Lipstick Extravaganza

What would possess anyone who does not have a YouTube beauty channel to buy 6 (six!) statement lipsticks these strange days when most of the time we spend not at home is either exercising or wearing masks (or both)?

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks

I blame Laura Mercier (brand) that discontinued/reformulated my decade-long favorite tinted moisturizer and Tara (A Bottled Rose) who introduced me to Liza Eldridge’s blog… 7 years ago.

For many years my makeup routine was so minimalistic, and my attention was so focused on perfumes and lipsticks, that I wasn’t really interested in any makeup-centered blogs. And being a complete Luddite when it comes to YouTube, I steered clear of that medium for the longest time.

As my last tube of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 in Porcelain that fit my skin perfectly was nearing its end (while already being past expiration date), I got completely baffled by the idea of finding a new suitable product without being able to go to a physical store and try it on my skin. The solution I found was to check swatches and comparisons online and try to find what beauty blogs write about different foundations.

The more I looked, the more often I was coming across YouTube videos. So, I tried watching some, but it was such a mixed [makeup] bag of presenters… And then I remembered that Lisa Eldridge was such a talented makeup artist, and that I liked her videos back when I was following her… So, of course it made sense to see her recommendations for a type of a product I tried to choose.

I came to Lisa’s site and YouTube channel right at the time she was about to re-issue her legendary True Velvet lipsticks. I read about them two years ago when she launched them first. But back then buying a lipstick without trying it at least on my palm was a non-starter, and the collection was quickly sold out anyway. This year with ALL lipsticks (and other makeup items) being sold this way, I suddenly got an urge to … well, speaking our perfumista language, blind-buy one of the True Velvet lipsticks.

As I waited for the release date, I kept watching her presentation of the different colors, swatches on different skin tones and reviews for the previous releases. And I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to buy. So, when the time came, and the color that I liked the most (Velvet Affair, probably the most neutral of them all) was sold out within the first day, I threw my usual caution to the wind and bought just six out of 15 lipsticks in the release.



Do I like them? I do. And I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever worn matte lipsticks before, so partially my dissatisfaction comes from seeing on my lips something I’m not used to. Also, wearing a “full coverage” lipstick when working from home seems a little out of place, while I really enjoy wearing more sheer ones. But the more I wear them, the more I like them: beautiful colors, very pleasant feeling on my lips and extremely nice metal packaging with a magnetic cup. And now I like choosing every day which lipstick I’ll put on, play with different lip pencils and try different methods of application. Of all shades that I’ve got, the most “dramatic” of them, Velvet Decade, I like the most, which is ironic since had I managed to buy Velvet Affair, I might have never even tried Velvet Decade.

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Decade Lipstick and Natasha Denona Glam Palette

Just in case you were wondering, as of now, seven shades are still available at the brand’s site (no affiliation).


Images: My own


22 thoughts on “Lipstick Extravaganza

  1. I’m so pleased you did this post! Sorry for all the temptation but it does sound like choosing your lipstick for the day is giving you a lift. I think that is all important these days.
    I’m off to see if Velvet Blush is back in stock…

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  2. Despite starting to wear makeup daily when I turned 50, I still haven’t gone in fully on lipstick. I try, but can’t be bothered to ever reapply (even before masks). Thus have never been tempted by a luxury lippie even though I have heard about how lovely the Lisa Eldridge ones are. Did you ever find a replacement for your tinted moisturizer? I use the BareMinerals complexion rescue tinted gel cream quite often – works nicely for my drier skin when I don’t want a true foundation.

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    • While trying to figure out the best replacement, I realized that 1) I probably needed something more substantial than a tinted moisturizer and 2) I need (in addition) something without SPF because it is stupid to subject my skin to something completely unnecessary while I’m working from home.
      I’m still not sure whether I found the final replacement, or if I should keep looking, but for now I went with YSL Touche Éclat foundation (SPF22) and Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (no SPF).


  3. I bought six of the original LE colours, and I like them. I’ve always loved mate lipsticks. I found these to be great quality and the colours stay true-they don’t seem to oxidize. I’m wearing Velvet Fawn today, actually.
    And did the LM tinted moisturizers get discontinued? I’m seeing them at Winners.

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    • LM has discontinued their award-winning Tinted Moisturizer SPF20. Those that you see are either Oil-free SPF20 version (also reformulated, in my opinion, though I wasn’t a fan of it ever) and new Tinted Moisturizer SPF30. This one is just awful! It oxidizes crazily and, what’s especially bizarre, not just after being applied on skin, but also while sitting in a tube! Since my complexion is very fair with cool/neutral undertones, getting yellow/orange isn’t my ideal way of improving my complexion ;)
      I have Velvet Fawn. I need to get a darker pencil for it because it’s almost completely lost on my face :) But the quality is great.


  4. Those lipsticks look beautiful! there is something so alluring about a fresh, unused lipstick. I knew who Lisa Eldridge was but I didn’t know she had a makeup brand. Do these come from the UK? and is shipping costly? Thanks for the share.

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    • US standard shipping is … FREE! Tempted? :)
      If you decide to buy, check if your credit card has any fees for foreign transactions and if no, while checking out via PayPal, choose to pay by your CC in pounds – most cards have a better conversion rate than PP.


  5. What fun colors! I’m very minimalistic when it comes to wearing makeup too. I really haven’t been bothering too much with makeup during this whole pandemic given all the masks wearing we’ve had to do. My lips are always so dry that I usually just go with some sort of moisturizing lip balm. Did you find a replacement for your tinted moisturizer?

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    • As I mentioned in a comment above, I’m still not sure, but YSL Touche Éclat foundation (SPF22) and Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (no SPF) are my current products. We’ll see if I repurchase them.


  6. I’m allergic to many types of eye makeup, so it makes sense for me to focus on lips. I find I look totally pale if I haven’t got lipstick on, especially during online meetings! In fact I have turned to the darker shades I own.

    So, buying multiple lipsticks now sounds like a good thing to do. I usually use the semi- matte formulas, they seem to work well on my lips. I find the right kind of lipstick (after moisturiser) will protect the lips rather than having a drying effect. These look very nice! I would be interested to read about your choice of lip pencils, and if you findyou need primer before applying these lipsticks.


    • These lipsticks do not require any primer: they glide on perfectly and have a good coverage with a single layer (but you can add another one without stripping the first one).
      I’m still in search for a pencil. I currently use YSL colorless one, but I’m curious to try Lisa Eldridge’s ones when she releases them separately. I’m also curious about Wayne Goss’s pencils.


    • As much as I loved Bite’s lip care products before they went vegan, their lipsticks never worked for me: the colors I tried looked very flat, and the formula was drying.


  7. Those are beautiful lipsticks. Those cool based colors wouldn’t work for me, but I’m sure they are gorgeous on you, Undina. I have a number of lipsticks from YSL, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and MAC. I really like the new Powder Kiss matte lipsticks from MAC. I’ve gotten into watching Instagram videos on how to create different looks. My favorite was a red lipstick tutorial by Keri Blair, a MAC senior makeup artist. That was a lot of fun and I’m enjoying my reds more now. I can use lots of tutorials on makeup choices and application. There are so many great products now, like the highlighting oils that you can mix with makeup and all the types of liquid makeup. It can be quite confusing so I welcome all the help I can get.
    I also love the daily blog by Temptalia. She gives great info on whether colors have warm or cool bases so I can know if they will work for me before I spend any money.

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    • Have you tried watching YouTube tutorials? This is an even worse rabbit hole than perfumes! :) Unlike perfumes where you can buy a 0.7 ml sample or get a couple of ml from a friend to see if you want to spend more, or even get a partial bottle for less money, with makeup you’re in for the whole thing.


  8. These new acquisitions do look luxurious and you have a lovely shaped mouth to properly showcase any lipstick. I am busy trying to finish up about four lipsticks that are very close to the end, but even when I do, I have loads more that need using up too! I have loved my Nude Rose from Burberry – have fond memories of our being ‘bullet twins’ – and will try to resist rebuying it again…!

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