Saturday Question: What Is the Largest Bottle in Your Collection?

Setting aside the significance of this aspect for other areas of life, I am quite confident that many of us consider a large size of a perfume bottle to be a rather negative characteristic. But we do not always have a choice. Or maybe we find a perfume that we’d like to bathe in. Whatever the reason is, we end up with bottles of different volumes.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #124:

What Is the Largest Bottle in Your Collection?

Is it the only one, or do you have several of the same sizes? Was it a conscious choice? How full is the bottle now?

My Answer

I do not like large bottles. 15-30 ml is my favorite size. But since I prefer manufacturer bottles to decants, sometimes I have to buy a larger bottle than I want (let alone need).

I consulted my database and discovered that, to my surprise, in my collection, I have only 8 bottles of 100 ml or larger. With the largest two at 4.2 oz/120 ml, both from DiorMitzah and New Look 1947. I bought both in this size because it was the smallest available. I still have more than half in each bottle, I think. And I still like both.

Louis Vuitton Factice Bottles

How about you?.

What Is the Largest Bottle in Your Collection?


54 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Is the Largest Bottle in Your Collection?

  1. The honking big 31 Rue Cambon which I share with my son. I also had a 6.8 oz of Nocturnes de Caron but I thunked it. And a 200 ml of Orange Sanguine and Jasmine Angelique, both thunked. I still have a full 200 ml of Phebo Nectarine but that will be thunked eventually as it requires 32 sprays per wearing. I love large bottles because I can share and make decants for friends and family.

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  2. And I regret not buying that large bottle of Mitzah….almost did but the SA Kafka recommended was on vacation and then I forgot about it


  3. Mitzah would be awesome in any size!

    We sell automotive and industrial lubricants so when we find something to like-a good cream, a good scent-we joke it should come in the convenient 20 L pail size lol.

    I have quite a few large bottles-the Hermes colognes for example. 200 ml. There was a problem with a website and I could buy this size for $40 CDN, so I think I bought about ten. I still have the orange amber one, the rhubarb one in the beautiful red bottle, Narcisse Blue, and Pamplemousee Rose.I gave lots of bottles away for Christmas that year.

    I bought the Chanel cologne in the 200 ml size, too, because I love to overspritz it.

    But the biggest bottle is from Creed-the tea rose scent. I think it only came in the 500 ml deep green bottle, and I’d use a smaller bottle to carry around with me.

    I think 30 ml is a great size to have.

    This is slightly off topic but I bought a bottle of Vierge de Fer from Serge Lutens and I love it! It’s all fresh pear and sandalwood on me. I bought a tester, a 50 ml size, from a discounter. It’s just gorgeous and it’s making me happy. It’s a hot sunny weekend here and I have some great , small plans-farmers market, bike rides, some time at the gym, some time at the beach and then a friend of mine is teaching yin yoga on the beach tomorrow night. i love small plans-very often they bring the most joy. Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend, and I’m looking forward to reading the thought provoking responses to the always intriguing Saturday question.

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      • Lol thank you! Think my mom and I came up with it. She liked to spritz some fragrance on the tops of her feet, and told me it was just prime perfume real estate going to waste. It’s probably not that funny but it still makes me laugh.


  4. I have several 250ml bottles, of Guerlain and Dior. Unlike you, I love large bottles, because they are visually striking and feel like I can never run out. :-)

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  5. I have the 120ml of Ormonde Jayne Woman, which was gifted to me last year by the football parents (they took a collection, asked my husband for recs and then bought according to their budget…) I adore the perfume but I still can’t possibly ever use it up – I would have bought the 30ml. Just sent a decant to someone who hadn’t tried it, perhaps that will help. I would definitely take a large bottle of Mitzah and then share. Otherwise, I try very hard to buy travel sprays and 30ml when I can. 50ml if I have to. Hardly anything will make me buy 100ml…

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  6. I probably have some over 100mL bottles but I only get them if I intend to split. That said, these days, 100mL bottles seem to be the norm although brands have been offering smaller formats more often these days.

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  7. I’ve just checked my perfume lists I seem to have quite a lot of 100ml size. These were bought from a friend of a friend who was downsizing her mahoosive collection.She sold them to us for a very very reasonable price. It would be rude not to !!!!
    I prefer 50mls.

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    • I also had some re-homed large bottles, but I shared them with a friend and some relatives took them off my hands. But I can see how it might be impossible to refuse if something is coming your way :)


  8. I have partial (half-full +/-) 250ml vintage bottles of Je Reviens and Shalimar edc. They sit on my dresser looking glamorous. But the most “juice” I have is a vintage 4oz bottle of my favorite perfume, Estee Super Cologne. I purchased it new and sealed. My practical side agrees 15mls is a gracious plenty of perfume, but I love the 100ml presentations.

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  9. Roget et Gallet Lavande Royale 200 ml in the “old style” bottle with sloping shoulders, not the more recent cylindrical bottle shape

    The bottle is about 2/3rds full now. I bought it after discovering the newer bottles of Lavande Royale had a more perfume-ish scent. The discontinued old style is a bracing lavender-herbal cologne. I love it.

    Jour d’Hermes EdP refill bottle

    I’m not at home where I can check, but it’s at least 200 ml, maybe more. It came with a pretty little gold-tone purse spray. I couldn’t resist as it was very inexpensively bought at a discounter, probably Ross or TJ Maxx.

    My favorite bottles are 30 ml or 15 ml. I like tiny things. :)

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  10. I have 500mls of L’Occitane Eau Spontanee a fruity rose cologne. Cheap as chips & I do love it straight out of the bottle but the dry down not so much. I can spritz as much as I like & never let it get that far.
    Another cheapie was 400mls of Cologne of the Missions Le Couvent Maison de Parfum. The so called SDV dupe. I prefer SDV but hey 400mls for £7.50 (currently $9). It was a no brainer!
    Then there’s a drop to 200ml of Chanel Beige. Most certainly not a cheapie! Heartbreakingly beautiful rendition of English hedgerows in May. Big bottle so I can spray with abandon. I sold on my big bottle of Chanel EdC. It didn’t get the use that the Beige did.
    I do have some 100/120ml bottles that have been gifts but my preference is for travel or 15/30ml sizes. I do find it annoying when large bottles are the only presentation offered.

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  11. My largest bottle is 200 mL of Chanel Les Exclusifs Cuir de Russie. I bought it last year and it’s still basically full. I expect it’ll last me a very long time or maybe one day find a new home.

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  12. Hey Undina,
    There’s a half full one litre Bee Bottle of Guerlain La Cologne Du Parfumeur here. Bought it from friends who had a Guerlain C&D for decants. The fragrance is very nice but I rarely wear it. Every year I tell myself will be the year I wear it ALL SUMMER. Clearly that year hasn’t happened yet.
    A few drops in a cool bath are divine in the heat though.
    Other than that I have a few 250ml DIOR and 200ml CHANEL.There’s a 16oz Shalimar EdC Watch Bottle too.
    Portia xx

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  13. Like other people here I prefer smaller bottles as even 100 ml feels daunting. I just re-bought the 150 ml of the Bulgari blue tea as that’s the only size available and one I might just use up again.

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  14. I have never owned anything over 100ml, so not sure if that qualifies as big? Entry level big, maybe. And that was given to me. Olfactory Studio Lumière Blanche. I would never deliberately acquire anything of that size, let alone 200ml and up! You are getting into Jeroboam territory there, haha.

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