What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Week 3

Even my Perfume Advent Calendar was no match to my last work week this year: I was so busy that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. The Week 2 post included 8 days, and I noticed that only after I posted it. Then I had a bad headache, so I didn’t wear anything on Day 16. And since I was too overwhelmed on my last day, Wednesday, to do this post, I decided to include the last 3 days of the calendar.

Day 17: Dior Miss Dior vintage
To catch up our breath from the year-end insanity, my vSO and I took a day off and spent it in the nearby wine country. I invited Miss Dior to join me. It was fortunate that I drew it from my Advent Calendar that day: it was easy to bring with me that parfum bottle to take pictures. Miss Dior is my long time favorite, and I still enjoy it every time I wear it. And I still think I can pull it off wearing Miss Dior if I happen to find myself in a Groundhog Day.

Miss Dior

Day 18: Dusita Le Pavillon d’Or
An understated elegance. I chose Le Pavilion d’Or for this month for its “gold” part, but I think it wears better in warmer weather. Still, it was quite enjoyable.

Rusty and Dusita Parfums Pavillon d'Or
Day 19: Dior Mitzah
In the past, whenever anyone would mention this perfume, the reaction would immediately follow: “Oh, Mitzah, Oh…” But it got discontinued, whereas many other perfumes from the Dior La Collection stayed there and were re-issued after the most recent revamp. Either it was too expensive to produce, or it wasn’t selling that well. Anyway, I got the bottle when it was still available. I haven’t worn it in a while, and this time I was surprised that I didn’t love it. I liked it, yes, but it wasn’t even close to how I remember feeling towards it before. It might be that it isn’t cold enough here for it. I’ll need to revisit it again soon.
Dior MitzahDay 20: Aedes de Venustas Cierge de Lune

Many years ago I thought that I wasn’t a vanilla fan. But since then I discovered at least several vanilla perfumes that I really liked. Cierge de Lune is one of them. I wonder how the recently re-released version smells.

Aedes de Venustas Cierge de Lune

Day 21: Teo Cabanel Alahine
After I mentioned Alahine in the Second Sunday Samples: Teo Cabanel Les Expressions Parfumées post last month, I kept thinking that I didn’t wear it in a while – so, I added it to my calendar. It was absolutely wonderful. I love it, and I feel a little sad that the brand decided to go into another direction. It’s not to say that their new perfumes aren’t good: I liked two of them and even think of getting those. But they are very different from the first line…

Day 22: Guerlain Encens Mythique d’Orient
Encens Mythique d’Orient is has such a presence that I didn’t dare to wear it to the office, especially since one of my co-workers criticized it when I first got it. Interestingly, this time when I wore it, I think I got that whiff of masculine perfumes that she referred to. It didn’t spoil my enjoyment from wearing this perfume, but it was a curious discovery.Guerlain Encens Mythique d'OrientDay 23: Shaik Chic Shaik No 30
Completely unplanned, I got in sequence two perfumes that I previously considered “not safe for work.” Small perks of working from home.

All these years I hoped one day I would come across this brand somewhere at a store to try their other offerings, including masculine ones. But it hasn’t happened: after that first time many years ago in Vienna, I haven’t seen these perfumes anywhere, and none of the US decanter sites carries the brand. So, while I’m still curious to try those, for now I’m satisfied with the one that I have (but I still can’t get over that strangest packaging it came in).

Chic Shaik No 30 by Designer Shaik

Day 24: Amouage Ubar
As I’m writing it, this 24th day hasn’t happened yet. How do I know what I will be wearing? As for a couple of other cases, I pre-arranged perfume for that day because Ubar is one of my traditional perfumes for this holiday. I plan to wrap into it tomorrow to celebrate Christmas and Rusty’s birthday.

Amouage Ubar

For more pictures of Rusty, see the Advent CaTendar on my Instagram account (@undina_ba) or stop by the blog in the next couple of days to celebrate Rusty’s 13th Birthday.


Images: my own


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Week 3

    • Thank you, alityke! Same to you.

      I see that Ubar is still available on Amouage official site, but it’s gone from the most other places, so I’m afraid it might be on its way out :(


  1. I always wonder what Rusty smells when he’s gazing at the bottles . Does he smell the perfume? How do cats olfactory receptors work? We had a beagle and I always wondered if my stronger perfumes bothered him (he never seemed to notice, preferring food smells in the house..). As for the perfumes, Mitzah is a cold weather one for me for sure (just have a decant). Alahine is a favorite – wore that early in the year – I agree about the new range. Finally – my Favorite Friday fortunately turned out to be Ormonde Woman which is truly a top 5 for me (my son stocked my calendar). Glad to be wearing it on a special night. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Rusty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, MMKinPA! I hope your Christmas Eve was joyful (and it’s a Christmas miracle that you got one of your most favorite perfumes designated to this day). I like Ormonde Woman too (though, I still don’t have a bottle of it – just a decant).


  2. Coincidentally, I got wildcard for Perfume Advent Calendar Day 24. I have been wanting to wear Eris Parfums Mxxx., a full bottle of which I got in December. Impressed!

    Merry Christmas to you and a very Happy Birthday to Rusty!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It was a very sweet week as I was testing new to me Kyse Perfumes for this advent week. I also had my bottle of Hippie Shit at work…32 sprays and I could smell it through my mask…good stuff!! Christmas Eve and today wearing Sonoma Scent Studio Fig Tree because I was craving it. My favorite fig in the world. And the new owner of SSS is such a sweetheart and goes the extra mile for her customers so I like to support this indie line.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to Rusty :)

    I loved the Rusty advent calendar/countdown to X mas.

    I was given a few bottles of fragrance this year, and they were all a surprise. My friend was selling her family home, and she found two vintage bottles of Shalimar, and two vintage bottles of Chanel no 5. She gave them to me. And I received a gift of Twilly eau poivre, which I have not opened yet. Reviews on this one are all over the place.

    I wore my oldest and most faithful fragrance – eau d’hadrian today. I have lots of others to choose from-more daring, more expensive, harder to find-but I wanted something familiar and beautiful so I wore this.

    I hope you recover from your work week and have some time off to enjoy life :)

    Best regards,



    • Thank you, Carole.
      I also enjoyed figuring out what to publish every day.

      Those vintage bottles are a great find! Even though I don’t wear either of the two iconic perfumes, I wouldn’t have refused those had my friend found them :)


  5. Happy Christmas – and Birthday to Rusty!

    Ooh…some blasts from the past for me in that bunch, notably Mythique d’Orient, which I haven’t smelt in a long while – plus I think my sample lost its label in any event – and the Shaik one. I mentioned Opulent Shaik No 77 in a blog post, and had never come across the range since till your post!


    Cierge de Lune sounds like my kind of scent, as long as the musk isn’t too prominent. And how sweet is that Christmas decoration in your photo!


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