Saturday Question: Are You Doing Any Advent Calendars This Year?

December, huh?


Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass


Saturday Question #142:

Are You Doing Any Advent Calendars This Year?

Not necessarily perfume ones (but share if it is). How about food, drinks, jewelry, beauty or any other possible kind out there? Did you buy any or make them yourself?


My Answer

A month ago, I decided that instead of getting a Christmas or New Year gift, I wanted to enjoy every day in December. It was before my self-imposed “no-buy,” so I got three Advent Calendars.

A beauty Advent Calendar from Cult Beauty. More beauty products I probably need as much as I need more perfumes. But it seemed like an excellent set of products (I glanced, though now I hardly remember what this one had since I was choosing between 4 or 5 others). And when I was buying it, they offered a GWP that was more expensive than the calendar, and I just couldn’t resist. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of the products with family and friends.

I wanted to get a tea calendar. But the one that I was curious about, in addition to being very expensive, contained just 1 tea bag per day, which didn’t work for me because I wanted to share it with my vSO. Then I considered a calendar with loose-leaf tea, but the amount of tea for each day was enough for just 8 oz, which is also not enough for sharing. An Advent Calendar from Whittard of Chelsea won me because it was intended for two, and I have a soft spot for the brand because I discovered it first when visiting London and, since then, bought two of their herbal/fruit teas several times.

The third one is Bonne Maman Preserves Advent Calendar. I tried before a couple of fruit spreads from this brand. So, I thought it would be a chance to try multiple different spreads to choose which I like.

I couldn’t even imagine how much I would enjoy opening those calendars! The anticipation! The discovery! The feeling of surprise! I realize that all this comes from the novelty of the experience: the only Advent Calendar I’ve ever had was the one I created myself last year for perfumes to wear in December. And though it was also fun, opening a calendar created by someone else brings me even more joy. My vSO also admitted that he liked our opening ceremony with these calendars.

I didn’t do anything perfume-related this year, but I’ll wear perfumes I love, and I’m thinking about reusing the Cult Beauty box next year for the perfume Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendars

How about you?


Are You Doing Any Advent Calendars This Year?


18 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Are You Doing Any Advent Calendars This Year?

    • I suspect I will not get in a year through everything I have both from previous purchases and this beauty calendar. So, I’ll think next year if I want/will buy anything again in that category. But if I can, I’ll definitely try something food/drinks-related.


  1. I’ve never bought one before, but this year I decided to get the Bonne Maman jam calendar as it is my favorite brand and I eat toast for breakfast every day. The only issue I have is no one to share it with and there are two servings in each jar. So it will take me two months to eat them all. But I’m also happy to have all those little jars to reuse afterwards. :-)

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  2. I haven’t done an advent calendar since childhood. I’ll have to do one next year now that I know both Whittard and Bonne Maman do one. I bought a Winnie the Pooh inspired tea for one set from Whittard when I was in London and love it. I haven’t had their tea in years. My vSO and I enjoy Bonne Maman preserves on a regular basis (our go to is the raspberry preserves).

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  3. I can’t do beauty advent calendars any more – way too much product laying around waiting to be used. I created my own makeshift perfume advent calendar. Theme – minis (and a couple of travel sprays). I couldn’t find the box with drawers that I used last year (I did a major clean out this summer, hoping I didn’t dump it) so I put everything into a bag and will just draw each day – not as fun as opening a drawer, but the same result – a daily surprise pick. Put a few more than needed to make sure it stayed interesting.

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    • I liked making my own Advent Calendar last year, but I enjoy those that I bought this year so much! I don’t need any more beauty products, I have hard time using up those that I’ve already amassed. And still… :)


  4. I made my own perfume advent calendar again this year so I could blog about it and actually get to some samples I’ve had. We also have a cloth Advent calendar with little felt Nativity figures that we got when our kids were little; we still hang it up every year out of nostalgia. I also used to get them Lego or Playmobil Advent calendars, which were great fun. I haven’t done grownup Advent calendars, but I love that Bonne Maman one, it’s so cute!

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  5. I am doing my own take on an Advent Calendar using a Countdown to Christmas set I got on sale at the end of last year. While I think the concept of how the Countdown to Christmas Calendar was made, it is making it very flexible for me to pick the perfume I want to wear and still follow a theme based on the color, the drawing or the shape of the ornament. Here’s the link to Instagram (please delete if it is taking too much space):

    I was actually tempted to get a Wine-a-Day calendar but it may take me a year to drink them all. If it gets discounted by 50%, I may buy one.

    Next year, I may look for the Bonne Maman one.

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  6. OHH! I love Whittard and used to buy their mugs Undina. Years ago they used to have the most fabulous shape and designs. Last time I was in London they had gone much more generic. Their teas are YUM though.
    We don’t really do Advent Calendars but I used to love the L’Occitane ones. Those small sizes were perfect for travel. I think I have one last shower Gel from one of them, everything else has been used and loved.
    Portia xx

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    • I have a soft spot for small bottles of products. Right now I have probably a stash of small bottles (and full sized ones as well!) that should support my no-buy for the next many months. And still, every time I see an offer of multiple trial-size sets, I’m tempted :)
      Trying tea is a very good approach to finding future favorites. The only issue is when you cannot buy a full size product because the company did those special for calendars.

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