Saturday Question: Do You Own Any German Perfumes?

Usually, when I travel abroad, I either bring with me perfumes from that country’s brands or buy them while being there. Or both. This time, while traveling to Germany to bring my vSO’s mom to the US, I didn’t bring any German perfumes with me (I was too busy before the trip to think about it). And when I started thinking about it, I realized that I couldn’t easily think of any such perfumes.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #128:

Do You Own Any German Perfumes?

If yes, which ones? Would you recommend them?

My Answer

After consulting Fragrantica, I realized that I own, like and wear at least 2 German perfumes: April Aromatics Unter den Linden and Escentric Molecules Molecule 01.

Rusty and April Aromatics Unter den Linden

How about you?

Do You Own Any German Perfumes?

25 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Do You Own Any German Perfumes?

  1. I have 03.April.1968 by Rundholz and MB03 by Biehl Parfumkunstwerk. Oh, and Trance by Schwarzlose, plus 5 or 6 by Annette Neuffer. I think that’s it but not 100% sure.

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  2. I’m so glad you were able to bring your MIL over. As for perfume, I don’t think I would bring a perfume from a country I’m visiting on the way there, but I would want to bring one back. I put together a list of perfume shopping destinations in Munich when I thought I had a chance of going in 2020 and wanted to check out the brand Lengling. Not really familiar with perfume brands that are based in Germany other than having heard of some of the names. One day!

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  3. Only samples…some of Geza Schoen’s different ranges that he gave out to members of The Monochrome Set, but which found their way back to me(!), also a few Biehls, and another brand that is on the tip of my tongue, but which I can’t check as I am not at home! Paul somebody?

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  4. So glad you were able to bring your MIL to the U.S.! Rusty must be thrilled 😁

    As to German perfumes, the only brand I can think of for which I have FBs is April Aromatics: Bohemian Spice, Calling All Angels, Vanillicious, Lotus Rising, Unter den Linden, Erdenstern, Irisistible and San Francisco Rose. I probably have assorted decants of some other brands like 4711, Escentric Molecules and 03.April.1968.

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    • Not yet! We’re still traveling. But hopefully we’ll be home soon. I doubt Rusty would appreciate an extra person in our household but he’ll have to cope, as the rest of us ;)

      I had samples of some of AS’s perfumes, but since they didn’t particularly work for me, I passed them on someone.


  5. Apart from the brands that have been mentioned, there’s Harry Lehmann in Berlin, some of his perfumes are sold rebranded by Frau Toni. But I haven’t tried them. I did own some perfumes by Urban Scents (also from Berlin, nice play on words, the owner is named “Urban”) and can recommend “Singular Oud”: leathery and spicy from the oud, fresh and creamy from the fig, soft from the saffron, nice and subtle.

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  6. Is Vilhelm Perfumes German? I’m not sure, but it kind of sounds it. I don’t own any, but I am participating in a testing of 6 of their fragrances at the end of the month through Beautyhabit. Oh, I just thought of some I have. 4711 Brand. I have been enjoying the lightness of their perfumes in our hot Texas weather. If you see a bottle of Scandinavian Woods grab it. It’s excellent and inexpensive.

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    • Vilhelm Parfumerie is from New York.

      I like Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg from 4711 for a short, invigorating burst on a summer morning.


    • Thank you for the heads up! I would have missed that event if it weren’t for you! (Well, I’m not sure if I manage to connect to it, but at least I’ll get the samples.


  7. I also own Tabac Original (Mäurer & Wirtz). Sold in drugstores, sitting on the lower shelves ;-) Real cheap stuff. But oh so good! My dad wore it. Very old school. Fresh, soapy, woody, spicy. Of the different editions the EdC is best. If it were sold by a high profile brand, people would rave about it.

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  8. I have the discovery set from April Aromatics, and I love this line. I’d love to try their chakra oils/ Tanja is an incredible person, and she posts on instagram regularly. The only other German cologne I can think of is 4711, which I love. Their bath soap is really good. I first bought it in 1995 and it always reminds me of that time-funny how scents have this effect.

    I can’t believe all you’ve lived through since the start of this year-going to Germany to get your MIL. 2022 hasn’t been the year I hoped for in a lot of ways. I know there’s still time left-lol I’m almost afraid to think what could still be in store for us.

    Great Saturday question-thank you!

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    • Thank you, Carole. You’re always so kind with your words and support.

      I can say with a confidence that 2022 has been the worst year for my family in the last 10 years at least (if not to count a couple of passing away in previous years, but those were at least partially expected events). I’m afraid to even express a hope it would get better any time soon).


  9. I love Biehlparfumkunstwerke. I have a decant of the Egon Oelker one that has a prominent violet note and another one that is a lovely tuberose scent that I finished. My husband loves that one. I can never remember the names with the initials and the numbers. There is another one PC02 or 03 that I like also, it’s a sunny, woody scent. I sampled the Schwarzlose brand and found it to be very well done, but none of the early scents were loves for me.

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