In the Search for the Perfect Mimosa, Take 4

It’s spring again, and again I’m drawn to mimosa and mimosa-centric perfumes. Of course, our spring comes after our winter, so the change is not as drastic as it happens in many other areas. It reminds me of those make-believe magazine recommendations where a model in a perfectly fitting “simple” frock effortlessly “dresses it up” with a tiny accessory – which would never work for us, mere mortals, for whom anything like that requires careful planning and meticulous execution. Same happens with the season change here: our nature just carelessly put on a floral lace wrap – and got all beautiful for the spring party.

Mimosa and Palm Tree

I have enough mimosa perfumes in my wardrobe: Givenchy Amarige Harvest Mimosa, Frederic Malle Une Fleur de Cassie, Guerlain Champs Elysées and Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom are perfumes I discovered during my previous three takes on the topic.

One would think that it should be sufficient – and it is: I do not actively seek that note any more. But every time I hear about a new mimosa perfume, I just cannot pass on it. Especially when it comes from brands I like.

Prada launched Infusion de Mimosa last year in their Les Infusions de Prada collection. Thanks to a friend, I’ve got to test it long before a couple of luxury retailers started offering it in the U.S. (and I’m yet to see it in the actual store). I like it a lot. It doesn’t always work – to combine two good things, but in this case it does: it is still unmistakably the beautiful Infusion d’Iris’s relative, even though there are almost no notes in common listed, but also it has a wonderfully true to natural mimosa aroma – airy and intense at the same time. What I especially like about Infusion de Mimosa is that it feels summery without being citrus-y cologne.


When I smelled Mimosa Indigo by Atelier Cologne for the first time, I was utterly disappointed: it was not what I expected or wanted it to be; and I could smell absolutely no mimosa in it. Since I do not write perfume reviews, I do not always give perfumes another chance if I didn’t like them on the first encounter, especially if I don’t have a sample at home. With the number of new releases out there, I just do not usually bother with getting a sample of something that didn’t wow me on the first try. But I like Atelier Cologne, and that purple color just spoke to me… After a couple of shopping trips, during which my nose stayed glued to my wrist, I bought a bottle of Mimosa Indigo (thankfully, they have 30 ml bottles). I like it and enjoy wearing it. I think I can smell some mimosa in it but I wouldn’t be able to call it without reading a list of notes. It’s an interesting floral perfume on a gentle almost suede base.

Rusty and Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo

I do not need more perfumes – with or without prominent mimosa note. But I know that the next time one of my favorite brands releases their take on this flower, I’ll be tempted – the same way I was tempted by Chanel’s limited edition nail polish called Mimosa. They got the color perfectly: it’s definitely spring in a bottle.

Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish

Images: my own


21 thoughts on “In the Search for the Perfect Mimosa, Take 4

  1. Hi sweetie. I love reading your posts about mimosa and in fact if was because of them that I decided I wanted to explore it more.
    I’m glad I could share some Infusion de Mimosa with you and that it does the trick. Also great to know it has a realistic smell

    I was quite fond of Mimosa Indigo, maybe one day I decide to buy it. Back then it lost with Encens Jinhae I got instead


  2. I’m with Jillie. After reading that Asali collects vintage serpent rings and now seeing your photo, I seriously need to get my hands on one (literally!).

    I should check out a mimosa perfume just to confirm that my fear they have a strong almond facet is justified. They must be a joy to wear in spring if you love them though and I can totally relate to being tempted to buy each incarnation of a beloved fragrance type.

    I hold Rusty and Truffle responsible for gradually turning me into a cat person. I even fed a cat that sat at my back door this morning. Probably a mistake but he was black and fluffy with gorgeous eyes.


    • Feeding cats is never a mistake! You can ask Rusty ;)

      I do not like almond note in perfumes, so I don’t think mimosa smells like that… Have you tried any of the perfumes I mentioned? Do you smell almonds in them?

      I love that ring. It’s gold and enamel. It was a birthday present from my vSO many years ago.


  3. So pretty!! — everything described and photographed in your post. I’m not sure you qualify as a mere mortal, Undina. You make most things look effortless, whether those things be brainy things, beauty things, foody things, or whatever.

    The Prada perfume sounds so lovely, especially as you describe it as being similar in spirit to the Infusion d’Iris. I’ll keep it in mind as something worth testing at some point.


    • Suzanne, you are so kind, as always – thank you.

      I still like Infusion d’Iris much more – it’s amazing how good it is. But out of all the flankers for it I’ve tried so far, it’s the second one I actually would like to wear (Absolue being the first one).


  4. I am indebted to you for introducing me to Mimosa and Cardamom, my favourite take on the note since Mimosa pour Moi, which I regret not buying as my very first niche bottle – though I came close – copping instead for the laundry musk let down that is L’Ete en Douce. So now you have got me intrigued by the new – or relatively new, and new to me – Prada. I love the sherbety, cheery quality of mimosa and you make a good point about it being a way to experience summery-ness without going the classic citrus cologne route. And how much do I love your nail polish! Might even inspire me to stop biting my own nails, though don’t hold your breath. Seconding Suzanne that you are no mere mortal. If you were a place in the Michelin guide, you would have the maximum star rating of ‘worth a detour’.


    • You made me laugh! It’s the first time I got rated/starred (if not to count that strange 50 best perfume blogs list that contained all the perfume blogs that the author managed to find ;) ).

      I can’t remember when was the last time I did my nails. But that perfect mimosa color just asked to be introduced to everybody before it dies in my collection of not being used.

      Just out of curiosity: do you bite your nails even if you have a nail polish on?

      I still have some Mimosa pour Moi left in my decant – I should finish it before it evaporates.


  5. Have you tried Dame Perfumery Mimosa yet? A decant is only $8.50 and he has a postcard program whereby you can get a sample for free! (although I am sure if you tell him you are a perfume blogger you might just get a multitude of samples!)

    and oh my goodness, Rusty looks incredibly regal…this is, by far the best picture yet!


    • I haven’t tried Dame’s Mimosa yet but I’ll definitely do that soon – to support the brand, if nothing else – thank you for the advice.

      Rusty really didn’t want to participate in that photo shoot, so that pose is him trying to move as far away from the bottle as possible without leaving his warm spot, and me persuading him that he did want to be pictured since he’d get a treat for each compliment he’d get from my readers :)


  6. We have just been chatting about Mimosa and other yellow florals on the Fragrantica niche forum. My favorite mimosa is Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom. Many mimosas are too dusty for me.


  7. Maybe I should try Infusion de Mimosa…have not had a really good take on mimosa and haven’t owned any since my bottle of Mimosa Pour Moi a decade ago. (Then wore Caline which had a big mimosa note) A long time to go without mimosa.
    I know you are pretty careful about notes, so will have a sniff of Cardamom and Mimosa as you like it.


    • For some reason I do not expect you to like Infusion de Mimosa but I will be surprised if you dislike Mimosa & Cardamom – it would be interesting to know how far off I am with my predictions ;)


  8. The inevitable happened — I couldn’t pass up using the Saks $50 off $250 coupon and ended up getting a bottle of Prada Infusion de Mimosa, among other things. I procured my sample last Saturday, took a look at the coupon and the rest was history. This joined my paltry mimosa-forward perfumes. I do have Mimosa & Cardamom, like it, but don’t wear it often enough!

    Rusty, such a poser. And that fabulous tail. Woo hoo!

    Liked by 1 person

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