Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 11


The weather is still cool which I rather enjoy. We had two very windy days. As the house was making creaking and rattling sounds Rusty kept listening worriedly to what was going outside and even almost stopped shedding; though the last part should be probably attributed to the temperature, since cats are known to shed more when they are nervous.

I still hope to get more responses to the idea of multiple mirrors for the Perfume Shopping around the World page. So far Olfactoria’s Travels, All I am – a redhead, the unseen censer and Bonkers about Perfume decided to host a similar page. If anybody needs help with creating that page on either WordPress or Blogger I can guide you step by step.

I read most of the postings from blogs on My Reading List but somehow none of them created any lemmings; which is probably not a bad thing. My wallet is definitely better off with me laughing at my friends’ posts or reading about those perfumes that I already own and love.

SF Heart



Ari (Scents of Self) analyzes 2012 Fifi Awards: I would have given this FiFi to Untitled, especially considering that Jasmin Rouge also won the Nouveau Niche Men category! Who do y’all think Tom Ford had to sleep with to pull that off? (Answer: everybody. Tom Ford slept with everybody. And not to win the FiFi. Just because.) There are also many funny comments: “Soon there will be a 7-11 perfume that will win,” “Victoria’s Secret Angel? Really? I couldn’t be more surprised if a Yankee Candle had won.”



Suzanne (Eiderdown Press) tells a beautiful story that weaves into her review of one of my new favorites: You won’t ever mistake Bombay Bling for an overly sweet cocktail, however—its emphasis is not only on mango, this is a scent with all of the complexity of a true perfume—but because it opens with such an uplifting combination of mango and cardamom, it’s hard not to smile when wearing it.


Ron (Notable Scents) joins in with his commendations for the same perfume: Fruity floral fragrances are all over the place, but Bombay Bling stands out as one of the best ones that I have ever experienced. Not only is there a clear development, it feels incredibly rich and full without being too strong. He also reviews the other two perfumes of the trio and offers a draw for a sample set. Just in case you want even more, read my story Three Pieces of Neela Vermeire’s India Puzzle


Michael (From Top to Bottom) praises the perfume that is my absolute favorite on my vSO: What makes Terre so good? I can think of a number of reasons, but one simple reason is that it smells like no other perfume on the market. As simple as that. It doesn’t smell generic, it doesn’t smell like it has been done before. For me, that is enough to state that it is one of the few modern mainstream men’s classics out there.


Image: my own


10 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 11

  1. How strange about your cool spell – it is red hot there and I can hardly think straight! Will pm you re the Shopping Guide.

    I loved Ari’s FiFi post – the awards offered rich pickings for her special brand of sassy humour. : – )

    And I need to resniff Bombay Bling – I loved the drydown especially, but the opening might be perfect for this weather.


  2. I am planning to add a shopping page, as soon as I get settled back in. Thanks again for setting it up (and including me!).

    I hope you had a good long weekend.


    • It was just great… for the first two days. And then – food poisoning :( So when I was answering the question in your post I was really feeling for you.

      I’m adding several more links to that page now (several people contributed after Birgit and I published it), I’ll send it to you by the end of the week and you can use it whenever you have time.

      Have you noticed the picture? I didn’t do it on purpose, my friend just pointed it out to me: last weekend it was 75 years for the Golden Gate Bridge.


  3. Undina, the weather is just crazy all over the place, I think. We’ve just had weeks of continual rain and cloud, followed by a blistering hot week (by UK standards, mind). Thanks for the mention of my post, again.



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