Saturday Question: What Is Your Favorite Animalic Perfume?

OK, folks. Since last week many of you totally disregarded the SQ’s instructions not to talk about perfumes that would be under your Christmas Tree this year, there is no reason to ask that question (but feel free to share your perfume wardrobe newcomers if you didn’t do it yet). So, today’s question is inspired by Rusty’s birthday (a separate post is coming).

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #145:

What Is Your Favorite Animalic Perfume?

I’ll leave the interpretation to you – it might be an animal-derived ingredient (natural or artificial), animal-related name or any other characteristic that would allow you to classify that perfume as such.

My Answer

If I were to think longer, I would have found more perfumes to name (so I look forward to reading your comments). But the first perfume that came to my mind when I asked myself this question was Papillon Artisan Perfumes Bengale Rouge. I wrote the story about this perfume three years ago (Rusty played a significant role in it). For those who weren’t around back then but don’t want to read it, I’ll quote myself:

I thought I was predisposed to like this perfume. I was wrong: I loved it. Since then, I looked up the notes more than once (sandalwood, Turkish rose, honey, vanilla and sweet myrrh), and I still can’t really make them out. But does it really matter? Bengale Rouge is perfectly blended, elegant and complex perfume that purrs on my skin – maybe not as sweet as Rusty sitting on my lap but warm and comforting nevertheless.

I still have half of the decant a generous friend shared with me. But when it’s finished, I’ll want more.


How about you?

What Is Your Favorite Animalic Perfume?


22 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Is Your Favorite Animalic Perfume?

  1. Happy 14th Birthday Rusty & many more of them.
    Liz Moores does animalic so very well, hyraceum in Salome was a revelation.
    My personal favourite animalic scents have always been Guerlain’s use of civet notes. My first grown up scent from my very first, very small salary was Jicky. Possibly an unusual choice for a 17yo. Equally, I like to think, a choice demonstrating my embryonic perfumista status!
    I guess in 1979 the civet would have been from civet cats whereas more recent formulations will have aromachemicals.
    Jicky isn’t currently in my collection. The last formula I owned just didn’t hit the spot & I sold it on. I have read that Guerlain’s Legendaires reformulations of almost all the fragrances are the best for many years. However, I am still to get my nose on any of them.
    I would like to think in 2023 I may be able to get a day shopping & hit the Guerlain counters.

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    • Jicky extrait from approximately 10 years ago is one of my favorites (unfortunately, I have only a small decant of it).
      I tried a bunch of the re-released Guerlain perfumes in square bottles and liked several.


  2. I own a bottle of Slowdive. I guess it is the closest I come to anything animalic that I would actually wear when out in public. But generally scents with honey aren’t really what I think of as animalic..

    I remember liking Musc Koublai Khan very much, but it smells like a warm, well groomed horse to my nose, so it would be hard to wear other than at home. I had only a tiny sample years ago.


    • MKK is one of the few musks I enjoy. I used to layer it under Poison as it took down the grape juice & bubblegum sweetness. I did wear it alone as well. May be I’m anosmic to some of the dirty musks in it, to me it’s a warm embrace from a much loved one in need of a shower, admittedly on a fur & naked though


    • I liked MKK on my friend’s husband, but I never wanted to wear it myself.
      Honey works on my skin only in a couple of perfumes (and regretfully Slowdive wasn’t one of them).


  3. First thing that came to mind is Bengale Rouge, and before I saw your answer. My little scent present to self was Shalimar body cream which arrived this week. Have I kept it to open tomorrow? No. I opened it as soon as I got it. Delicious, everything I wanted it to be. Wishing everyone the very best whether you celebrate Christmas or not. We’re all another year older, wiser – maybe, more fragrant than ever – certainly. Happy birthday to Rusty, give him a fragrant hug.

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    • Most of my hugs are fragrant, and I’m not sure Rusty likes it :))), but he still gets them.
      I like the idea of perfumed body creams, but I don’t use them often enough, so I keep throwing them away once they spoil :(


  4. Happy birthday to Rusty. My first thought was Salome, then SL El Attarine. And of course Francesca Bianchi does animalic quite well also. My modt recent perfume gift to myself is Meo Fusciuni Notturno, but based on the sample of his Narcotico I received with it, that one won’t be far behind.

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  5. Bengal Rouge, Slowdive and Onda Extrait de Parfum! If indolic counts as animalic than A la Nuit and I have a decant of a really stinky oud but I can’t remember its name. Cuddles for Rusty!

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  6. I guess mine is Bengale Rouge, which is gorgeous — I just don’t normally think of it as “animalic.” I have Joy (the original) and Bal à Versailles, but I like Bengale Rouge better. Happy birthday, Rusty, and Merry Christmas to all!

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  7. “Animalic” is perhaps my favorite category. There are so many ways in which a perfume can be animalic: indolic (white flowers), urinous (think honey), skin-like (musks), skanky (hyracaeum), sweet-balmy (castoreum), sexy (civet), leathery (however they do it) – I love any perfume that does not feel too perfumey, but comfortingly, concretely human. Obviously I cannot have one favorite animalic perfume, and equally obvious it would be tedious to list here all that I like. So I am drawing the Christmas Tree Joker and will just mention Onda (the EdP). And Lui (Mazzolari), which I discovered just recently.

    Merry Christmas to all. (And double that with extra wishes for Rusty.)

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  8. Hi and happy birthday to wonderful Rusty!
    There are many nice animailcs among vintage perfumes and one of my favourites is Kouros. I also like Zoologist’s Civet and Papillon’s Salome. I like sweaty, cumin-y animalics.

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