E-Word-of-Mouth and Le Jardin Retrouve Cuir de Russie

Three years ago in the Entertaining Statistics: On Tweeting I wrote:

I still do not see too much sense in tweeting but I still do it from time to time. I get some random news from there but mostly I use it as an announcement medium – for my new blog posts, other blogs’ giveaways and the like. The main reason I do it is the idea that I want those who actually read my posts to get a notification about them any way they prefer – by e-mail, through Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Bloglovin or Google+.

Nothing has changed since then other than me being even less active on Twitter. But one day recently I had a couple of extra minutes and as I leisurely browsed through the feed, I stumbled upon a tweet from Le Jardin Retrouve saying that during July they would have 15 ml travel flacons of all their perfumes (Yesss!!!). Available at their Paris boutique only (Arghhh…).

In this age of globalization, isn’t it annoying when some things you can get only at some special places? Luckily, a “personal shopper” Suzan of Shop France, Inc. who had previously helped me with my quest for a scent from my childhood, just sent a newsletter about her upcoming trip. So I asked her to get me in Paris perfume I wanted, if she could.

When she came back with my travel bottle, she wrote to me asking permission to give my name and e-mail to the brand owner she met at the boutique: he was curious how she knew about Le Jardin Retrouve, and, consequently, how I knew about the brand. I gave my permission and then told Michel Gutsatz, a current owner and a son of the perfumer and the original creator of the brand Yuri Gutsatz, a short version of the story I’m telling you.

Le Jardin Retrouve Samples

How often have you read somewhere a review for perfume from a completely new for you brand and not just remembered the name later when you saw it again but got actively interested and pursued it? It doesn’t usually happen to me. But something in Steve’s (The Scented Hound) review pushed the right buttons; and I ordered several samples.

Yes, I actually paid to try perfumes from a completely new for me brand: not much – they were having some promotion – but it wasn’t free, the brand didn’t reach out to me then. To my surprise, I liked all three perfumes that I tried. The only problem I had with Le Jardin Retrouve was that they had all of their perfumes in 120 ml refill format: I can barely talk myself into 50 ml of any perfume – what would I do with 120?! But when they came up with a reasonable perfumista size bottle I had to put my money where my mouth is.

If I had more time to think, I would have probably bought at least one more perfume from the three that I tested but on a short notice I went for the one I liked the most – Cuir de Russie.

Rusty and Le Jardin Retrouve Cuir de Russie

Until I read Steve’s review, got curious how Le Jardin Retrouve managed to get away with using the name, for which I assumed Chanel had a copyright, and started looking for the answer, I had no idea how many brands have or used to have perfumes with this same name! Evidently, one can get a copyright for the word “peace” but famous perfume(s) name is out there for whoever dares to use it.

According to Fragrantica, Guerlain (1872), Mury Paris (1920), Chanel (1924, 2007, 2016), L.T. Piver (1939), Creed (1953), Le Jardin Retrouve (1975, 2016), Mad et Len (2007), Anna Zworykina Perfumes (2009) and Art Deco Perfumes (2015) can claim Cuir de Russie as their perfume. And I don’t even count those that had perfume with the same name but in different language, for example, Russian Leather and Russkaya Kozha.

Both this perfume house and this perfume have history but I don’t want to repeat it: you can easily find it online. I just want to share my impressions.

Rusty and Two Cuir de Russie

Since my only reference point is Chanel’s take on this theme, I can’t help running a comparison. If you like Chanel’s Cuir de Russie, there is a good chance you’ll like Le Jardin Retrouve’s Cuir de Russie as well. I think these have a lot in common: they both are very refined leather perfumes with subtle and well-blended components. LJR’s one is greener and more floral, especially in the opening, but when you smell them side by side you have no doubts they both are telling a similar story. At the same time, these two perfumes are distinctive enough to own and wear them both.

Chanel & Le Jardin Retrouve Cuir de Russie

You can clearly trace a direct line from a blog post (through accessible samples) to a Twitter ad, then to a travel bottle and now to another blog post. Also I saw in today’s newsletter from Suzan the introduction of Le Jardin Retrouve and their perfumes to her clients. And if you “Like,” retweet or share this post, it’ll keep going further reaching more people. It will be a true e-word-of-mouth.


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with either the brand or the business mentioned in the post; I did not receive any free items or discounts not available to the public.
PSA1: Contact me for Suzan’s address if you’re in the U.S. and would like to order something from Paris or London: not only she brings stuff not available in the U.S. but also her prices for high-end brands are usually lower than you can get here.
PSA2: During August you can get 20% off any purchase (including samples) from the brand’s site: go to http://jardinretrouve-en.pagedemo.co/, choose the store for your country under “Need to Order Urgently?,” put the product(s) you want in the shopping cart and use the code JARDIN17. It’s a good time to try these perfumes because in Fall the brand is releasing their 15 ml bottles in custom sets of 3 perfumes of your choice. Rusty especially likes the bag, in which my travel bottle came.

Rusty and Le Jardin Retrouve Bag


Images: my own


24 thoughts on “E-Word-of-Mouth and Le Jardin Retrouve Cuir de Russie

  1. That’s sweet that you found such a lovely gem that you enjoy so much. All hail such a person like Susan who’s willing to mule perfume for people she doesn’t even know!

    I tried Le Jardin Retrouve around half (or more) years ago. I found fragrances OK but none of them felt to me like it was worth a bottle. As I often say – can’t love them all.

    Enjoy your Cuir de Russie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would have been really boring had we all liked the same perfumes, right?

      I’ve tried just three perfumes from the line, so maybe I’ve just happened to choose the three that suit me the most but I could see myself wearing all three.


  2. Great post, Undina, with many good points and a lemming sample program in top!
    These days it doesn’t happen too often that a review makes you remember a brand and order samples, but still, for me that is the most likely way to be introduced to a new brand. With so many new brands shooting up everywhere with more or less the same kind of fragrances, it’s easier to go for brands you know and like, or recommendations by people you trust. I must admit that whatever the new lemming- du- jour is, more often than not, has me underwhelmed and ‘all-seen-before-but-better’. Funnily enough, I just re-read your related ‘in search of the perfect leather’ post from 2012, and it sort of confirmed that last point; on the top of your mind, think of a leather you like from the last few years… to me I would need a bit of time, or even research. ( although very curious about the new Vero, isn’t that a leather?)
    Anyway, I had heard of LJR before, but I don’t think I tried them, so will look into the sample program.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can’t believe it was 5 years since I did that post! I tried thinking about newer leather perfume that I liked since then – and couldn’t think of any but multiple Memo’s leathers that I haven’t really tried yet after I first smelled them in Barcelona. So I looked it up in my database and the only one that I rather liked was Aftelier’s Cuir Gardenia – but not enough to take any actions after the testing. There are a couple of leather samples that I need to [re-]visit but you were right: nothing was too memorable.

      I’m like you: I rarely react to new brands nowadays unless somebody I trust tried and liked them. Or something else attracts my attention. Being just “new niche brand” doesn’t do it for me.


  3. Another great tale and what a fabulous final pic of Rusty!
    I keep hearing about the brand but I did’t know anything about their perfumes until now. It’s hard to go wrong with a Cuir de Russie it seems and how funny that the name doesn’t have a copyright.
    15ml bottles are ideal, so I’m happy that you found a way to get one. With its greener character, it sounds similar to the Anna Zworykina one I tried.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now you know why I was reading upon the brand, about which you just posted :) I thought it was an interesting coincidence.
      15 ml is a good size – enough to use but small enough to take with you if you want to re-apply.


  4. Great post, Undina! I am lemming the samples and will likely scratch that itch! I don’t have a disciplined way of keeping track of new releases or new to me older specific perfumes or brand. Blog announcements and reviews are my lerfume news sources and when I am gallivanting around perfume boutiques and department stores, my eyes look for bottles that seem out of place from the last time I was there – very scientific!

    I super-heartily recommend Suzan for shopping, even for things that are available in the U.S. Check her out for 20 mL La Goutte Parfumee (sp?) size of a good range of Guerlains.

    Rusty – are you sure there isn’t catnip in the bag ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do not know what the brand used for the bag (those are, if I’m not mistaken, handmade, and each one is unique) but Rusty was really interested.

      I think you’ll like at least some of perfumes. The remaining CdR sample is yours if you want.

      I don’t go often to stores that carry anything worth trying but when I do, I just methodically go through everything new to me. I do not test most of those perfumes waiting for the same “scientific” jumping at me/catching my attention.


  5. I also adore the final pic of Rusty! That is excellent news about the small bottles of this line, as I have a bit of a hankering for the tuberose one, though Citrus Boboli was my favourite ‘by a whisker’. I must retry Cuir de Russie now, as it may simply have got overlooked. I can well imagine that it would chime with you. ;) I thought the samples were charmingly packaged too, and was pleased to have such a good overall hit rate with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t tried either of the two you’ve mentioned. The other two that I’ve got were the rose one and the sandalwood one – both worked for me. Hopefully, that 15 ml will be a permanent offer on the site (or at least in the boutique).


  6. How fascinating about perfume name copyright! When I saw “Cuir de Russie” in the post title, I immediately thought of Chanel. (Wouldn’t Chanel execs be thrilled to know that) I will have to see if I can test this Cuir de Russie from Le Jardin Retrouve.


  7. Know what you mean about Twitter. Like all social media it’s about finding out what works best for you. I am still figuring that one out. This particular Cuir de Russie sounds very worthwhile. R


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