In the Search for the Perfect Mimosa, Take 3

There are scents that we like on their own – because they smell nice, make us feel good or appeal to our sense of beauty. Other scents (while being all that as well) are linked to pleasant memories, positive experiences or special occasions. Mimosa is one of the scents of the second kind for me.


I told my mimosa story short after I started this blog in the first post of this “In the Search for the Perfect…” series (since most of you weren’t here back then, you could look over the first two paragraphs of that post so I do not repeat myself). At that time I tested several perfumes – Amarige Harvest Mimosa 2007 by Givenchy, Mimosa by Calypso, Mimosa pour Moi by L’Artisan Parfumeur, Le Mimosa by Annick Goutal and Amouage Library Collection Opus III. The conclusion was that I really liked only the one, a bottle of which I already had – Amarige Harvest Mimosa (though as time showed it became one of my “tsundoku” perfumes).

A year later I approached the subject again (you can skip this post unless you want to see a picture of Rusty playing with mimosa) and realized that as much as I enjoyed the scent of real flowers on a branch mimosa note in perfumes interested me mostly as a part of a bouquet and not as a soliflore. I wasn’t sure then if I liked it enough, but several years later a travel bottle of Une Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle has joined my collection.


I still like mimosa and can’t pass by a blooming tree without stopping and smelling it. I would gladly buy a bunch of mimosa but I’ve never seen it in a shop so I don’t know if it’s sold anywhere in the U.S. And I’m still drawn to mimosa-centric perfumes.

When I came across Jo Malone‘s Mimosa & Cardamom in a store for the first time I immediately had two thoughts. The first one was: why have they decided to release it in September when there was absolutely no chance to get real mimosa to decorate the stand (so they used artificial flowers, which looked a little weird)?! And the second one was: I want it!

Mimosa & Cardamom is just a mimosa perfume I was looking for: its mimosa note is sunny and happy but there is something beyond that note that makes this perfume not boring. Same as for Victoria whose review I recommend you to read if you haven’t tried Mimosa & Cardamom, it stays on my skin for a long time – and I enjoy every minute of it.


This year’s mimosa season brought me one more pleasant discovery. A friend of mine from Texas who came to California last month to celebrate her and my birthdays, while in wine country, collected mimosa flowers, pre-processed them, hauled them around on the trip, then back at home made them into an amazing confiture and sent me a jar of it as an extra birthday present. Did I say already it was amazing? It’s real mimosa in a jar! It’s light, not too sweet and a little bitter. And it’s great with ricotta cheese. I don’t think everybody would like it: you have to like mimosa to appreciate this confiture. I happen to love mimosa.

Rusty and Mimosa Jam

I’m not sure if it’s possible to buy mimosa confiture (and even if it is possible, I doubt it would be as great as my friend’s creation) but if you have access to mimosa and would like to try making it yourself (or if you just want to see how it looks out of the jar), I refer you to my friend’s recipe.

Images: my own


26 thoughts on “In the Search for the Perfect Mimosa, Take 3

  1. It sounds delicious, Undina and so special this confiture. Personally I am not very fond of the scent of mimosa, but then I do not know how they smell naturally. Did you try the Diptyque Essence Insensee Mimosa ? Beautiful bottle too, I bought it blindly but alas not my scent. Love the photograph of Rusty! Something Rubio could do too, play with the ribbon.


    • Essence Insensees!!! I just checked my notes and it says there “I’ll have to re-test it in spring but now it’s completely wrong: too much mimosa for winter.” Thank you for reminding me! I’ll test it again tonight.
      FB blind buy is never a good idea! Well… unless you’re doing it for the bottle itself.


  2. I am most grateful to you for the chance to try Mimosa and Cardamom, which is as you say lovely all the way through. I also took a look at those past posts, which as a long time reader I did half remember, but it was good to refresh my memory. I could never tire of seeing a pic of Rusty interacting with mimosa, hehe.. And I am so glad you found AG Le Mimosa nauseating! I did too and thought I was the only one. Funny you should feature mimosa confiture – I gave a friend a jar of pineapple jam the other day and she said she had never heard of that as a flavour. Mimosa as an ingredient sounds even more exotic.


    • I’m very pleased that we both like this perfume (and disliked AG’s one ;) ).

      Before my friend told me what she was making, I haven’t thought of mimosa as of edible substance. Now I tell myself that it must be french :) At least it tastes like something that could be made in France. Probably I’m thinking of Guerlain teas and honey…

      I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a pineapple jam: somehow it’s not “a thing” here, even in Hawaii. But I’ll make sure to check it out the next time I’m there.


  3. А ведь мы с тобой не обсуждали Mimosa and Cardamom! Ко мне этот аромат приехал из Лондона совершенно неожиданно и я, тоже неожиданно, носила его всю нашу весеннюю зиму с огромным удовольствием, наслаждаясь каждой минутой. Большое спасибо за добрые слова, Undina!


    • Я даже не знаю, как это вышло! Видимо, потому, что темы вращались больше вокруг еды (и выпивки :) ). Но я знала, что к тебе приехали эти духи, но я думала, что это было по твоему заказу.
      Еще раз огромное спасибо: даже если бы мне не понравился вкус, сама идея, запах и участие Расти в фотосъемках – уже priceless. А тут еще и вкусно.


  4. Hello sweetie. I know you’re a mimosa lover so I’m happy you found one (or even more) that works for you well. And that mimosa confiture must be real treat, not to mention it must be a rare deal in the food world to have one.

    I’m personally not a super mimosa fan but I came to fall in love with Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo. I’m going to have a bottle of it when I can buy it in Poland.

    Have you tried Von Eusersdorff Classic mimosa?


    • I look forward to trying Mimosa Indigo since I read your review!

      It’s interesting that many people do not like mimosa. Most likely, it is a scent of the second kind but without those components from the first kind that would make it universally liked.

      I read about Von Eusersdorff’s mimosa perfume but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that brand at a store. But I’ll try it if I ever come across a sample.


    • Thank you, Steve! Rusty will be properly rewarded :)
      You should definitely check out this perfume: even if you do not like it enough to wear, it’s surprisingly nice (“surprisingly” – because I’m extremely disappointed with many Jo Malones recent releases, especially limited editions).


  5. I’ve never met a mimosa I didn’t like to drink ;-). To wear, I, too, like Mimosa and Cardamom and Une Fleur de Cassie. In Fragrantica, it lists Impossible Iris as having mimosa; since I haven’t worn it in so long, I don’t recall that note. (I think it will be SOTD tomorrow!)

    I had to look up confiture to find out it’s preserves! It looks like Rusty wants to dip his paw into the jar.


    • :)))
      I don’t think Rusty would refuse to try the confiture: it’s sweet.

      I should wear Impossible Iris soon, just not tomorrow: tomorrow I want to wear something green.


  6. I don’t think I even know what mimosa smells like. Tomorrow when I’m in Nordstrom I shall endeavor to get a sample of this one – I’ve read several good things about it.

    Also, it was incredibly sweet of your friend to make you that delicious mimosa confiture. Your lucky to have such wonderful friendships in your life. :)


    • That’s true, Sun. I feel blessed with all the friends I have.

      If you go to Jo Malone’s counter, try also Orris and Sandalwood. Herb Garden’s bottles are cute but none of the perfumes impressed me, so see if you have time/skin to spare and don’t be upset if you don’t.


      • Well, I was in a hurry because Walden was running around Nordstrom like a madman, but I had just enough time to grab samples of Mimosa & Cardamom and Orris & Sandalwood. On paper I *really* liked the Orris & Sandalwood, so I’m particularly excited to try that one on skin. Thanks for the recommendation, Undina!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Undina! Von Eusersdorff`s Mimosa is quite beautiful and I do love Opus III.
    I would try mimosa jam in a heartbeat, I do so enjoy trying totally new things.
    I have yet to try a Jo Malone I must be honest. I am gonna being Vienna soon though, so
    I will pop in and have a spritz, I promise. Lots of love. xxxxxx


  8. Mimosa as a confiture? Actually that could work, some people use rose petals so why not mimosa? I would definitely try it and since I already make jam…If she ever wants to part with the recipe, let me know.
    Plus I’m with you on Mimosa and Cardamom which I like a lot, one of the best recent Jo Malones, and I AM a mimosa fan. If you like a good mimosa note in a vintage green perfume Jean Patou’s Caline has a nice one, there may be plans to re-issue that one.


    • I usually try any mimosa perfume I came by – just in case it is done better than those that I’ve tried before. So Caline goes on my mental list.

      If you were to click on the very last link in the post from a computer browser (it doesn’t work on iPhone/iPad), you’ll see the recipe.


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