Undina’s Advent CaTendar 2022

Since Rusty is our Christmas cat, we celebrate his birthday on December 24th. This is the third year in a row that I do an Advent CaTendar in my Instagram as a count to that day.

I’m not sure if all of my readers have an Instagram account or follow me there, so I decided that this year on my blog I’ll be posting once a week a round-up of all the photos from IG (and probably a couple more – just to make it more interesting).

once a weekRusty checked my Advent Calendars (tea, marmalade and beauty) and was slightly disappointed… until I started opening them. (A photo proof is coming – watch this space.)


13 thoughts on “Undina’s Advent CaTendar 2022

  1. I got the Bonne Maman jam calendar too and thought of you this morning – did you enjoy the orange, yuzu and grapefruit spread? I thought it was delicious. Looking forward to 24 beautiful kitty pictures of Rusty!

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    • When you asked, I wasn’t sure what you referred to since I hadn’t opened the Day 2 at that point. But now I have to say that I loved that spread, and I want a whole jar.


    • I considered buying a calendar for him, but his stomach is too sensitive to feed him some random treats. But he’s getting enough love and treats for his participation :)


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