Perfume News, Perfume Deals and Cat Pictures (with Perfumes), Episode 1

A holiday in the middle of the week is a strange thing. We haven’t planned anything special for this year’s 4th of July, so I had a little extra time on my hands, and I decided to share some news and deals that you might have missed. I might do it periodically, hence the “Episode 1” designation.

In case you missed the news, Australian Perfume Junkies blog is back after almost a three-month hiatus. Hopefully, issues with hackers are resolved for good, and soon it will be accessible from the regular address ( but for now it can be reached at Also please note that you need to re-follow the blog if you want to be getting e-mail notifications.

APJ Blog

* * *

A couple of days ago Lucas celebrated 6th anniversary of his blog – The Chemist in the Bottleanswering interview questions from one of his blog’s loyal readers Jillie. Go read it to find out what a fragrance evaluator job involves, whether Lucas plans to create his own perfume brand, and just to say “Congratulations” on this rather significant milestone.

* * *

Did you know that Ormonde Jayne now has smaller 30 ml bottles? It’s the same price as their travel set but it can be shipped to the U.S. (free S&H). Also, from their news letter: “to celebrate the new site and life in general, we will send you a surprise gift with every order when you use the promotional code ‘YIPPEE’ at the checkout.”

* * *

If you followed Le Jardin Retrouvé’s Perfume Revival Project 2018, you know that the winning “dot” was the black one – Oriental Sans Souci. This one and the two out of the remaining three will be released as a limited edition of 200 bottles (50 ml) and can be pre-ordered here until the end of July and will be delivered in October. I have not tried any of these but I refer you to Cynthia’s (The Fragrant Journey) post about it.

* * *

April Aromatics in their recent newsletter have revealed that there is a new iris perfume in progress. Also, since the site will be closed for a vacation from July 9th to August 10th, until July 8th they offer 20% off for their 30 ml bottles with the coupon AASUMMER2018. (though, I’d still go for smaller ones)

* * *

Picture of Rusty is a bonus: it’s not special enough to go on its own into the “From the Cutting Room Floor” series, but I decided to share with you a picture of Rusty with Sonoma Scent Studio’s Bee’s Bliss that I wore today to celebrate the 4th of July.


Rusty and Sonoma Scent Studio Bee's Bliss


Have you recently come any news, deals or cat pictures to share?

Images: my own


26 thoughts on “Perfume News, Perfume Deals and Cat Pictures (with Perfumes), Episode 1

  1. Thank you for sharing these with us :)
    Rusty looks like he’s contemplating something.

    Recent news I saw is that Kilian is going to launch new line targeted at young people, sold in Sephora. Names and bottles look very tacky. Also they want to raise prices of their main line. I’m not a fan of this brand so I don’t really care but if you do, you might want to restock on something before it gets too expensive (price will go up to around 500$ apparently)


      • I don’t get their explanation. Price increase to be “more competitive”. Usually you do The opposite to be competitive- you decrease prices instead of elevating them even higher


    • Rusty just woke up and found that bottle standing next to him, so all he was contemplating was how to get away from me taking pictures :)

      By Killian’s current prices aren’t that low, so I do not see myself buying anything from them for $500… Well, at least, I won’t do it for any of their current perfumes (even my favorite Amber Oud), but if they come up with anything out of this world… Then we’ll talk ;)


  2. No news of deals, but I just purchased a travel set from the Ormonde Jayne London boutique and once I have given all 5 a decent wearing I may have to spring for a 30 ml bottle of the favorite. I wish more lines offered the small bottles, I am a light sprayer and don’t need 100ml of anything!


    • I like your set – even though it’s missing my favorite Ta’if :) It’s great that they’ve added the smaller option: for at least several perfumes I would have bought these bottles rather than sets of travel sprays that I currently have.
      Enjoy your travel set!


  3. That is great news about APJ being back up and running. Portia has been through a horrible time. And congrats to The Chemist on his blog anniversary.

    The release of the 2018 edition of Perfumes: The Guide is another piece of news I am pleased about. I will order the paperback edition shortly!


    • I briefly thought of buying the new version but then I figured out that I don’t need one more trivet on my night stand (that’s how I use the previous edition ;) ).


  4. Super news all around! Rusty looks very regal and it looks like he still has his winter coat on! I have the online version of Perfumes the Guide and will be perusing it to have a laugh. I saw 4 stars for Opardu so I am happy!

    I may be scarce for the next few days as I am on my way to the Berkshires for some R&R and musical performance immersion!


    • Enjoy your trip!

      I didn’t read the previous edition (it leave on my night stand, and I use it as a coaster when I drink hot tea in bed), so I won’t buy the next one: I don’t really care if they hate perfumes that I love, and 5 stars won’t make me like perfume if I didn’t.


  5. So much wonderful news! I need to try some April Aromatics. I have sniffed nothing from her.

    Your handsome boy is so fluffy and cute. What a perfect scent to wear on the 4th. I ended up choosing Olympic Orchid Woodcut. I figured the smokiness would go well with the fireworks. Hope you had a nice holiday.


    • Julie, I couldn’t find your contact information on your blog. I have several April Aromatics partial samples that I’m ready to pass on, so if you’d like me to send them your way, please send me your shipping address to my e-mail (see the About page).


    • I still hope Laurie finds somebody to take over SSS, and they’ll re-release Bee’s Bliss – it just happened to be my favorite from the line (before I knew it was the last).


  6. I love that you did a post celebrating good news across the perfume blogosphere, as well as some good deals. Very nicely done, as is the photo of Rusty looking like he approves very much of what he sees on both sides of the window.


    • Thank you, Suzanne. It’s nice to have people to share/discuss news with.
      Rusty was fast asleep, and I decided to take a picture of him with the bottle. But once I put the spray next to him, he woke up, sniffed it – and then started getting away from me taking pictures (as he usually does).


  7. This is such a great idea for a series and really helpful too. I always feel out of the loop.

    Rusty’s chest fur is so fluffy in that pic it looks like feathers :)


      • Thank you for letting me know about the return of APJ, i’ve missed it so much and have been directed to the old site when looking for news.

        Your Rusty has so many different expressions, it is fascinating.

        I got a sample of April Aromatics Pink Wood from Sandra ( perfume people really are generous), but that didn’t fit me, just interesting to test. If someone has tips on what other perfume to try from that brand I’m all ears!

        Liked by 1 person

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