Just Splendiris!

I loved the name long before I got a chance to try this perfume and before I found another favorite from the brand. I read a beautiful review Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) wrote for Spenderis by Parfums Dusita and thought that I wanted to like it. Usually, it’s a recipe for disappointment. But not in this case.

Splendiris ticks almost all the boxes for me. It is beautiful: I don’t think that it’s a universal pleaser, but if it’s your cup of tea, you don’t have to work hard on liking it. It is original: I have many iris perfumes, but Splendiris doesn’t remind me of any of them. It has a presence: while not a “powerhouse,” it is not timid, and the scent is quite distinct and pronounced. My only complaint is that Splendiris is less tenacious than I’d like it to be. But I do not mind re-applying.

Rusty and Dusita Splenderis

I’m sure that most of my loyal readers have tried Splendiris by now (so, tell me – do you like it?), but for those few who might have missed it, I want to say that, in my opinion, unless you dislike iris perfumes in general or cut out perfume testing at the price level that is lower than Parfums Dusita’s offerings, this perfume is worth trying: you might still not like it, but as far as spending money on perfume testing hobby goes, Splendiris is a solid candidate (check out Lucas’s review linked to above if you want more details).

I bought a travel set earlier this year, and it arrived packaged beautifully and with wonderful attention to details. Both Rusty and I enjoyed the unboxing.



In general, I applaud the brand for their testing and purchasing options. If you’re not familiar with the brand, you can buy a set of their first 9 released perfumes + select one of the two newer perfumes (EUR 59 + EUR 9 for S&H to the US). Those are large (2.5 ml) manufacturer’s samples, and the set includes EUR 40 voucher to be used for the future purchase. It is possible to buy separate samples as well, but I suspect it’ll be too expensive to send them to anywhere but France. They also have all of their perfumes in travel sets (3 x 7.5 ml), 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. When you buy anything but just samples, you get a choice of three additional samples with your order. Orders above EUR 150 are always shipped free of charge, and I saw once or twice a promotion where travel sets were shipped free of charge. I don’t think they have a newsletter to subscribe to, but the brand is active on Instagram and Facebook, so if you were to follow it there, you’d catch the next promotion.


Images: my own


20 thoughts on “Just Splendiris!

  1. I love Parfums Dusita Splendiris and, like you, was introduced to it by our triplet Lucas! I got mine as a travel spray from LuckyScent and it was indeed beautifully packaged. She takes so much care with her perfumes and the aesthetics of her packaging, including featuring her own artwork.


  2. Hurrah for striking lucky! It seems so rare to like the sound of a perfume and have that translate to a hit – for me at least. Excellent Rusty interaction caught on camera too :)
    I haven’t tried Splendiris but always interested in a new iris.


    • Rusty was impressed by all the interesting things included in the package, so I had enough time to move around and take pictures of him :)
      And yes, expectations almost always result in disappointments, so it’s a small miracle.

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  3. I loved the name and love the perfume as well. I ordered a bottle during their spring promotion that included a free travel atomizer. There’s a bit of white musk in there I would prefer to take out but otherwise it’s perfect. I’ve worn it quite a bit this spring and early summer.


      • I would agree with this astute statement. I like MDCI, and have ordered a couple, but they came in insubstantial flimsy cardboard. The presentation just didn’t fit the stature of the juice inside. I know they have the fancy bust presentation, but in that case, I’m not willing to tack on the extra money to get that presentation. Hopefully those come in a better box. Anyway, the perfume is still great but there was a moment of deflation when I got it.


  4. I’m so so happy that I could introduce this perfume to you and that you fell in love with it!

    Do enjoy your bottle of Splendiris. For me this perfume has a special place in collection. Of course it doesn’t have the name that I came up with but the fact that I was among the winners and I learned about it when I was in Paris makes this perfume special.

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  5. Now, where was that sample… I feel like it should be there somewhere. And YES love love love iris perfumes.
    Happy that you are excited about your new purchase. ❤️

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    • If you have that sample, give it another try – especially if on the previous occasion it didn’t wow you (which is probably the case since you don’t remember). Now when you know that you didn’t love the first time around, you can try it with the let’s-see-what-all-those-commenters-liked-so-much-that-they-spent-money-on-it attitude :)


  6. I will have to revisit this scent, Undina. Iris is not a favorite note,for me, so I didn’t give my sample too much wear. Having lived so many years in Asia, I gravitate toward Dusita’s perfumes like Le Douceur de Siam and Moonlight Over Chiang Mai, where hints of Pissara’s Thai background come through in the perfumes. They are like going home to me, in a way. I am looking forward to her release she did with the FB group Eau my Soul. I got a sample I used up, but I remember liking it, there was something warm and honey like as I recall. Anyway, I’ll go retry Splendiris. I think I read once that it is her best seller.

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  7. Love the Rusty pics, especially the one where he is stretching! I have not tried this, and am not that mad on iris just now, but am happy you found a new scent that adds diversity to your iris wardrobe, as it were.


    • Yeah, I know that iris and you are not on the best terms :) It isn’t a groundbreaking iris that would turn your attitude 180 degrees, so unless it just jumps at you, you won’t miss much not testing it (but if it does, please give it a try ;) ).


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