vaccinated?

Did you get vaccinated? If yes, what vaccine? How is it done where you live? Did you have any side effects? Has it changed anything in your day-to-day life? What perfume did you wear?

If no, do you plan to? If you do not plan to get vaccinated, please do not feel like you have to explain your reasons, but if you do not mind doing that, please do.

I do not want this to turn into an argument either for or against vaccination, but I’m curious to know your personal position on it.

My Answer

In my area, at some point, all vaccination-related activities started resembling some type of a sport: people would be hunting for available slots, exchanging information on how to get them, how to find out what vaccine was administered in some of those locations (many subsystems do not provide this information until you arrive at the place, at which point you can decide not to go through, but then you’ll have to start it all over), and a lot of other tips and tricks. Some people were driving a couple of hours to the less populated areas because there were more openings.

Since I wasn’t in any of the groups that officially were allowed to get vaccinated, I wasn’t paying too much attention to everything that was going on. In addition, I really dislike injections of any type, and for most of my life tried to stay away from them. But as the time progressed, more and more people whom I know were reporting “mission complete,” and at some point, it felt like we were the last ones who didn’t figure out a way to get it (if not to count a couple of friends who do not plan to do that at all). Being extremely law-abiding, neither I nor my vSO wanted to play the system. After all, we both work from home, we don’t need to be anywhere, so an extra couple of months wouldn’t change much.

But once there were no more formal limitations to my eligibility, I decided to do it. I had my first shot last Saturday. I didn’t care which vaccine to get. I got Moderna. So, I’ll need to get the second shot in 4 weeks after the first one. It took about an hour from the moment I arrived until the time I left (not counting a 2-3-minutes procedure and 15 minutes I needed to stay in after the shot to make sure I didn’t have a reaction, the rest was standing in line), but still, I was impressed by the way the everything was organized. Until then I didn’t realize the scale of what is happening.

I didn’t have any side effects from the vaccine, but I think the Universe is telling me that my usual attitude towards shots is the right one: the nurse who was administering the shot hit some blood vessel, so there was some unexpected blood (which wasn’t a problem, it stopped soon); but then my shoulder hurt for 4 nights (which also wasn’t a huge problem on its own); and because my movements were restricted during my sleep (I could sleep only on my back), my chronic back problems that were under control for the last 10 months came back. Both my shoulder and my back are better now (still have a large bruise at the place of injection though), and I will get that second shot, but I already have doubts about the “booster” in Fall everyone is talking about now.

Rusty Sleeping

Rusty has no issues sleeping in any pose

As to perfumes… I was a wuss: I feel so nervous about any medical procedures (and shots in particular) that I didn’t want to associate any of my perfumes with this event – so, I went commando perfume-wise (and very comfortably dressed otherwise). But once I got home, I sprayed L’Attesa all over – and it was heavenly (I even got an unsolicited compliment from my vSO, which doesn’t happen too often since because of the allergies he rarely can smell my regular 2-spray perfume applications). But for the next shot I also plan to save my perfume for after the unpleasant part is over.


What Perfume Did/Will You Wear to Get Vaccinated?


29 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Perfume Did/Will You Wear to Get Vaccinated?

  1. I wore my perfume as a sort of armour! And hoped it might make things pleasant for the nurses too, although I suppose they couldn’t smell much through their masks. I chose Ormonde Jayne’s Prive as it is a sort of combination of many of her fragrances and is comforting but mild.

    My jab hurt the moment they stuck it in, and my arm had cramp for four days and I felt a little like I had flu. My husband suffered absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. But I will gladly have the next one – having had pneumonia just over a year ago I feel frightened of suffering anything like that again. And I am hoping that maybe the second dose won’t be so bad.

    Rusty’s tummy looks sooooooo tickleable …….


    • If it weren’t for possible lethal outcome, I wouldn’t be doing the vaccination and took the risk: I had a couple of bad sicknesses and I know that I can do it once in a while. But we are at the age when the next serious flu might be the last one, so it looks like we’ll have to go with vaccinations from now on.
      Rusty is a constant source of joy.


  2. OOOOH! This is a cool question Undina.
    Before we get to vax I was unwell last week and had to go for my 7th C19 test. It’s getting pretty routine now and it doesn’t even freak me. Fortunately all clear.
    I’m not yet eligible for the vax yet but it must be coming up soon. Yes, I’m definitely going to get it. The sooner the world gets back to normal and we can all travel again the better. If all I have to do is get jabbed a few times to help make that happen then I’m 100% in.
    I find that Drs offices have a smell all their own that overrides even the most 1980s strength and style of fragrance so I’ll probably go camo.
    Portia x


    • To other appointments I try to wear something mild with vanilla. But this one… I wore Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia though for my vSOs vaccination yesterday.The place I got for him was nicer than mine: we waited in line in the park, and then they allowed me to go inside with him, so I didn’t have to spend 20-30 minutes walking outside.


  3. The vacs have only just started here and it’s age related, so start with the oldest members of the population and work down. I’m 48 so I’m guessing June for my age group. I will get it, when it comes, and I can’t wear perfume-it’s forbidden. Which makes my head hurt. Laundry musks and heavy fabric softeners are fine-drop of perfume and it’s all over but the crying. So I think I will use gorgeous Annick Goutal Soap and then a spritz of something afterwards.

    Undone I’m sorry you were in pain for so long-glad to hear it was manageable.

    And we think, in our office, that we all had Corona twice-in Nov of 2019 and Jan of 2020. All the symptoms were there, including the loss of smell. And lots of people in the small town where we work had the same symptoms.


    • If anywhere, I could probably understand limiting perfume usage for that occasion: people who administer those shots work as in a war zone: 2-3 minutes per patient, so probably it’s better if they are not subjected to extra sensory attacks. But spraying afterwards will work great.

      It’s open for all ages here now, though, it’s still hard to get available slots anywhere around. I hope, at least people who want to get vaccinated could do it quickly before we have to go through the next round of re-vaccinations.


  4. I’m so sorry the injection set off your back issues. That’s an unforeseeable side effect. How annoying.

    I had my 2nd shot today and wore Vivacious by Hiram Green. It felt fitting as I received a large decant for my birthday this week and was very happy to get my second dose

    I didn’t have any side effects with the Pfizer the first time round so hopefully will be fine once again. My mother had flu-like symptoms with AZ.

    Rusty stealing the show once again!


  5. My husband and I were among the first 5% in Texas to get the vaccine, in our case Moderna. Being old has some privileges! I did not wear perfume. I never wear perfume for medical stuff because I don’t want to associate it. We were impressed with the efficiency of the procedure and how seamlessly it was handled, even down to directing cars in the parking garage so there were no hold ups. I only had a sore arm, didn’t even feel it when it was injected. I have a close relative who is not getting the shot. I am not sure if it is for political or religious regions, as they are not anti vaxers . We avoid talking about it, to get along! We really isolated during covid, and I would be happy to be out and about more if it wasn’t for this d— knee replacement, which is conquering me. If it’s not one thing, it’s another!


    • I’m sorry your knee is keeping you inside, but it should get better soon! So, hopefully, your personal abilities will correspond to the general improvement of the situation with Covid.
      I liked the organization in both places (where I had my shot and where my vSO had it yesterday). Of course, some things could have been done better, but, in general, it was quite good.


  6. What a good question Undina. I’ve had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Absolutely no issues with the first shot, not even injection site pain. With the second shot I had a headache for 2 days and was extremely tired. I got the shot on Saturday evening and pretty much slept all day on Sunday. As for perfume, I don’t recall what I wore for the first shot. I think for the second one I wore Rain and Angelica by Jo Malone.

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    • I recently wore that perfume from the decant you shared with me. It was quite pleasant :)

      I’m glad you are done with the vaccination without unpleasant side effects. I’ll hope the second one goes better for me. I would gladly take sleeping over not being able to sleep :)


  7. I’m sorry to hear that you had so much pain. I hope your second one will go more smoothly. In my area, the last tier becomes eligible on Monday, so I will get mine as soon as possible. Perfume will probably depend on the mood for the day rather than the event.


  8. I did not wear perfume either for my vaccinations. The health department here gave us a speech about not wearing perfumes or lotions when we were vaccinated. I complied. And I didn’t want to associate a perfume with a medical procedure either.

    Hope your back feels better soon. The arm pain is pretty universal for the Moderna vaccines. I had it for both shots, but it was worse with the 1st Moderna. Be prepared for flu like symptoms with the 2nd Moderna. The 2nd Moderna is double the dose of the first one I’ve been told. Not sure if that’s true or not. But I did have more symptoms with the 2nd shot. They aren’t that bad. I just slept for 2 days and then I was fine.


  9. I don’t remember wearing a perfume for either of my vaccination shots, though if I did, it might have been Tiffany & Co., which is sort of my easy spring go-to scent. I got the Pfizer vaccine; first shot was no big deal at all. Second shot was not a huge big deal but I slept almost the whole day after I got it, which is SO unlike my normal. My young adult children were slightly stunned; one of them said, “Mom, I can’t eve remember a time when you spent most of the day in bed!”. I had some arm ache, some headache, both easily handled with Tylenol. I’m so relieved to have had both shots, it feels as if maybe I can branch out a bit in my activities. And my husband has had both of this, and will fly to New England to visit his dad for the first time in about 18 months. Luckily I had gone to see him, with one of our daughters, in October 2019, but it had been longer than that for my husband as we thought we’d be going again in 2020. I won’t mind taking a booster if necessary.


    • I’m glad you’re fully vaccinated and can do more of a fun (or just normal?) activities. Reading everyone’s responses and looking at my vSO, I’m hopeful that my experience was an exception, so I can hope not to repeat it with either the second shot or a booster, if we happen to need one.

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  10. That was an unfortunate side affect you had. Hopefully your next experience won’t be so uncomfortable. I don’t expect to get mine for a couple more months at the earliest. We’re doing it in age order here, and currently it’s around late 60s group. The particular vaccine given is whatever is in stock on the day. With the current concerns over the AZ some people are refusing to have that, and are being bumped to the bottom of the list, which I wholly disagree with. My older sister and brother-in-law have had both theirs now and didn’t have any noticeable side effects, just a little tiredness. I’ll be prepared for that. I’m not sure what I’ll wear on the day but it will be something on the lighter side, perhaps citrus. Really hope that some kind of normal living can resume by the end of the year. Everyone is weary now of ongoing lockdown here.


    • I also don’t agree with making people to take whatever is available or moving them down the line. Create separate lines, one per vaccine! If people prefer to wait longer for the vaccine they want, offer the other choices to those who do not mind getting those. If you don’t get any takers, stop producing the one that people don’t want.
      I was fine with any only because the least desirable one was just a single shot, which in combination with significantly reduced severity of the sickness in case it happens, was enough incentive to me. But I got another one, so I have 2 more weeks to dread the second shot :)


  11. I don’t plan to get vaccinated so soon and the main reason is I’m not afraid of Covid. I live rather safe and healthy, work from home alone for almost 20 years, meet only a limited circle of people and I really don’t think everyone will necessarily get Covid just like not everyone got the flu, especially not every year. I’m not an antivaxer, I had my flu shots through some years of my life. Getting vaccinated is no special event in my book so I’d wear something casual, maybe Hermes Le Jardin sur le Nil…?
    L’Atessa is really a comforting perfume, I see it could calm you well.
    And Rusty is irresistable, as always :-)


    • Until now, I’ve never done any flu vaccination. I wouldn’t have done this one either if it weren’t for the possible severity of it. Even with vaccination I plan to keep working from home, wear a mask outside and stay away from unnecessary large people gatherings.


  12. Ooh, I am sorry you had a bad back after your injection, and I was aware that hitting a blood vessel is not supposed to happen – it’s straight into the deltoid muscle in theory. I envy you Americans getting Pfizer or Moderna…I am one of those people who tried to slightly jig the system(!): while accompanying an elderly friend for her second Pfizer jab I asked if they could squeeze me in – the hall was lightly attended (some of the oldies realistically may have died since January) meaning they had spare doses, but couldn’t guarantee the follow up dose so had to refuse me. Then I contacted a lady who was doing vaccinations at my local centre to inquire when Moderna was coming onstream, but she said it was impossible to know if our area were going to get some stocks, and if so when. In the end there was just the AZ or bust and I did have my reservations about it, I’ll be honest. Its design is much less elegant and ergonomic than the other two, and there is more potential for it to go wrong if it is going to because your body is having to make the mRNA as a first step whereas Pfizer and Moderna serve it up to the cytoplasm of your cell readymade.

    I jogged to the centre so no perfume for me! I felt very tired for a few days, not in a normal fatigued way but as though I had been sedated by a drug. I could almost feel it working inside me, which was a bit unsettling. No fluey symptoms, interestingly.


    • It’s interesting about the second vaccination not being available. Here, as I was told by several people, it was a common practice to wait at the vaccination site until the end of the event, and if there were any leftovers that couldn’t be saved until the next day (something about open batches), whoever was there could get a shot without any limitations on the age. And once you get the first shot, you get a vaccination card and an automatic appointment for the second one at the same place.

      Let’s hope that all the reservations against AZ vaccine are blown out of proportion, and you personally won’t become a part of the negative statistics of any kind.


  13. Great topic, Undina!

    I was initially skeptical for the reason that there has not been enough time yet to assess safety, but what do I know, I’m not a scientist. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that New Jersey is a vaccine wasteland as it was not clear to me by what formula groups became eligible. Those whose “lifestyle” put them in danger (specifically smokers) were one of the first groups to be eligible … and there are no checks. Also, BMI was another eligibility criteria: I understand that the morbidly obese (not so sure, 30 and above?) got to go earlier, but the BMI group also included 25-30 and I questioned that. Anyway, I decided to “go for it” being eligible in New York (I work there) and New Jersey. I also only wanted the Johnson & Johnson one because it would be one and done. After obsessively checking even before I was eligible, I found it impossible to secure an appointment and none of the places can tell you which vaccine will be offered. I resigned myself to take whatever is being offered on the notion that any one is better than none. I had the good fortune of having a friend who was able to secure appointments for a few people here and there at a place where there are usually more vaccine than people willing to take them. And so it turned out that I indeed got the J&J vaccine (never mind the 1 in a million clotting) and the only side effects I had were a slight headache on the evening of the vaccination and a little bit of soreness on the injection site. As to perfume, since I was going to be in the same car as 3 other people, I decided to go light with 2 spritzes of Target Mix:Bar Vanilla Bourbon; it was a win-win because it is a very common scent and if I end up associating it with something negative, it was el cheapo.


    • I completely understand your attitude towards eligibility criteria, and I had similar thoughts myself. But then I decided to look at it from a different angle: protecting those people whose reaction to this virus is expected to be more severe (even though through their own life choices), we’re saving hospital beds for those who might need them despite all the right choices they’ve made. Since we can’t vaccinate everyone immediately, and we do not know who from the younger people groups will get sick, removing risk from the higher risk groups, we’re better prepared to help those from the lower risk groups in case some of them would need that help. It doesn’t seem fair, but I think it works better this way statistically, for all of us as a society.
      I’m kind of envious of your J&J vaccination: you’re already done with it, at least for this round. Two more weeks of waiting for me.


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