Undina’s Advent CaTendar 2022 – Week 1

As promised, here’s a round-up of pictures I posted daily for my Instagram‘s Advent CaTendar and a couple of additional photos to keep it interesting for those of you who have already “liked” those that were published on IG first.

The first few days, Rusty was very interested in our three calendars – Whittard of Chelsea tea calendar, Bonne Maman preserves calendar and Cult Beauty beauty calendar, so I managed to snap several photos.

Those of you who had followed me for a while saw probably that dog toy/Rusty’s bed. But since he often spends time on it, I can’t stop taking pictures: he looks so funny camouflaged there.

A friend of mine who makes amazing things from wood (it’s his hobby) wanted to use Rusty as a model to prove that the bowl he made for another friend (whose cat has outgrown the previous bowl, in which said cat liked to sit) was large enough. We spent some time trying to persuade Rusty to cooperate, but in the end, he got tired of us and just sat in the bowl, allowing us to take all the photos we wished.

When we decorate a Christmas Tree, Rusty loves spending time under it on the tree skirt. This year he wasn’t thrilled (or was he?) when we left a cord on top, and we quickly corrected the oversight.

Come over next week for more insights into Rusty’s daily “activities.”


Images: my own


12 thoughts on “Undina’s Advent CaTendar 2022 – Week 1

  1. Rusty has the most expressively soulful face. It gives such counterpoint to his slightly naughty antics.
    I’m enjoying the Catmus Catendar very much. A little daily cheer in my currently stress filled life


  2. I could look at pictures of Rusty all day. He’s beautiful and hilarious. Wish I could have a cat (DH is allergic, sadly). My SIL has a cat, but she hates everyone except her person so no petting there.

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  3. I like your calendar, Undina. I must say Rusty looks adorable (even if I’m not really a cat person). Instagram gives me so many uninteresting posts these days, so I have a hard time following you there.

    Liked by 1 person

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