A Postcard from Undina: Happy Halloween! (and more)

After complaining in the recent post about hardships of my office life I decided to offset it with something positive.

Every year we do something special for Halloween. This year we decorated the office using the chosen theme – Ghosts.

Halloween 2014 Office Decorations

For the Halloween day we are doing our traditional office potluck lunch and as a joke will have an improvised Ghosts Bowling.

Ghosts Bowling

Also we hold a Halloween Nails contest. The rules were as following:

For the Halloween Nails contest you should paint/decorate at least one finger nail (and up to 10; toe nail designs will be disqualified) with any Halloween motifs – colors, patterns or images. You should do it yourself – so no professional applications or industrially produced full-nail stickers, wraps, etc.

Office voting is still going and the winner will get an official prize during the lunch event. But I decided to show you all the designs and ask to vote (you can click on each to see a bigger picture). My co-worker whose design collects the most of your votes before the end of Sunday will get a surprise prize from me on Monday.

Will you guess what design is mine?

As to perfumes (a perfume blog, I know), I want to participate in NST’s Friday community project “wear your quirkiest or weirdest or spookiest fragrance.” I’m sure when I read perfumes others had chosen for that day and their reasoning I’ll find at least a couple I could have worn but as I went through the perfumes I own I didn’t find any that felt “quirkiest or weirdest or spookiest” so I decided to follow our office’s theme and wear Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 – a ghost perfume from my parfumista horror story.


Happy Halloween!

UPD: Thank you everybody for voting! My co-worker whose nails design got the most votes (#10 – 5 votes) will get dark chocolate truffles as a prize.

Not a single person guessed my number but I won’t read too much into it. My design was #6:



25 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Happy Halloween! (and more)

  1. How fun! Your office does go all out! Excellent choice of SOTD for a ghost perfume. I went with a blood red choice – Serge Lutens Chergui – certainly not strange or quirky but thematic nonetheless.

    As for my guess as to which fingers are yours, I am torn between #7 and #5.


    • We’re trying to get some fun into the day-to-day office life because it’s stressful and very busy.

      I’ll put an update in the end of the post revealing my number once I close the poll.


  2. Happy Halloween Undina!

    Looks like a fun day at your office and I enjoyed taking part in the vote.

    I’m kicking myself for not wearing Passage d’Enfer today…


  3. What fun, and what a ghostly perfume choice. I must say that being a novice with the Halloween tradition, some of the nails I didn’t quite get :-/ but i loved the idea of the blood- dripping fangs :-)


  4. I have no nails! But if I did, I would like to try #10. Which I’m also guessing is your because of the kitty cat.

    I’m wearing Tokyo Milk Dark “Arsenic’ today! Happy Halloween!


  5. I was torn between #2 (scariest) and #5 (nicest) and went with #5, for its combination of thematic appropriateness and wearability. #2 would be perfect as part of a zombie costume. As for NST, I’m still trying to decide between Agent Provocateur L’Agent (dark, smoky incense), Traversee du Bosphore (odd candy/leather combo), and Olympic Orchids California Chocolate (chocolate). Happy Halloween!


    • I didn’t think of chocolate! Of course!It would be very appropriate for Halloween. Maybe I’ll doit the next year.

      #2’s popularity has a lot to do with the popularity of the Walking Dead (the latest season’s premiere episode watched more than 17 million viewers!)


  6. I voted for #10. What a great contest! Love your choice of the Halloween perfume.
    It was my day off so I went up to an old castle today… Kinda nice way to spend Halloween, at least in daytime hours. :) I was wearing Noir de Noir.


  7. Yours must be either the trick or smell or the cat one. Despite that I voted for the “walking dead” one, those nails are really creepy and disgusting, seems very natural (to belong to a zombie or something similar).


  8. Happy Belated Halloween, Undina. I’m going to guess that #9 is your design. Not sure why but it just reminds me of something you’d do, and it’s cute the way that ghost is coming out through the pine tree. (I also remember that pine is one of your favorite smells, so while I’m tempted to say that the one with the cat is yours, I’m going to go with #9 anyway).


    • Nope, not mine (though I took a picture of it and am partially responsible for the success of the composition ;-) ).
      I was really tempted to do something either with cats or with perfumes but then I decided to follow the theme (ghosts).


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