Serge Lutens Boxeuses: Hanging Up My Gloves

Several days ago Tara (A Bottled Rose) linked her great review of Serge LutensBoxeuses to my post from 2014 (Serge Lutens Boxeuses: Round One – I won). I remembered what I wrote back then in the conclusion of the story:

The year isn’t over yet and it looks like I’ll need to consider either changing my job or buying a bottle of Boxeuses

Since the situation in 2015 didn’t improve, I welcomed a bottle of Boxeuses into my collection and it proved to be one of my Top 10 perfumes that got the most skin time in 2015, which on its own attests to what a year it was.

Serge Lutens Boxeuses

Yesterday I wore Boxeuses on my last day at my job of many-many-many years. The irony was that it wasn’t even just symbolic: I actually attended my last meeting of the type, for which this perfume was meant.

Changing jobs after that many years at the same place is a scary step. So even though I made this important (and long overdue) decision a while ago, it took me some time to go through with it. I liked many aspects of that job and people with whom I worked day-to-day. I’ll miss them. I’ll miss a great view from the window of my office. I’ll miss traditions I’ve created and fostered over the years (I’ve told on my blog a couple of stories before – about Halloween Nail Decoration contest and holiday ornaments). I’ll miss other small things that aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things but still are important on the personal level.

Next week I’m starting a new job. As with everything new, there is an excitement, worries and, of course, hopes. Even though I like Boxeuses, in future I hope to wear this perfume just for pleasure of experiencing the scent and not as a coping strategy. I also hope that maybe this time I will be able to make this beautiful orchid – a farewell gift from a coworker – bloom more than once. As the first step I should probably hide both from Rusty.

Rusty and Serge Lutens Boxeuses

Images: my own


36 thoughts on “Serge Lutens Boxeuses: Hanging Up My Gloves

  1. What a courage to change jobs, Undina! Lovely to read about how this job was for you and what you liked. Hope you Will not need Boxeuses, at your new job. Lovely orchid and Beautiful pic of Rusty:-) Enjoy your first day at your new job, what Will you wear on your first day to work?


  2. All the best for your new job Undina. As someone who has decided to do the same thing three years ago I identify with you. Enjoy your first days in your new working environment as I am sure they will give you a sense of repurposing.


  3. Good luck in your new job. As Esperessence says above, it must have taken great courage to make a big change. It will open up new facets within you and think of all the new friends you will make. Go you! :-)


  4. Well done! Boxeuses everyday as a means of survival is too tough, even for a tough cookie like you. I wish you all the best in your new position, with many new traditions to come.


  5. Wow, not for the first time, I admire you so much. I have also been in my job for many, many years but can’t work up the impetus to leave – I’m just too comfortable. How great that you know the decision was overdue and you’ve done the right thing. You can move on with no regrets and fingers crossed you can wear Boxeuses just for the joy it. Wishing you a brilliant start in your new position. You can implement some new traditions there and they’ll see they’re lucky to have you.

    What a beautiful and thoughtful present from your co-worker. Rusty really does look like he’s lurking with intent in that pic!

    And thanks for the link – your original Boxeuses post really stayed with me.


    • Thank you, Tara! I look forward to new and, hopefully, good work relationships.

      Rusty went far beyond the “intent”: he tried to tear off one of the leaves. Now the orchid is safe in the bedroom (and perfume is there as well).

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  6. Terribly sorry that you have to change your job after all these years. I hope this change will do you good and that you’ll enjoy your new workplace even more than the previous one,

    Good luck and keep us posted how things are going for you


  7. Am so pleased you jumped ship in the end, but at least Boxeuses helped you weather the past year at work. I am sure you will quickly get to grips with the new job and the new company’s processes, culture etc. Good luck with it all – think of the time you will save in no longer looking for a job for one thing! ;) I love how that orchid matches your bottle of Boxeuses too. Long may it thrive in its Rusty-restrained environment.


    • Thank you, Vanessa. I was also thinking about the time I might save not looking for another job. Maybe I’ll get at least a little more time for my blog?

      I will try to take a good care of the orchid.


  8. Hi Undina. New job, new challenges, growth. Great stuff. I wish you all the best as you embark on it. Keep us posted. I’ll have a Boxeuses Monda, and send you good vibes. Hugs. xxxx


  9. Good luck with your new journey, Undina! Change is always a bit scary but exciting at the same time. A big hooray for your new beginning! By the way, what a gorgeous orchid – it’s perfectly matching with Boxeuses. Watch Rusty. He’s definitely eyeing on both of them. ;)


  10. Oh wow!! I remember when you were just starting the process to look in a new job direction, but then I thought maybe you’d changed your mind. Congratulations!!! I wish you great happiness in your new job and hope that it gives you greater freedom and more peace of mind, such that you can enjoy the work, and new challenges, but not be overworked. (And so you can enjoy your Boxeuses for the beautiful scent that it is.)


  11. Wow! I did not expect this news when I clicked to read your post! So glad you were able to make the decision that was right for you. I am excited for you – I hope the new job lives up to everything you want it to be. Lots of love and hugs! I haven’t tried Boxeuses, but after reading tara’s and your posts – I probably should. I think even Val and Sheila seem to use it as their ‘armor’ scent -very interesting.


    • Thank you, Lavanya. I know it was the right decision. Now I’ll hope it’ll all work out the way I want it to.
      You should definitely try Boxeuses – for the educational purposes, if nothing else. If you don’t come across it soon, I’ll send you a sample once I settle down a little.


  12. Congratulations on the new job. I myself am adverse to change and it’s hard…but I always find that once you take the leap, it all works out. As I am perennially late to the party, but the time you read this you probably have already started and taken the place by storm! xoxoxo Steve


    • Steve, I think that if I could avoid changes I would. But now I’ll try to make the best out of it.

      Don’t worry about being late: I’m glad to see you at any time :) (and I’m still to get to your last post – or even two).


  13. Best of luck in your new job Undina! I hope that you find your new job fulfilling, and less stressful – and your perfume will be a marker of joy as well as strength. :)


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