What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Week 1

The first week of December is behind us (I can’t believe it!), and here’s what my Perfume Advent Calendar helped me to choose for each day:

Day 1: Mona di Orio Vanille Les Nombres d’Or
My perfect vanilla perfume. Boozy, sweet (but not too sweet), resinous. It was symbolic that I randomly picked this one for the first day of wearing my favorite perfumes while working from home because that was one of the perfumes that I couldn’t wear to the office for a long time because my manager complained that it induced his headache (I don’t think so: I’m sure it was stress and weather, but since he was a nice guy, I stopped wearing Mdo’s Vanille to work).

Rusty and Mona di Orio Vanille
Day 2: Amouage Memoir Woman
Such a regal perfume! I enjoyed wearing it for the whole day and then could smell some remaining traces on my pillowcase for the next couple of days. Rusty, on the other hand, wasn’t amused by the fact that I used his daytime office space for my Perfume Advent Calendar and then added a strongly smelling bottle on top to take a picture.

Rusty and Amouage Memoir
Day 3: Chanel Coromandel EdT
One day when I finish this decant, I might check out the current then EdP. But for now I’m content: it’s a great perfume for colder days, not that many of which we have here.

Rusty and Chanel Coromandel
Day 4: Naomi Goodsir Or du Serail
Last year I published my story for this perfume: Better than a New-Car Scent. Beautifully complex composition that brings me joy every time I wear it. That day Rusty didn’t want to cooperate.

Naomi Goodsir Or Du Serail
Day 5: Serge Lutens Chergui
My December wouldn’t be right without Chergui. I’m sure this perfume doesn’t require an introduction, but if you weren’t around three years ago, you might find entertaining my post Almost Newcomb’s Paradox about mysteriously multiplying boxes.

Serge Lutens Chergui
Day 6: Mugler Angel Taste of Fagrance
This was one of the days in December when I didn’t leave it to the fate: I “pre-loaded” the bag #6 with this perfume’s name because I knew that I would be publishing our joint blogging Scent Semantics post, in which I pared this fragrance with the word “Angelic.”

Rusty and Mugler Taste of Fragrance
Day 7: Chanel Coco
My bottle is 11 years old (and back then I bought it new from Nordstrom), so I should have enough of this perfume for the next 10 years. But I still wonder: how much is today’s version different from what I smell here?

Rusty and Chanel Coco

And if you didn’t see enough pictures of Rusty, a reminder that I’m doing the Advent CaTendar on my Instagram account (@undina_ba) – a count up to Rusty’s 13th Birthday on Christmas Eve Day.


Images: my own


13 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Week 1

  1. There can never be too much of Rusty!!
    I started testing the Floraiku sampler…Cricket Song ( Bergamot, Magnolia, Vetiver), First Dream of the Year (Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Iris), I See Clouds Go By (Cassis, Cherry Blossom, Musk), My Love Has the Colors of the Night ( Guiacwood, Patchouli, Vetiver), My Shadow on the Wall ( Violet Leaf, Mimosa, Sandalwood), Sound of a Ricochet (Vanilla , Tonka Bean, Sandalwood) and I Am Coming Home (Ginger, White Tea, Sandalwood)
    They were all pleasant but my favorite was Ricochet.

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  2. I love the last photo of Rusty peeking. Great lineup. My advent calendar gave me DSH Cardamom & Kyphi today. I have been a trifle obsessed with cardamom in the last year or so. This one is great. I actually have a small spray bottle (she doesn’t offer the smaller bottle in everything) and I’m wafting nicely.

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  3. Wow, you wore some wonderful scents these first days of December! I love Amouage Memoir Woman, Chergui, Coco, and Coromandel. Major beauties there. Rusty is adorable as always.
    I wore Lutens Chergui this week, Chergui was the first niche scent I bought and it will always be one of the very best. Amouage Memoir Woman was an early niche purchase in my scent journey, too.
    This week I also wore Ambre Sultan and Xerjoff Lira, along with Kilian’s Noir Aphrodisaque. I had never tried this particular Killian and I like it very much. It has much better structure and better basenotes than most of his florals. It’s a very spicy, woody amber scent.


    • I’ve never heard about that Killian perfume – let alone tried! :)

      I’m glad we have many favorites in common. Stick around – let’s see what you think about the rest of my choices for the calendar.


  4. Chergui! I love Chergui. And yes, I wore it too this week. Along with a few other Lutens – La Myrrhe and La Fille de Berlin. It’s been unseasonably cold (yay!).

    Today it’s Lush Cardamom Cofee layered with Aesop Marrakech.

    Coromandel was my fave of the exclusifs UNTIL I tried Bel Respiro. Gosh – what a beautiful perfume. Among my top 5.

    Great post, Undina. And isn’t Rusty adorable in that last pic?

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  5. Oh, you just reminded me of both Mona di Orio Vanille and Chergui! Great winter choices. The final picture of Rusty is particularly sweet – Truffle curls up in a similar way, with one eye keeping vigil.


    • He tried to figure out if he could ignore me and keep sleeping, or if it was time to move to somewhere without the smelly objects placed next to or even on him. He decided to stay.


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