OMG! So sorry Looking Glassers. I’m late. All my fault, take full responsibility. OOOPSIE! TBH I really thought I’d finished the half finished post that you’ll now get in a fortnight. Last week was Festivus de Portia, organised by my beautiful husband Jin. Every year he puts on quite a show for the week of my birthday (refuses to let us do it for him though).


The event of my turning 54 started on the Monday with home Korean BarBQ. Just us. Delicious.

Wednesday evening Jin and his BFF Matt came and played Trivia at the pub I host in. It’s always nice having the home crowd in.

THEN Jin took Thursday & Friday off work. We were supposed to go to Melbourne for the day. 6am flight to and 8.30pm flight from. Then Australia got a Public Holiday on the Thursday and we knew it was going to be bedlam at the airport, in the galleries and restaurants etc. So we cancelled our flight, got a Voucher Refund and decided to keep it low key. Hung around the house together, I think we had pizza.

Friday was Jin’s big adventure birthday day for us. We were up at sparrows fart and on a bus, train and ferry to Taronga Zoo. He bought us annual passes, we saw the Giraffe feeding and keeper talk, the Seal show and the Bird show. The reptiles were surprisingly active and we got to watch the Red Pandas, Elephants, monkeys and big apes and a slew of other wonderful things. Lunch was meat pies and peppermint tea. We flew in the cable cars and then caught public transport home.
That evening my BFF Kath and Jin had organised a party at our favourite Nepalese restaurant. Nearly 30 people took over more than half the place and it was wonderful, overwhelming to see so many people we love in one room. Gosh, our friends are so gorgeous, very handsome crew.
The brief for gifts (Yes, I’d like it if no one bought me anything but it’s better to give them a focus and then they get to be givers and I get what I really want, mercenary I know) was “Please write me a card and put $10 in it.” The thing I really needed and wanted was a new toothbrush. Yeah, it’s a whiz bang one. Oral B, rose gold, five speed/functions, notifies me every 30 seconds. It comes with a travel case, that holds it and two heads, with a USB plug as well as the regular ones. Perfect for travelling. I’ll use that toothbrush twice a day for the next few years and every time I will think of all the friends who contributed, and the couple who didn’t. HA!

Saturday Jin and I hung together eating junk and watching TV and Sunday (the day of my birthday) BFF Kath, Jin and I went and had Peking Duck at my favourite Chinese. HEAVEN! Then I went off to work.


What a week! I’m pooped.


Perfumes? Bought myself the new DIOR 40ml Captain Kurk reprises. WOW! He doesn’t disappoint.


Back to regular scheduled stuff next time.

Stay well crew,
Portia xx

29 thoughts on “Had a BIRTHDAY!

  1. Many happy returns of the week Portia!
    Jin & your friends pulled out all the stops! I like club together presents too, last Xmas it was a new laptop & you are so right, I think of all the contributors whenever I use it. You will remember this birthday, Jin & all your friends twice a day for many years to come.
    That Dior coffret is a year’s worth of scenting for a civilian. I wonder how long it will last you?


  2. Happy Birthday! What a fun multi day celebration! I turned 54 this August, but I’m with Jin on the low key side, my husband is more like you and likes to party. Here’s to another great year!


  3. Happy belated Birthday, dear Portia! As someone who loves her birthdays but gets a proper celebration only if organizes it herself (or it will be my vSO’s-style low-key one ;) ), I envy you a little (in a good way, promise).
    I’m in the Sonicare camp when it comes to toothbrushes, but since I recently was researching for a new toothbrush (bought the Sonicare one again), I know that these two go head-to-head (tooth-to-tooth? ;) ) with each other. I hope you’ll get a good use of it! (But keep the warranty information and register your device if required – I had at least one dying on me a year into using).

    As to your Zoo trip… Since there are no photos, it didn’t happen! ;-)


    • OH! Sorry to read about your vSO’s non birthday throwing ways Undina, especially if you want it. One day, when Jin and I have caught up on all the lost adventures, how about we organisae a perfume crew to all meet somewhere and celebrate your birthday? I think we could all do with a destination perfumista weekend, don’t you. London, Paris, New York, Singapore are all easy destinations to get to if some people are lucky enough to have the funds. A little day of perfume sniffing, next day a lunch of celebration. Let me at it. This is something I can organise.

      Thanks for the toothbrush advice.

      HA! It was so much fun I only took two photos, both basically the same but one has Jin & I and the other just view. Sorry.

      Portia xx

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  4. Happy Birthday Portia! Your week-long celebration sounds fabulous. Enjoy your new Oral B (love the color) and enjoy the Dior. I fully expect a review forthcoming.


  5. Happy Birthday, Portia! Still so young….That is a very sexy toothbrush, and I wouldn’t have thought I would say that of an item of dental equipment. Anything in rose gold is transformed though. I like the idea of the reptiles in the zoo being “surprisingly active”. I will never forget seeing koalas in Canberra and being disappointed that they were all fast asleep.


    • Thanks Vanessa,
      HA! Yes, rose gold does lift it into the stratosphere.
      Those bloody Koalas. If you ever come back to Oz I’ll take you to Featrherdale and you can properly meet a Koala, Wallabies, Kangaroos and Quokkas. They will all thrill you, promise.
      Portia xx


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