Jul et Mad Love Dose


In January I ended my, very favorable review of Jul et Mad‘s Amour de Palazzo with the following passage:

My only complaint about Amour de Palazzo and the brand in general is that it’s only available in one size (50 ml beautiful bottle + 7 ml refillable travel atomizer that is also very nice). Most perfumistas (read – those who will know about the brand and are potential customers) do not need 50 ml of almost any perfume. We will be fine: we’ll do splits. But I think the brand might benefit from selling smaller sizes – even if those will be more expensive per ml than a bigger bottle.

I’m happy to report that starting today small 5 ml bottles of all three perfumes by Jul et Mad – Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse à St-Germain and Amour de Palazzo – are available for purchase from the brand’s website. These perfumes come in beautiful small bottles and boxes in Extrait de Parfum concentration.
The price of each is 22.50 € / $ 29 (including delivery).

Love Dose Palazzo 

Image: provided by Jul et Mad


43 thoughts on “Jul et Mad Love Dose

  1. Those are some lovable little gemstones.
    I really like the idea and that they’ll come in custom-made boxes. Almost like an actual full-size flacon of Jul et Mad perfumes.

    And a good thing that they didn’t go up with a price for a smaller size.
    50ml = 230€
    5ml = 22,50€
    Ten times less of the juice, ten times less money to pay.


    • I’m glad that the timing is right. I hope you’ll get your big bottle (those are just gorgeous, in my opinion) and small bottles (they are cute though I haven’t seen them yet in real life).


  2. This is great, I wish more perfumers would follow! I’ve only tried Amour de Palazzo, which I like very much but I haven’t yet used up my sample yet. I’m considering blind buying the other two. If nothing else, I always keep a few presents at hand for unexpected social occasions, and a cute bottle like that would be great bring to a dinner instead of a bottle of wine (which I usually give) ;)


    • Go for it! :) Those are very cute and definitely are nice as a hostess gift especially if you tell a story of the brand with it. But I’m afraid you won’t want to part with them once you try them: they have a tendency of growing on you :)


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