Small Things That Brighten Life: Two Suns

Today was a good day: first of all, it was a weekend after a busy week. Second, I didn’t have to be anywhere so I almost missed the heat wave that was happening outside (“almost” because at some point I had to turn on the A/C – just to make sure my perfumes were comfortable, I myself could have easily stayed downstairs without it). Third, I managed to finish a couple of chores at home, which gave me some sense of accomplishment (something that I don’t get at work recently because of the size of the project I’m working on). Forth, I got a chance to do some serious perfume testing since dictated by the weather short sleeves of my lounge wear allowed for multiple “test sites.”

And at the end of the day overcast that will bring us tomorrow a relief from the short temperature spike today, once again, served as a sophisticated camera lens that allowed me to see a very unusual sunset.


Sunset June 2018


… and about 10 minutes later


Sunset June 2018


Have a nice Sunday and stay cool (warm – for those on the opposite side).


Images: my own (pictures were not color edited)


14 thoughts on “Small Things That Brighten Life: Two Suns

  1. Wow, what a bright red sun you captured there. And another one reflecting in the mirror of the river – perfect timing for a shot.

    Do tell us what perfumes you were testing on your ‘skin estate’ this weekend.


    • Thank you, Lucas. It was lucky timing (thanks to my vSO who noticed it and attracted my attention).
      I plan to write about perfumes that I tested soon – so I’ll keep the names a secret until then.
      Since you haven’t posted on your blog yet – Happy Blogoversary!

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  2. Pretty sunset! We are roasting here in Montréal, 29C and 80% humidity, and it is only 8am. It’s supposed to be like this for a week. Sigh.

    The AC will be on for the duration. I am going to wear my two hot weather favourites, Le Labo Ylang 49 and Atélier Cologne Blanche Immortelle.


    • I’m not sure what I dislike more – heat or cold. Probably both. We’re lucky with our weather this year (at least so far) but I know that we’ll have at least a couple of really hot weeks, and I’m glad we have A/C (most houses where I live don’t).


  3. Good eye, Undina. I was out this morning and it wasn’t so bad but then again, i was only outside to enter and exit the car. I am about to head out to go to Wegmans so let’s see how I fare. AC had been on constantly until Mom got too cold she decided to turn on the heat (but only for a short bit). I hope it cools off later this week as I will be going up to the Berkshiresfor 4 days.


    • It was my vSO who noticed the sunset (but I caught the reflection, so I take at least a partial credit).

      Since you are going to mountains, hopefully it’ll be cooler there.

      Our weather is just perfect now: for the next 10 days it’s not supposed to go higher than 79 during the day with mid-fifties at night.


      • Color me green although I would prefer daytime temps to be slightly lower with low humidity. Years ago when my brother lived in San Francisco, I had to pack for all seasons while visiting in the summer.


  4. Remarkable shots, timed perfectly. Am enjoying the spell of warm weather here, even though more in an ambient way ;) rather than in terms of sitting out in the sun.


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