Entertaining Statistics: October 2013


October was very warm (too warm if you talk to my vSO), with no rain (which isn’t good whoever you talk to) and a lot of work (no comments). I’m hopelessly behind reading blogs and commenting and I suspect my testing is hitting an all-time record low so I’m glad that this month I decided my readers to help again with the data for the October statistics post.

I asked my readers: Have you ever given a perfume as a gift not knowing beforehand that the recipient wanted to get/liked that specific perfume?

I’ve got thirty-one answers (plus my response). Respondents came from 10 different countries (and 2 not disclosed locations). Out of 32 votes, 22 reported more or less successful perfume-giving experience and 10 stated that they’d never given a gift of an “unsolicited” perfume. It would be interesting to conduct a similar study on a control group of people who do not consider themselves perfumistas.

October 2013 Stats

Until today I’ve hidden only draws announcements in the body of my posts. Today I reached new heights: I’m not mentioning the results of the draw in the headline. But – as I promised – here we go: according to random.org the winner of the Scent Library by Ineke is hajusuuri (#10). Please contact me with your mailing address.

Rusty and Ineke Scent Library

For those who didn’t win: consider buying this limited edition set as a collector item before it’s gone. I have absolutely no financial interest in posting this, it’s just a “public service” type of post. I decided that I will buy one set for my collection. Rusty approves.


24 thoughts on “Entertaining Statistics: October 2013

  1. Great statistics and congratulations to Hajusuuri. You rule girl!
    Rusty is lovable as always. He looks so cute lurking out of that box! Is it one of his “house toys”?


  2. Only 1 comment…tell your VSO that it can never be too warm. If it is, then send the warm air my way. I hate the cold. I think I’m starting to move into that old lady wearing a fur coat on 90 degree days stage of my life. BTW… Rusty is adorable as ever.


  3. I’m with The Scented Hound – ‘Desperately Seeking Therms’ of Stafford here! And I agree that Rusty looks cute in this shot, but also oddly reproachful somehow? That surely can’t be right!


    • This picture came in the end of the shooting session: Rusty retreated in his “submarine” and couldn’t understand what else I wanted from him since those “books” didn’t interest him any longer :)


  4. I’m with your vSO, it’s too warm. Of course, where I live, it’s ALWAYS too bloody warm! Right now, we have late Spring-weather and I’m still in t-shirts. Maybe in December, I’ll end up in long-sleeves…. :\

    On a completely separate note, upon a quick, first glance at the photo, it almost seemed as if Rusty was in a travel crate with a burgundy “passport” next to him. lol

    A big congratulations to Hajusuuri.


  5. Hmmmm, since the photo is of the winning “item”, be still my heart, do I get Rusty? I solemnly promise to take good care of him in his new home, k? Do I hear an OK? Hmmm, I must be dreaming!

    Thanks for the draw, Undina. I bet Rusty had a hand in picking yours truly :-)


    • I asked Rusty if he would consider visiting other parts of the country but he gave me that strange look… “Food is here. I am here. What are you talking about?!” So I guess the answer is: Scent Library will have to travel accompanied.


  6. Thanks, Undina. I received the Scent Library today. It is better looking in person…so cute. You guys and gals, you should immediately go to the Ineke website and order this before they are all gone. It really is a gorgeous keepsake! If have a booklover friend, this is the PURRFECT (hee) gift.


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