Groundhog Day Perfume

Living in the area where the weather is great most of the time (if not to count drought that we had for several years, but it didn’t feel like bad weather, I just knew that it was bad for us), I have only a memory of how awful cold weather might be, and how tired one gets with the winter and wishes it to finally end. But from the time when winter and cold weather were still an unpleasant part of my life, Groundhog Day movie has been one of my absolute favorites. I won’t claim that I re-watch it every year but I watched it more times than most other movies in my life, which is both ironical and symbolic if you’re familiar with the plot of the movie.

What I find interesting about this movie is that while it is a comedy, there are no that many one-liners in it. And still for me it’s one of the best comedies ever.

Just in case you’ve never seen the movie: “Phil Connors, a cynical TV weatherman (Bill Murray) finds himself reliving the same day over and over again when he goes on location to the small town of Punxsutawney to film a report about their annual Groundhog Day.”

In one of the scenes, after many-many repetitions of the same miserable day, Phil says:

I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn’t I get that day over and over and over?

That made me think about… well, perfumes. Neither I nor most (all?) of you are a signature-perfume-wearer-type. When five years ago I invited my readers to participate in an experiment of [thinking of] wearing the same perfume for a week, most of the readers admitted to not being able to do that. I barely went through the experiment myself (with 1-day interruption). But what if I were to get stuck in February 2nd somewhere away from home (and my collection) on a one-day trip (so no back-ups) – what perfume would I want to be wearing?

Any choice would be an impossible one: I don’t want to be wearing any one perfume for days or months, leave alone years (according to different sources, Phil Connors spent from 8 to 10 years in Punxsutawney). But if I had to choose, I would probably go with one of the original Miss Dior perfumes in my collection.

My Miss Dior Family

And if you were wondering why I haven’t chosen my eternal perfume love Lancôme Climat or one of the later top favorites, e.g., Ormonde Jayne Ta’if or Amouage Ubar: these three are too special for me to wear any of them every day – and I would want to wear perfume even under those dire circumstances, but I’d need something I think I would be able to tolerate for many days. And with Miss Dior I have a long history of warm relationship. So, I hope it would support me during the endless winter (and as an added bonus: I would have never risked running out of it since every morning the bottle would be full to the same level as the morning before).


How about you? What would be your Groundhog day perfume choice?


Image: my own


47 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Perfume

  1. I have had groundhog day perfume wearings (two summers ago I spent seven weeks straight in Berdoues Assam of India and I have been known to wear fragrances for 7 days in a row) but choosing one for an entire year or longer might be tough. I guess it would have to be one that was versatile enough for everyday wearing but also one that I enjoy wearing. So I will say Heaven but I might very well change my mind an hour from now :)


    • Changed my mind….Reglisse Noire!!! Which I bought another bottle of not that long ago and just about drained it with daily wearings for three and half weeks. I might also have said Casablanca but that one is rich and heady and might not do well in certain situations. Reglisse is much more versatile and could be worn in the summer as well.


      • I think I should “officially” accept your choice before you change your mind again ;)
        If anyone, you could probably pull off Groundhog Day perfume without too much effort.


    • La Pausa 28 is one of those perfumes that smelled nice to me but refused to stick around for longer than an hour (either that, or maybe my nose stops registering it). But if I were to bathe in it, it might stay longer… or not bother me at all, which is also not bad considering the circumstances :)

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  2. Good question!

    I love Groundhog Day too, we just watched it for the first time with our 13 year old last night.

    If I could find the right perfume, I think I could wear it for weeks at a time. Still looking though.

    Now, if you were actually stuck in Punxsutawney you could seek out all the perfumes in that town, but that offering seems limited.

    I guess I would go with a comfort scent, since I don’t need to wear perfume everyday, and if I were stuck in a time loop I think I would need some comforting, so I’ll go with Joy.


    • Joy Patou or Joy Dior?

      I thought about raiding the town for additional perfume but I can’t imagine they would have a great choice – they didn’t even have déjà vu! ;)

      You do not wear perfume every day? Interesting. I don’t remember when I didn’t wear perfume…


      • Ha! “I’m not sure, but I can check with the Kitchen” 🤪

        Joy Patou is my moms scent, so that would be my comfort scent.

        I need to get more disciplined about putting on perfume. I treat it more like jewelry, I use if I’m properly dressed & groomed.

        I’m looking for an interesting citrus floral to wear everyday. I’ll look through your archives in case you have any youvrevommend.

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        • There are at least 3 linden-centric perfumes that would fit your citrus floral bill – April Aromatics Unter den Linden, Jo Malone French Lime Blossom and Tauer Perfumes Zeta. I also like By Kilian Prelude to Love, Parfums DelRae Wit and Prada Infusion Mandarine.
          Ramon Monegal Pure Mariposa and Teo Cabanel Hegoa weren’t my favorite but they are nice and might be what you’re looking for.
          Oh, and out of the latest launches that are easier to get (both to try and to buy), have you tried Paris – Deauville? It’s a nice daily scent that has both citrus and floral components.


  3. Wow, you have some nice set of vintage Miss Dior, lucky you.
    For me a perfume I could repeat for a while would be Prada Amber Pour Homme. Before I discovered a world of niche this was a perfume I wore exclusively every day.


  4. Even before I was a “perfume person” I had more than one bottle and didn’t wear the same thing every day. Looking at my collection, I think I would choose Bvlgari Omnia, which I always enjoy and never seems too much.


  5. For me Chanel No. 19 EDP would be my first choice, but I could go with 28 La Pausa EDT since both of these are weather versatile.

    Speaking of Grounhog Day the movie, at work, when someone kept asking the same question, or kept not doing something they’re supposed to, I’ve been known to say, “What is this, Groundhog Day?” One day, a colleague from India asked what I meant by that so I explained and encouraged him to watch the movie (the colleague was not the “target” of my comment). He did and afterwards told me that it now made sense!


    • Both of your choices are great, in my opinion, I thought about Chanel myself. But I want to mention that weather versatility shouldn’t be a concern in this case: it’s not a desert island or apocalypse perfume we’re choosing; in the Groundhog Day scenario it would be always the same weather ;)


  6. Your Miss Diors are lovely!

    I couldn’t do it in real life because, as you said, I’m not the signature scent type. But, if I had to chose, I’d hope to be stuck in Punxsutawney with the No. 19 EDT. You really could not go wrong with it. And, you’re right, the bottle would always be at the same level every morning!


    • No 19 EdT was one of perfumes that I also considered. But for me it’s a little warmer weather perfume, so I would have definitely chosen it had it been for a couple months later date.


  7. Mine would be the very simple and cheap as chips Dame Mate, Patchouli and Heliotrope. It’s not that I wear it all the time, but it is one that I reach for when I don’t know what to wear or I don’t want something too distinctive. It’s a “my skin but better” scent and just inventive enough to not be boring and I just always feel happy when I spray it on.


  8. Great film I have also seen a few times! You should ideally be watching it every day of course. ;)

    Oddly, before I fell ill last week I had worn Le Labo Poivre 23 four days running. Though my wish to drain the nearly empty decant may have had something to do with that, hehe.

    As a conscious choice? Maybe Bois des Iles, actually. At this time of year, certainly.


    • I just re-watched it again today. Still love it.
      I was thinking about BdI but it’s too new to my permanent collection, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about repeatedly wearing it.


    • I agree about Wood Sage and Sea Salt: I would also be able to wear it on a regular basis and not be overwhelmed. Eau des Merveilles doesn’t work for me but I know many people who enjoy wearing it.


  9. Hi Undina! Fun question. Vintage Miss Dior is a great choice – both an armor and a comfort. I went through quite a few continuous days last year, wearing Chanel Coromandel because it is quite an undemanding scent as far as the heavier scents go & so lovely..But I think wearing the same scent without thinking kind of spoils the scent for me (not that the scent starts to bother me but it doesn’t evoke much which is always a shame). So I have put that one away for now..The one fragrance that I can see myself wearing continuously without feeling ‘dead’ to its charms is probably vintage Shalimar parfum (especially in the winter. Not sure about summer). I am shocked to find that it might probably be one of my all time favorite perfumes (Ten years ago I would never have thought of myself as a Shalimar kind of person). I could also possibly handle wearing Serge Lutens Un Lys continuously (although I emptied my then-available export bottle of Un Lys long ago).

    I have watched bits of Groundhog Day but never the whole movie. I keep meaning to remedy that.

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    • I think you’ll enjoy that movie if you get a chance to watch it.

      I hope to never find myself in the situation where I’d have to wear just one perfume over and over again. But as an exercise it was fun.


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