Unveiling the Identity of my Birthday’s Guerlain Perfume


In the post for my Birthday Girls Just Want to Have Fun I’ve mentioned that I treated myself to the bottle of a perfume from Guerlain (I wonder if it’ll become a yearly tradition) and asked you to try guessing which one.

There were sixteen guesses and Susan (Fine Fragrants) got it right: my new Guerlain perfume is Encens Mythique d’Orient from Les Déserts d’Orient collection. Susan will be getting a 3 ml sample of Encens Mythique d’Orient to help her through the waiting for her own bottle.

Guerlain Encens Mythique d'Orient

When last year I read about that new collection being released, not being a real Guerlain fan girl (yet?), I wasn’t too excited: one more limited distribution offering that I didn’t want to chase.

Then I read a review of all three perfumes at Olfactoria’s Travels and though it was very nice and … polite – the way most Birgit’s reviews are – it didn’t conjure any lemmings: most likely because B. didn’t love any of them and, once again, because of the limited availability.

And then I decided to break my last year’s NY resolution of not buying samples until I test most of those that I’d previously accumulated and bought 2.5 ml samples of all three perfumes in the collection.

Encens Mythique d’Orient was love at the first sniff. I haven’t read a single raving review for it (there were many positive though – not sure if reviewers really liked it or were just loyal to a favorite brand). My friend at work really disliked it; her comment was:  “It smells like a men’s perfume counter at Macy’s” (so no wearing of it to the office). I tried to negotiate with myself getting a decant first… But a decant bottle wouldn’t be a nice birthday present, would it?

Guerlain Encens Mythique d'Orient

I’ll make another 2 ml spray sample to give away to one of my readers anywhere in the world (though nobody knows what might happen to it with the international shipping) – to try if you haven’t tried it yet/want to re-try or to use if you liked it but not enough to go for a bottle – just tell me what you think. I’ll use some type of random selection after closing the draw on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

If you don’t want to be in the draw, tell me anyway if you liked Encens Mythique d’Orient, disliked it or felt indifferent – I’m curious.

And do not think I disregard your opinion! Even though a year ago for my birthday I chose not the mostly recommended perfume, I rectified it later in the year when I bought Chamade that seven people had suggested as a perfume to remember my New York trip by. Six readers named Vol de Nuit this time. It’s just an observation…


Images: my own.


64 thoughts on “Unveiling the Identity of my Birthday’s Guerlain Perfume

  1. It sounds delicious. Congratulations on your birthday scent and such a beautiful bottle! I love incense and would love to try it, but couldn’t possibly get something from your birthday bottle. I’d feel far too guilty, so count me out, my sweets. I’m working on my “imposing” issues, but clearly, I need to work harder. LOL.

    So, a question to/for you: does Rusty have a favorite scent on your skin, or is it everything? Tuna treats most of all? ;)


    • First of all, you might not get it even if you “ask” – it’s a draw (and you’re init ;-P).

      Next – about Rusty. Here I told a story about Rusty and perfumes. Since then I was watching him closely (since hespends a lot of time on my lap while I’m testing) and I know that there’re some scents that he doesn’t like but I wasn’t able to figure out which ones.


      • Heh, well, I meant “ask” as in asking to be put in the draw. lol.

        I just cannot believe Rusty loves Opium. I’m blinking in awe over just how amazing that furry child of yours is. OPIUM!!! My God, is that the coolest thing ever or what?! (Vintage) Opium is my ultimate, “Holy Grail” beloved scents. In fact, I just bought a bottle from the 1970s six weeks ago. When I die, I plan to go out in a blaze of Opium.

        Rusty, oh Rusty, you may just be perfect.


  2. No need to include me in the draw, Undina, but congrats!! I smelled the trio in Paris, and this one was my favorite. Even though I didn’t detect much incense in it (maybe I would have if I spent more time with it), I thought it was quite, quite beautiful.


  3. Congratulations on your Encens Mythique d’Orient FB, a truly fabulous perfume AND perfume bottle. We have very similar perfume likes! I have a sample of this and I keep going back to it “hoping” that I would not like it much because if I end up LOVING it, it will be Guerlain bottle #4 this year and it’s only February.

    I am also intrigued by the comment “It smells like a men’s perfume counter at Macy’s” – I think that co-worker needs a nose transplant. That said, I recently discovered that we have a Fragrance Policy in my company!


    • Four bottles of Guerlain in less than two months? Wow. Which ones did you get?

      With the number of perfumes I own I have no problem taking into the account reasonable likes/dislikes of people around. And I definitely prefer to do it by my own free will before the company starts implementing one of those policies.


  4. Yay! I guessed right!

    After some further testing of this perfume, I’d have to say it’s my favorite perfume of 2012. Of course, I didn’t try nearly everything that came out in 2012. But I adore it. I’ll try to write about it soon. It was unexpected for me because this perfume was not really what I expected, but it turned out to be so much better than I imagined.

    So funny to read Olfactoria’s review again – I know I read it at the time but I did not remember it at all! It’s so interesting/amusing how everyone’s taste is so different.


    • I was pleased that somebody guessed it :) Not that it mattered too much – I did purchase it already despite others’ not liking it much – but I was glad that you thought of it as of a possible option.


  5. What a great gift to yourself! This is also my favorite of the three and I have been tempted to pick up a bottle of it at Duty Free. I love the smokiness of it although it is not as much as you might think from the name. No need to enter me in the draw I was given quite a few samples recently.


  6. Aww. my guess was incorrect this time. Anyway, BIG congrats for your new Guerlain perfume. This bottle looks very stylish and attractive. Enjoy every spray of it!
    I haven’t tried any of Guerlains from this collection. You already know I have no access to any of those exclusive things ;)


  7. Unfortunately in my country they don’t stock all guerlain perfumes, only the main stream ones :( So I can’t really give my thoughts on this one.
    However, buying yourself a perfume for your birthday is definitely a good idea – something I should consider doing as oppose to me adding to my ever growing collection.


    • It was. Here, in the US, it’s available from Guerlain boutiques and selected Saks and Neiman Marcus stores but not in all. My bottle came from Guerlain Las Vegas.

      And I forgot to mention in the comment above – you’re in the draw. Good luck!


  8. I would never have guessed this was your Guerlain full bottle! i guess I mainly associate you with floral perfumes. What a pleasant surprise though. This is such a sophisicated fragrance and the most original of the 3, I felt. A very seductive skin scent. I tried it for a long time on skin so need to enter me in the draw, thanks. It was extremely subtle, but even a tiny bit of skank is too much for me. Maybe one day…


    • Tara, I know! I was surprised myself. And yes, I’m mostly a floral (maybe with some slight variations) fan. But my tastes progress, I find favorites in all other types of perfumes.


  9. I would love to be part of this draw! It isn’t very often that I get to try beautiful Guerlains, even the mainstream ones, where I live. Thank you for your generosity!


    • Brie, you’re in the draw!

      Perfume availability is a strange thing: without knowing that all that boutique or niche world exists you might never come across it and live thinking that your local mall’s offerings are everything that there is in perfumery.


      • Completely agree!!!! I lived for 30 years in NYC and was completely spoiled in terms of perfume availability. Then I moved to a more rural area and the closest thing to a perfume store is a Sephora which is a 40 minute drive from my house. Yet it is people like you that keep me in the loop on what is new and great…thank you :) !!


  10. I want to try this in the worst way because a girl can never have too much incense. Well, that’s what I tell myself at least. I’m glad you had a great birthday and have a wonderful present to remember it by.


  11. Of course I think it was a great choice because this was one of my four (measly) selections for best of 2012, but it was a really good perfume and not just another ho hum Guerlain release.
    Not much justifies a whole bottle-but this does!


  12. Bravo, Undina! What a wonderful birthday choice! I must say that I too am surprised. I was certain the pretty blue L’Heure de Nuit was the celebratory choice!

    In any case, no need to include me in the draw. I can easily try it here in New York. Again, happy birthday! I know that you smell awesome!


    • Thank you, Daisy.

      L’Heure de Nuit is a very beautiful bottle and, being a limited edition, is very tempting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taken by the perfume: unlike the original LHB, this one I can wear but I do not even like it much.


  13. What a beautiful bottle for your birthday…hold on, where is Rusty? : – )

    I have a sample of this, thanks, that I got on my visit to “Birgit Heaven” in Belgium, so no need to enter me in the draw. I must get it out and retry it in fact – I think I liked it but was not blown away, ditto by Rose Nacree. The third in the trio – Songe d’un Bois d’Ete – was, however, very animalic – not unlike Yatagan indeed, so that was my least favourite of the three.


    • I have pictures of Rusty with that bouquet (but I didn’t have a bottle then) and by the time I got the perfume the bouquet was in another room where Rusty couldn’t participate. And since there was enough of his pictures in the blog recently I decided not to move flowers.


      • I am testing it again today and it is brighter and “prettier” than I remember, especially for an incense scent. Really enjoying the frankincense in it – it is sweet and almost sherbety – I guess that might be the aldehydes. Yes, I can see why you love it, though for me it is just a big fat like at this point!


  14. I haven’t tried this one yet, and am always curious about a new Guerlain. From the photo, I like what Guerlain has done to the bottle. I did try l’Heure de Nuit, and like you, was not taken by it. I think I”m drawn to the more irisy or oriental Guerlains.

    Happy Birthday to you!


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