Short Conversations About Perfume: Like a Stranger


Kiss me
I want you to kiss me like a stranger once again
Kiss me like a stranger once again…

It’s a warm sunny winter day. My vSO and I are driving along the coast. It’s my birthday and he’s taking me on a short [almost] surprise vacation to the beautiful ocean view hotel. Tom Waits’ voice from the speakers – I gave that Bad as Me CD to my vSO for his birthday a while ago but I haven’t heard it until now:

You wear the same kind of perfume
You wore when we met
I suppose there’s something comforting
In knowing what to expect
But when you brushed up against me
Before I knew your name
Everything was thrilling
‘Cause nothin’ was the same

I (turning to my vSO):  You know, I actually am wearing today the same perfume as I wore when we met.
He: Oh, really?
I: Yeah, it’s my favorite Climat. It felt right for the occasion.


The next day on the way back I find the same song. My vSO: Are you listening to it again because of the perfume?
I: Yes. And because it’s a very romantic song.
He: It is.
(after a pause)
I: Could you recognize any of my perfumes?
He: (with a sigh) No, I can’t say that I could…

It doesn’t upset me: he never did. So for me “…there’s something comforting in knowing what to expect…” And for him? At least my perfume every time is not the same. “Like a stranger…”



Image: my own


43 thoughts on “Short Conversations About Perfume: Like a Stranger

  1. Haha! What a charming and amusing story, and happy birthday to you for the other day – I knew it was around this time but Facebook let me down…;). Hope you had a lovely romantic break by the sea. And maybe a crab sandwich or two?


    • I didn’t tell FB when was my birthday – so we cannot blame it for that (but there are a lot of other reasons – right? :) ).

      Thank you, Vanessa. It was a very pleasant change of scenery (and some edible clam chowder).


  2. First of all dearest Undina – warmest and happiest birthday wishes from me! Sounds like you spend your special day in a really nice way.
    And I just loved the conversation you had!


  3. Dearest U
    Happiest Birthday!
    Nearly-surprises are the best.
    And as for his not recognising your perfume he is but a mere man after all, only Dandies can tell ladies perfumes apart *he winks*.
    Have a splendid sojourn.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  4. Happy Birthday!
    My hubby can’t tell my perfumes apart either although I will say he does consistently comment on a certain few. So I guess he might not know what they are but he does seem to like a few.
    I used to like Tom Waits a lot. I’m going to have to get some of his music on my iPod. He totally fell off my radar.


  5. What a perfect post for around the time of your birthday and Valentine’s Day. Just gorgeous. How great that you were wearing the same perfume you were wearing when you met as that song was playing.

    Enjoyed listening to it. Very romantic. Keep me to get into his stuff.

    Hope you had a lovely birthday and mini-break with your v.SO. Hugs.


  6. Well let’s make that birthday even longer; Many Happy Returns to this place for you and for us.
    The same recognition issue seems to exist in a few Perfumista homes here. Thank you for the song and sharing this romantic adventure of which I hope you have many more.


    • Thank you, Jordan!

      I can’t really complain since I get the full support for my hobby and willingness to participate in all the testings where I think male skin is required :)


  7. Happy Birthday!

    As to husbands and significant others recognizing perfumes… am skeptical. My hub did learn the name of his favorite: Tabac Blond. Apart from that he does not “speak perfume”. Bet he’s typical :-)


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