Saturday Question: Dear Santa… Or What Perfume Would You Wish To Find under the Tree This Year?

There is still time… I’m not asking about perfumes you have already bought as a gift for yourself this year or orchestrated to appear under your tree (we’ll talk about it next week). But if you were to send a wish to the North Pole, and you couldn’t wish for a World peace, health or anything else equally worthy, but you could wish for any perfume that is currently available (so, no “original Shalimar” or “well-preserved vintage Opium”) – what would it be?


Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass


Saturday Question #144:

What Perfume Would You Wish To Find under the Tree This Year?

It doesn’t have to be something uber-rare or expensive (but it can!) – but what would bring you joy had it just appeared there?


My Answer

Just a couple of months ago, had you asked me, I wold have told you that I didn’t have anything I really would like to get. But recently I discovered 2 perfumes that I want to get – so, I would not mind if Santa Clause would have decided to support me in my “no-buy” resolve.

The first one is Papillon Artisan Perfumes Hera. As I was reading all the raving reviews, I didn’t really expect to like this perfume. I love it! I’m amazed how well Liz Moores has caught that modern classic/vintage vibe. My only wish would be to have this perfume in a flacon with a stopper: it seems wrong to spray that type of fragrance.

The second one is Nude by Bill Blass. I’ve never known this perfume before I smelled it last week from a new acquaintance of my vSO’s mother who came to my MIL’s birthday celebration. It was an impressive chypre! So, if Santa Clause’s route will not pass by my beautiful (although artificial) tree, which is given since I’m not writing him a letter, I will investigate if it comes in different versions – and if yes, which one I should try. But it seems like a very inexpensive experiment, even if I end up not liking it.

Dog's List for Santa  

How about you?


What Perfume Would You Wish To Find under the Tree This Year?


63 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Dear Santa… Or What Perfume Would You Wish To Find under the Tree This Year?

  1. I’m with you on Hera. I’ve been saving for her since her release but other things keep coming up. The latest being my mums frozen macerating toilet. She didn’t notice the frozen pipe & flushed. It EXPLODED!
    She is now having respite care & refusing to pay for either the cleaning or the plumber! She carries an antibiotic resistant bug so it’s a public health risk & must be decontaminated & cleaned. Hera savings yet again paying for something mum should pay for but refuses.
    Here’s a question. Should getting is cleaned & fixed be her Christmas gift?


    • Alityke, Absolutely, and it’s a great gift. All joking aside because sounds like one hideous mess to clean up. But you’re looking after her which is the nicest thing you can do for her. I’m doing the same for a family member who is ill-I made myself available all year to help his household with what ever it needed, and it needed some very bizarre things lol. Not as bizarre as what you described :) Today it’s close to freezing rain, I’m up about four hours before I’d like to be, and I rearranged my weekend to give them an entire day which I really could have used to get my own stuff done. So that’s a good gift-the gift of time, or the gift of giving someone something they absolutely need.

      I’d love to see Neroli Outrenoir under my tree! I tried to buy a bottle before that last increase in bottle size and price. My credit card was charged for the last bottle in the store, I waited about ten days, called them back and was told-that bottle never actually existed. Which is impossible to believe. The SA did everything she could-she even made a large amount in a decant for me, which was kind. This was not her fault. But it wasn’t a great transaction and then they wanted me to but the new and larger bottle. It didn’t feel quite right so I didn’t buy it but I really enjoy it. I might wear my decant today to do the errands in the snow mixed with freezing rain.

      I’m glad we have more Rusty advent calendar to look forward to :) Almost one more week.

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      • Bless you for your kindness.
        As DH is having intensive chemo with associated immunosuppression, my brother has had to step up to provide for her needs. After me being her main carer for years, 3 months & she’s in a care home! Absolutely needed for her own safety. Whether she’ll stay, who knows?
        I do hope you got your money back on the non-existent bottle. A decant is never the same as the full presentation, though do enjoy wearing the decant in good health


    • YES! That is her gift, unless you want to add an inexpensive treat of some kind that can be used up, like soothing lotion or something. Sending you big hugs for being a great caregiver in a difficult situation.


  2. I’m with you on Hera…but actually will not be getting any perfume this year for Christmas. Instead, I am supposed to have my bespoke home fragrance delivered this coming week, just crossing my fingers it comes before the holiday. Once it does, I’ll put out a story on it. Merry Christmas!!

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  3. I mean, it’s not as if I need any more perfume, lol, I have so many! But I wouldn’t say no to a small bottle of Chanel No. 22 parfum if one fell into my stocking. Actually, the perfume gift that has brought me joy this season was one I gave away. Our church always has a “giving tree” on which cardboard leaves are hung with the first name and age of a needy child, with one wishlist item. I take a few every year (and of course, add to the gift because — Christmas!). This year, I had already filled three bags of gifts, with toys, some warm outerwear, and a book for each child, three little boys aged 2-3. When I went to drop them off, I saw there were still a few “leaves” on the tree needing donors. One was for a 15 year-old girl who asked for “perfume.” Ha! On it!

    I actually had in my stash a new, unopened gift set of my beloved Anne Klein 2 (the recent reissue), that had the fragrance plus lotion and shower gel. So I popped that in a gift bag with a card to tell the recipient, Gloria, that it’s one of my favorites and never fails to get compliments. I also figured that if she likes it and wants to get more, it is very affordable for a teenager of modest means. I hope she likes it — it’s not the kind of fruity scent many teenagers like these days, but I think when she tries it, she will probably get many compliments too. There’s something about that vanilla base that just draws people in.

    My thoughts on the reissue are here:

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  4. Heya Undina,
    There are a few I’ve not grabbed lately. Mainly due to overlap or feeling like the collection is groaning.
    I’d really like the CHANEL Sycamore Parfum. It’s bloody gorgeous.
    Also Amouage Enclave and Material were pretty fabulous.
    Still haven’t caved and bought Penhaligon’s Cairo or L’Artisan Cooler Vanille either.
    So any of those would be met with happy smiles.
    Now I really want to try Bill Blass Nude!
    Portia xx


  5. I really haven’t any wishes this year. Every time I open my perfume closet I’m reminded that I never need to buy a perfume again. Although I imagine that I’ll still try discovery sets from time to time because I won’t be able to resist. I did buy two things for my sister in law. One of her signatures is Burberry Brit and she’s almost out, so I am replacing that. And I picked up a travel spray of Stroopwaffel by Ineke Ruhland for Scent Trunk. SIL did two stints working in the Netherlands, so I thought she would enjoy trying this new perfume. Packaged with a couple of varieties of the treat, as well!


    • Nobody said anything about buying! It’s a fantasy gift, from “real” Santa Clause! :)

      I wonder how much Brit has changed over the years. I liked it when it was released first.


  6. Perfume wish for the North Pole is Onda or Rozy Voile d’Extrait which are available again. Or April Aromatics Lost in Roses. In the meantime wishing fervently for world peace too.


  7. I would like a bottle of Trudon Médie and Matière Prémière Encens Suave. That will only happen if I buy them myself, which is what I plan to do. :-)


  8. I’d love to find Carnal Flower under my tree. Tried a sample a few years ago (thanks to a giveaway that hajusuuri did in a guest post). Just never got around to pulling the trigger to buy myself some.


  9. No perfume wishes under the tree as, like Brigitte above and a few others, I chose to give than to receive*. I gave $s to my church for the monthly shortfall mentioned last Sunday. I usually transfer funds the day after I mail the check and as I went in on Thursday, I was totally shocked to see way more in my balance than I thought! Upon looking further, I saw that I finally got a refund from NY State plus my semi-monthly net pay deposit (after “paying” myself elsewhere) which more than adequately covered my donation. I say it was meant to be and I am absolutely static about it!

    *I have already been naughty because I can only resist so much with all the deals!

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  10. I’m not buying or requesting any perfume this year for Christmas, but wouldn’t say no to a bottle of The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga—and that’s mostly for the beautiful bottle covered in outlines of roses! The scent is nice but I have other rose perfumes that I prefer.

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  11. Bill Blass Nude is a good one! I’ve already bought my Santa present for myself, a 50 ml bottle of Guerlain’s Rose Cherie. It’s a rose violet beauty that is surprisingly long lasting and has nice sillage. I’m loving it! I have my eye on a bottle of Bois d’Armenie for my Birthday later on in the year.

    I donate monthly to a number of charities, but I will probably give an extra year end donation to Galgos del Sol, a rescue group for Galgos (Spanish greyhounds). These poor dogs are used mostly for hunting in Spain and people just dump them on the streets. It’s so sad and they are such sweet, beautiful creatures. I would love to adopt one, but they are probably too large a dog for us to handle, so I just send donations. Best wishes to everyone for a calm and happy holiday.

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  12. I did mention perfume on my wishlist this year , but most of my family will get very sensible gifts, and I expect it will be the same for me. But if Santa wanted to give me perfume, I would not say no to a bottle of Chanel no. 19 pure perfume. In reality I plan to buy that at some point next year. Chanel will open a boutique in Oslo and I have in fact never dared to enter one in France, so it will be special.

    We all feel the pressure of the energy crisis and food getting very expensive, plus the interest rate going up. So we are more careful with money than in previous years. This is true even for those of us with stable inome!

    I’ve made cash donations to many organisations this year, and also helped individuals directly. One woman I trust also sends parcels to Ukraine every month, so I’ve paid for some products (baby food and such). And now before Christmas I made a big bag of essentials for an elderly Ukrainian refugee plus bought her a soft cashmere/merino wool scarf of a kind I know my friends have liked before.

    Also, some perfume samples for a single father (with some extra sweets added for the kids). There’s so many single parents and disabled people struggling with high energy bills and the cost of living in general this year, they have difficulties even getting the essentials for their household.

    It seems to me the situation is the same in most of Europe, we want peace and stability back.

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  13. Same as Ingeborg, a bottle of No.19 Extrait would be my wish, though I’m not buying perfume, and anyone who knows me wouldn’t dream of buying me perfume. I have a fragrant gift to self on the way, Shalimar body cream, have had a bit of a hanker for that for a while now. I’ll be gifting some perfume to people, plus some samples and decants as little hostess gifts for friends. As usual, I have given lots of little things to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, these go to children in poor and war-torn countries.

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  14. Oh, I have been a very, very lucky girl and bought heaps of yummy art supplies during the Black Friday thingie. So I have not asked for any perfumes from Santa.

    But… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a FB of Bel Respiro. That’s the only one on my wishlist.

    And yay for plumbing resolution! What a thing to have to deal with over the holidays!

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  15. I’ve been on a “no buy” resolution for a while and I know Santa could only be myself…so probably I will get no perfume right now. But I plan to buy Iris Perle from Les Indemodables, a brand that I like a lot, maybe after the holidays…

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  16. Definitely Casablanca by Diane St. Clair. I live in Europe, where she does no longer ship to, on account of too much red tape concerning taxes. So it’ll have to be via the North Pole, or not at all… This is one of my best-loved perfumes ever, I cannot bring myself to spend the last drop of it that I still own.

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