A Postcard from Undina: Rain!

Marple Leaves In Water

Finally it’s raining! Who would have thought I would be that excited about gray sky without a single ray of light coming through the clouds! I feel very peaceful and calm  – as if the rain washes away my stress from the work week. A purring furry ball  on my lap intensifies the effect. I do not need to be anywhere. I do not have to do anything. I can just relax and enjoy an almost colorless watercolor wash from my window.

I hope your weather cooperates with your plans this weekend.

With love,


Image: my own


26 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Rain!

  1. I am happy for you that the rain has come – but over here we heartily wish it would go away! All week it has been lashing rain and gales, with floods in the south west. Last weekend had to buy a new umbrella because mine was totally trashed. But long awaited rain is a welcome release from tension, so I am pleased it has finally arrived…


  2. I love the picture of maple leaves floating on the water. You’re such a talented photographer sweetie!

    I’m happy for you that you finally got some time to take a breath, relax and calm down after a busy time at work. And how great is that Rusty joins you in this contentment.


    • Thank you, Lucas. I’m not sure about the talent but when one takes a lot of pictures some of them just statistically will be good :) This one is very “fresh”: I took it several days before posting.


      • You’re welcome!
        Nah, I also usually take a couple of pictures of the same scenery but sometimes it’s not enough ;) One had to have a good eye and a stready hand to make a good shot. This one is great.


    • We actually have an official state of drought :( So getting at least some rain (and especially some snow in mountains!) is extremely important. I’m concerned about our vineyards this year.


  3. Isn’t it wonderful and beautiful and refreshing? I have been sitting in the window all morning in my Pajamas drinking coffee and smiling at the the little wet fellows as the fall past my fire escape and splash on the sidewalk.
    Love the photo too that you posted….the sidewalk at the Embarcadero Center?


  4. I never thought that living in rain-land (Portland) as I do that I would be wishing for a return of the wet stuff, but after the past few days of being snowed in and now with everything treacherously iced over, I cant wait for it to warm up and melt with the promised showers. So glad to hear that you have an end to the drought conditions. Because we haven’t been able to get out, I’ve spend much time in PJs, with tea, cat, scones and books – what a treat…


    • I definitely do not miss snow. Sometimes – once every 2-3 years – I do not mind getting a little bit of it on the trip to mountains but other than that rain is everything I need in terms of weather changes.
      Be safe with that ice!


  5. I’m glad you have that feeling of contentment, Undina. There’s nothing better than feeling happy just as, and where, you are. Having Rusty on you lap would help with that.

    Hope the rain continues for as long as you need it to and the serene mood stays too.


  6. I’m glad for you. Rainy days can sometimes be such a gift. That doesn’t include raining for a week in a row ;-). I loved to walk my dogs especially on rainy days, because the forest had such a special smell and there was nobody around. It was very quiet and peaceful.


    • I can’t even remember when the last time I was unhappy about the rain. I know that it had happened in the past but we didn’t have enough rain for several years so I’m stilllooking forward to each wet day.


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