Saturday Question: What Was The Last Perfume You Finished?

Many of us have extensive perfume collections, so each perfume gets just a fraction of wear time. So, I understand that it’s a tough question.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #162:

What Was The Last Perfume You Finished?

It doesn’t have to be a bottle; a decant will do as well. Will you repurchase it?

My Answer

It has been a long-long time since I finished anything! I have a couple of bottles that are close to the end (I have backups for them), but I can’t even remember the last bottle I emptied.

But today, I sprayed the last 4-5 sprays from the decant of Guerlain Cuir Beluga. Every time I remembered to wear it, I thought it was great. Cuir Beluga is one of the perfumes that I should have bought years ago. Now? I don’t know. Once my “no-buy” is over, I’ll check the latest reformulation and decide.


How about you?

What Was The Last Perfume You Finished?


34 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Was The Last Perfume You Finished?

  1. I’ve finished a few decants, nothing memorable enough to repurchase let alone remember what I finished. The last bottles I finished were a trio of Chanel extraits, which I won’t repurchase. I’m not really buying any perfume right now, my enthusiasm has waned so much it’s not a priority.

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  2. Last bottle I thunked was Hermes Jardin sur le Nil, and I only thunked it cause I had a new bottle! This, and Hadrien, are the scents I run out of. To me they’re perfect – almost impossible to overspray, I enjoy them every time I wear them, appropriate for almost any occasion. Most importantly I love them and they have been part of my life for so long.

    It’s a beautiful morning here-really cool and crisp, but not cold. You can smell spring in the air along with the ice in the harbour. I’m off to Truro for the day – beautiful little town about 90 min from here, just to get away with a friend for a bit. There’s a huge park there with some really old trees and some nice walking trails. Hope everyone’s weekend is filled with the things that recharge the batteries: long leisurely cups of tea or coffee, pets, farmers markets-well, those are my favourite things lol.

    Thanks, Undina, for keeping perfume life interesting,


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    • It’s almost summer here, so it’s hard to imagine that somewhere in our hemisphere it’s still cold. As an upside, you have a much more pronounced spring.

      Jardin sur le Nil is probably one of the candidates to be thunked this summer – if it’s still good, I need to check my ancient bottle. But if yes, probably I should do it.


  3. This week I finished a small crystal bottle of Scent of Hope by DSH Perfumes. The size of a decant, but the elegant square bottle was glass with a ground glass dabber. Worthy of an extrait scent. I can’t remember the last bottle I finished. It would have been years ago.

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  4. A few days ago – thunked my SJP Stash. This is one of my top ten, I find it interesting enough to wear often and versatile enough to wear a good part of the year. This is the only bottle I have ever legitimately thunked (not tossed because it went off or whatever.). I wore it in the fall of 2021 when doing my 365 project on a Friday night. My son’s football team beat an opponent they had lost to for a dozen years. Thereafter, I wore it as my second perfume every Friday night until they won their state championship, their 15th straight win. (sports people are superstitious so it seemed like I should play along). After that much wearing, it hasn’t been so hard to use the rest up. (Apologies to anyone who has heard this story before…). Anyway, looking through my collection, I have a few decants that will go soon but not a single other bottle even close! (And I have a BUB of Stash so I can keep enjoying it.)

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  5. The last one I legitimately finished was actually a fragrance that was created as a gift to the class for our 30th college reunion! I had a couple of back-up bottles so I felt okay about thunking one. The interesting thing about this one, which I love, is that it was created by perfumer Annie Buzantian, who worked with a classmate of ours in the fragrance industry. I’m hoarding what’s left of my last bottle, lol, and it still smells great.

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  6. Mine was a mini splash of FM L’Eau d’Hiver last week when my nose was blocked from a cold. It’s a perfume that’s never worked for me but ironically I liked better when I couldn’t smell all the notes, particularly the one that made it smell like wet wipes on me.

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  7. The last full bottle I drained was Cristalle EdT. At the time I was unaware future production would be very intermittent. As were most of the perfume community. Thankfully, since then I’ve sourced two bottles so I can still wear frequently

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      • Cristalle EdT is still on the Chanel GB site with a Notify Me When Available against it. I have had notifications but it’s been gone by the time I get on the website. Not sure if that’s worse than d/cing. It’s the hope that’s worse


  8. Last summer I finished a bottle of Eau du Sud. I have replaced it, I wear it often in hot weather. I emptied a travel spray of Cuir d’Ange a few weeks ago, that is to say I discovered it had almost dried up as the alcohol had evaporated. I think it has been discontinued, which is ashame, it’s a beautiful leather. Wishing you all a lovely weekend, here in the European Lowlands sunshine at last!

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  9. Ohhh! Excellent.
    Well, I’m doing this New Idea 2023 super thiunk thing so there have already been a slew of empties on that front. Also, I’m trying to work my way through some of the shower gels and soaps.
    Recently I emptied a 30ml of Lolita Lempicka EdP. That felt quite significant. Also a travel each of Pour un Homme Caron, Silences and Nikki de Saint Phalle. Fortunately the Caron was a refillable.
    Portia x

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  10. I am going to say Chanel 28 La Pausa EDT because I absolutely cannot eke any lore out of the bottle. A good thing that I have a humongo back-up.

    The one that perplexes me and is also pretty much effectively thunked is Chanel Le Lion. It was the huge bottle I used to split back when it first came out but there was enough left over to wear it quite a few times and I’ve also already started using my BUB.

    As to decants, I am hard pressed to figure it out as some may have evaporated from neglect (a few).

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    • La Pausa doesn’t surprise me: it’s beautiful but so fleeting. But Le Lion is a different story, so it is impressive. It must be all those 8-sprays applications.


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