Alien wears Prada Infusion d’Iris


If I’m supposed to identify with those extremely beautiful women from different perfumes ads, dressed up either impeccably or with a calculated carelessness, I should say that it doesn’t work on me. I do not feel that any perfume might transform me into one of them – or even make me feel like I’m one of them: they are artificial; they are abstract and just an expected visual aid to the release de jour.

When Infusion d’Iris* by Prada was released, I immediately went to a store to try it. I didn’t like it. I think it was my first perfume with a prominent iris note (though I’m not sure I even knew then what it was). I didn’t expect to smell what I smelled – so I didn’t like it.


Prada Infusion d'Iris ad


I don’t remember how exactly it happened but I remember that one day I was looking at the ad above and thinking that I liked that image so much that I just had to have Infusion d’Iris. I don’t even like that model, I prefer them older and … more human. But the image is hauntingly weird and cool and elegant.

I tried Infusion d’Iris again, liked it that time and bought a bottle without even waiting for it to make its way to discounters online. For me it smells very elegant, cold and refined – exactly the way that alien in gloves looks on the picture. And unless they colonize the Earth tomorrow, I do not want to look like it or project that image. But five years later I still enjoy wearing Infusion d’Iris and probably won’t want to be without in – just in case, you know, extraterrestrial invasion and all that.




For a real review (and a very cool suggestion on layering) read Birgit’s (Olfactoria’s Travels) Wallflower? – Review: Prada Infusion d’Iris. Robin (NST) had also reviewed this perfume. If you reviewed Infusion d’Iris on your blog share a link please.

Update: one more review of Prada Infusion d’Iris at Scentandshinythings.


* Infusion d’Iris in this story refers to the EDP version.


22 thoughts on “Alien wears Prada Infusion d’Iris

    • I wrote my story before reading your review and was strangely pleased both by the fact that you liked it and that it also was your first iris perfume.

      Now I can’t wait to try the combination, it sounds really interesting (and I have both “ingredients”).


  1. I have a 10ml decant of Infusion d’Iris and agree completely with your cold and alien analogies, without ever having clocked that ad campaign. Oh, and when I saw your post title, my mind flew immediately to Mugler’s Alien, and I thought you might be talking of a layering experiment of some kind, and this before I got to the link to Birgit’s post! I have recently developed a surprise liking for Alien, which – on my skin at any rate – is not at all the intergalactic jasmine of my imaginings. : – )

    PS How to they get those gloves to crinkle so evenly?


    • Thank you for sharing the link!

      Aliens theme is definitely under-developed in perfumery. Thierry Mugler did their part but there is so much potential out there! :)


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this ad before. Creepy in a good way! I know what you mean about advertising. Currently, the ad (campaign) that is affecting me this way is the Live in Love (Oscar de la Renta) campaign.


      • The perfume has not blown me away. :) You can Google to see the ads, and I have included one in my perfume in print roundup for later this week.


  3. Never thought of that ad in the way you did. I always thought the model looked a bit off and now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t unsee it.


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