Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 23


First week in the new office was… interesting. We’re getting settled down, figuring out new quirks and trying to find positive things to counteract inevitable drawbacks.

The definite improvement to my office life is a nice view from the window: all those small dots on the picture below are birds (though they do look a little like lemmings).

Most likely I missed to link to some posts that fall into one of my categories but here are those that caught my attention. If you came across anything funny please share – I can use some extra laughs.

LLL Birds


I really-really-really want to try perfumes from new By Kilian’s collection In the Garden of Good and Evil. It seems the brand is taking a different marketing approach with this collection: you can already pre-order it from Luckyscent but I still haven’t read a single review for these perfumes. Octavian (1000 Fragrances) hints that he’s tried and liked them but not much information even there.


Victoria (Bois de Jasmin) made Serge Lutens Une Voix Noire sound very appealing: It has a surprising combination of softness and warmth. Its presence is generous, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s dramatic without being heady or dense. Une Voix Noire feels velvety the moment you put it on, and it gracefully moves from one stage to another. Frankly, if Lutens said that he was inspired
by ballerina Maya Plisetskaya’s Black Swan, rather than by Lady Day, I would have believed him.


Freddie (Smellythoughts) reviews one of Annick Goutal’sperfumes that I haven’t tried yet and now I want to – Sables: Its aura and sillage is wonderfully ever-changing, flickering between a fragrant curry (but not so literally it could be mistaken for food residue), and sweetly spiced amber. Bone dry and dusty in the end, its power is still impressive – lasting hours and hours.



Most of you have probably read already Meg’s (parfumieren) dialog with spammers. But if you missed it – here’s a link. It’s funny and sad at the same time. I always wish people would have directed their efforts to something more productive than writing spam-bots and coming up with deceptive phrases for them.



Michael (From Top to Bottom) expresses exactly my feelings about Sonoma Scent Studio‘s perfumes.


31 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 23

  1. I hope you get to try Sables soon, it’s a very impressive fragrance.
    Man I really can’t wait to try Un Voix Noire! I’m sure I’ll walk out the Palais Royal with a bottle at the end of the year :P


  2. Love your new view! It will be nicely conducive to productivity.

    That post by Olenska was too funny – I swear the spammers know when I am blogging more sporadically and think they can strike with impunity. And we’ve all had a visitation or two from Eula, hehe.


  3. What a great view from your office! i’m jealous. I am wondering if Kilian will send out samples to all of the Facebook members like they have in the past. I hope so. But I kind of am scared that I’ll love them since they are ever so pricey!


    • I was wondering myself about the samples. Personally, I think it’s a very good idea to send samples to people who are a) already interedted in the brand and b) talking/writing about perfumes.


  4. What a gorgeous view from your office. The upcoming releases from Kilian have caught my eye. I’ve never tried his fragrances before but liked the story accompanying these. Would also love to try Une Voix Noire. Love white florals, boozy and tobacco accords.


    • There are sixteen, if I’m not mistaken, perfumes currently in two collections from By Kilian. I havent’t found yet the one to love but I like several and keep testing.


  5. I’m jealous that you even have a window. I have no view from where I sit. Except some ghastly old photos of nurses and patients. Some old pictures are pretty cool. These are more like night of the living dead but the company likes its history so I’m stuck with them. Enjoy your view!


  6. Ohhh, that’s a view. My other half would be envious, as he’s part of government cubicle culture and the poor guy would be thrilled just to have a door. Fortunately he loves his job.

    I’ve been generally putting my hands to my ears and yelling “LALALALALA!” when By Kilian reviews come up, but this new trio has managed to capture my attention. Here’s crossing my fingers that he’ll mail out samples to Facebook fans again.


    • Some cubicles in our office also have windows (though I heard complaints that sun glare might be uncomforable sometimes.

      I also hope to get samples in the mail. Otherwise I’ll have to go to one of the stores that carries By Kilian line. But parking downtown costs almost the same as it costs to buy those samples at luckyscent… I hope they’ll send it. Because I will buy a perfume if I like it. So… should I hope I don’t like any of them? :)


  7. Oh, my goodness, that view is lovely. Having a beautiful outdoor vista to momentarily focus on during a work day can really settle and sharpen the mind. Our library building incorporates a historic church built in 1853, so outside my department’s skylight is a fabulous brick clock tower built from the old church steeple. I always pause to watch clouds sailing past its pointed roof.

    The spambots have let up temporarily– in part because I added word verification to my commenting process — but I like to think they read my letter and realized how ungrammatical they are.


    • I want to come to your library and check out your view!

      I really want to know if it works. I do not really mind cleaning all that mess if, in the end, they get anything from it. But I have a feeling that all that is just a garbage produced by stupid people who hope to make some money on it and don’t anyway. So it’s all just a busy work for them and us.


  8. Did not know that you are such a fan of Laurie’s creations (SSS). SSS is my number one favorite perfume house-period. And if I was only allowed one bottle for the rest of my life it would be Jour Ensoilielle.


    • I like many SSS’s perfumes and I think that Laurie is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Not all of her perfumes work for me as perfumes but I like the scent of all of them and wouldn’t mind having those that I cannot wear as candles or room sprays.


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  10. If I had a view like that I would not get any work done as I would be staring out the window all day long :)

    and I know this is an old post and that view is no longer accessible.


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