A Fairy Tale Ending, Perfumista-style

When was the last time you cried because of perfume? I did two days ago. It wasn’t exactly because of perfume but closely related to it.

In the post Memories, Dreams, Reflections…  I told a story about one of my earliest perfume memories and how I never got to smell that perfume even though I remembered it for all these years.

Daisy (coolcookstyle) promptly found this item on eBay and sent me a link. I checked it out but being my usual spontaneous self (not!) I decided to think about it (“Who else would buy it until the end of the work day?” I thought). And by the time I went to look at it again it was gone. I was a little angry at myself: this perfume (well, its box) had such a meaning for me – why didn’t I snatch it when I could?! But I told myself that sooner or later another one will appear on eBay.

When I got a box from Daisy I was surprised: I couldn’t remember us discussing recently any swaps and I was positive it couldn’t have been her award-winning Mango-Lime-Tequila Sorbet  – even though I expressed the desire to be a Guinea pig if she ever needed one. The box contained another box and a card that read:

Much love + hugs
Daisy & Hajusuuri

The smaller box had a carefully packed and sent all the way from Ukraine a bottle of Zolushka in a double-walled box that mesmerized me when I was 5. I couldn’t help crying – so touched I was with that act of kindness and friendship from Daisy and Hajusuuri.

Rusty and Zolushka

Rusty tries out as Cinderella (Zolushka) in the picture

The box looks exactly how I remembered it – just smaller, which is understandable: I was little when I saw it last. Many things in childhood seemed larger than I see them now. If you look inside the mirror you can see the skirt of the dress but there are no legs so for all I know there still might be a mermaid tail somewhere in there. As to the scent – it smells like an old perfume from my childhood (not this specific one since I’d never tried it but a recognizable scent from that epoch). I won’t be wearing it but the box will join my collection on the shelf where I can see it every time I go for any other bottle.

I want to say “Thank you!” to Daisy and Hajusuuri, as well as to Vanessa, Natalie, Lucas, Kafka, Portia and my RL friends who supported me when I needed it. Thank you.

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52 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale Ending, Perfumista-style

  1. Wow, that amazing story now has an equally wonderful ending. Thank goodness for friends, real and virtual. I’m so pleased you have this to look at everyday now.

    I’ve never seen Rusty pose so well. He must know this one’s special.


    • Rusty wasn’t too cooperative, to tell you the truth: I think he knew that I needed to get pictures today. So most of the shots were with his face turned away from the camera and perfume.


  2. I’m so happy for you! So, SOOOO happy. And I would have cried, too. Daisy and Hajusuuri are such sweethearts, but you deserve an extra bit of TLC in general. I hope the sight of the box takes you home every time you see it, and comforts you with the happiest of memories.


  3. Oh my…I have never cried over perfume that I can remember, but as Kafka says above if I had received such a uniquely evocative package I most certainly would have done in your shoes… What an absolutely perfect present.

    I think to a child’s imagination, the double wall effect would have been a key component of its charm, as well as the pretty graphic of the girl / mermaid. ;) It’s a little bit like the magic of an advent calendar – the mystery of what is behind the ‘layer’ of card…


    • Vanessa, thanks to you I finally realized why those calendars were so attractive to me: after moving to the U.S. every year I thought about buying one – even though it has nothing to do with any of our traditions for the winter celebrations.


  4. What a wonderful surprise gift from your friends :) I was a little worried initially that your tears were those of frustration for not buying the box! I’m glad the story had a happy ending.


  5. Dearest Undina! I am so happy that me and Hajusuuri could reunite you with your bottle of Zolushka! Perhaps you were wondering who else would buy it before the end of the work day, but the minute after I saw it, I kept thinking: “Someone’s gonna’ buy it! Someone’s gonna’ buy it! What if someone buys it first before you????? We can’t let that happen!!!!!!”

    So me and Hajusuuri pulled the trigger minutes later.

    This was meant to be yours, even if we beat you to it!

    And Undina, Rusty, and her bottle lived happily ever after :-)

    (PS. When you are in New York next, ice cream will be waiting for you!)

    (PPS. “Is it food?” Hahahahahaha! He is sooooo cute!!!!!)


  6. How wonderfully sweet of those two wonderful ladies… they are special and so our you! And then to top off all of that Rusty officiates as Top Model. A lovely Sunday story to wrap up the weekend. Daisy and Hajusuuri you are the best!


    • Thank you for asking, Blacknall. I haven’t been that scared in a long while. We got up, I grabbed Rusty and spent the next 5 minutes next to the exit door waiting for a possible aftershock. It was an extremely unpleasant experience.
      I don’t know what people mean when they say that cats sensing earthquakes but Rusty seems to be more scared by our unexpected appearance in the middle of the night and my pounding heart than by any premonition or by the shock itself.


  7. That is such an incredibly thoughtful and lovely gesture! Cheers to Daisy and Hajusuuri, who prove that perfume friends are the greatest of friends. And cheers to Rusty for striking perhaps his most regal pose ever. In that first photo, he looks like he is the handsome prince just waiting for Zolushka to freshen herself up before they dance another waltz at the ball.


    • I think Rusty was actually trying to figure out if he should make a run for it or wait and hope I’ll be done soon and give him another treat. Usually I take pictures at least several days before I need them for a post and on those occasions Rusty always inserts himself into the shooting. But today when I wanted to quickly publish this “Thank you” post he just refused to cooperate until I bribed him.


  8. Don’t you think it’s amazing to have some friends you can always count on? Cliche, I know, but sooo true and making you feel on the top of the world! Good job, Daisy and Hajusuuri! I guess, your karma, Undina, and theirs are connected and complementing!


  9. What a beautiful surprise, and a proper fairy tale ending. I agree with Ines; proof that perfumistas are the loveliest people in the world.
    Thank you for sharing this with us :-)


    • I should have mentioned earlier that the name for the post was also provided by the lovely Daisy via e-mail (without her knowing that I’d use it as such).
      Thank you for letting me share it with you! : -)


  10. What a wonderful ending in the present times of a memory from back times of your childhood. Daisy and Hajusuuri made an amazing gift for you. Isn’t it wonderful to have them as friends?


  11. I’m glad this story ended with tears of happiness! I got worried for a second when you said someone else snapped up the box before the end of the day, but how lovely. And please tell Rusty that I think he’s a fantastic model! (I’m sure he knows that he is)


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  13. What does the perfume smell like? I remember this perfume from my childhood in Ukraine too, my grandmother used to wear it, and would love to have it. I did not know you can still find it. Is there a way to order it from Ukraine on the internet or otherwise?


    • Hi Elena,

      Perfume in the bottle I’ve got is off a little so I can’t say much about its smell. I think it’s Russian perfume, not Ukrainian, but I do not know if it’s still in production. I saw another vintage bottle on eBay once so you might find it there if you persist. But be prepared that you won’t be able to wear it.

      Good luck!


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