Know-How: Perfume Shopping around the World


We, perfumistas, live around the world. We travel around the world. We publish our perfume shopping stories and share our first-hand knowledge and discoveries. A year later, while preparing to a new trip, some of us might even remember where we read that great guide for this tiny town in which we’ll have a stopover on our way to or from somewhere. Or maybe not that tiny but still.

SF Macys entrance

For a while I’ve been compiling links to those posts that I came across. Now I decided to create a page to hold links to those guides – Perfumes Shopping around the World. If you’ve written an article you want to include in this list (or exclude from it – I respect writers’ choice) or if you know about somebody else’s article send me an e-mail.

Also I think it might be useful to have multiple pages referring to these guides. So if you want to host a similar page on your site send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you the HTML file. I plan to update this page with new links three-four times a year and I will be sending updates to those who decide to host the page. You do not have to publish this page on your blog to have your links included and you can host the page even if you do not have any perfume shopping guides of your own (yet?).

I’m open to any suggestions. If you like the idea please spread the word. I have no commercial interest in this project I just think it might be useful for those who will be planning trips tomorrow. 


Image: my own.


23 thoughts on “Know-How: Perfume Shopping around the World

  1. Fantsic idea! I have one or two off-the-beaten-trail perfume shops to add for here in Paris that are truly worth visiting. One even sells the ‘original’ Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris that would seem to be more readily sold in Asia and no longer in Europe.


  2. This is a great idea Undina and a really useful resource. Who out of us doesn’t want the option to visit a perfumery on our travels? Last September, I only found a niche perfumery where I staying in Taormina, Sicily the day before I was due to come home. I should have done my homework in advance!


    • Link to this page is better than nothing but having an additional page on your blog would be even better: this page itself won’t have high ranking because the ratio of text/links on it isn’t high. But if multiple pages on different sites publish links to those shopping posts, individual ranking for those posts will get higher and those posts will appear higher in search results.
      I’ll send you the file and you can decide if you want to add a page or do a link.


  3. Great idea! I’ll link your page to my blog. My May 1 Paris post is probably not too helpful for this endeavor (it’s about the inevitability of shopping for perfume in Paris, even if you *don’t* follow a map) , but if it fits, feel free to link it.


    • I added the link to your post, I missed it when I was searching for shopping posts.

      See my explanation to Ines about linking vs. publishing a page. But it’s your decision, I do not insist :)


    • I started collecting those links when I realized how hard it was to find many of the places or visit enough of them in limited time unless you plan and prepare in advance.


  4. What a helpful compilation, and one that can be added to over time with everybody’s input. I definitely have some more links I could send you – Bruges, Stockholm and Basel spring to mind. Meanwhile, thanks for taking the time to organise those ones of mine you already found.


    • I’ll keep compiling links and will do the first update in a couple of weeks (once everybody who has anything to contribute now had a chance to do so) but meanwhile I’ll send you the current page.
      Thank you for writing those guides – you’re one of the biggest contributers.


    • I found your Miami post and it’s already on the list. Please send me the other two links and I’ll send you everything you might need to mirror the page. When later I have updates, I’ll be distributing them to everybody who choses to have that page on their sites.


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