Miller et Bertaux. Do You?

Hey ULG Crew, Miller et Bertaux are a couple of art dudes who ventured into fragrance 2006 with a strange set of three scents. #1 (For You) Parfum Trouvé, #2 Spiritus / Land and #3 Green, Green, Green and… Green. Originally intended as a mix and match trio, same base with different top & heart to be worn separately or together. I’m not sure how prevalent layering was at the time because up to that point all my information about perfume was coming from magazines and SAs. The scentbloggosphere and the online life of perfumistas didn’t come till a couple of years after here.

Anyway, at some point I came across the brand and was instantly smitten. My first purchase was around 2012 A Quiet Morning (2008) and it still makes my heart beat faster. Now I think there are 10 or more of their fragrances in my collection but three get more wear than any others. They stay out on my wardrobe perfume grab tray perennially and often get the spritz. Having worn two of them this week I thought maybe we could chat about them.

Hopefully some of you know the brand and can tell me your faves, likes, hates in the comments. Chatting with you all makes me happy.

Miller et Bertaux. Do You?

Miller et Bertaux. Do You?

A Quiet Morning (2008)

Dry and scratchy spiced saffron and woods. It’s supposed to have rice in it too but I can’t smell it at all. This is about as zen as a fragrance can get while still being a rocking great beauty.

Indian Study/ Santal +++ (2017)

A dry sandalwood, bone dry. Yet it still manages to feel creamy. Yeah, I don’t know how they do it either. It also has some of the harshness on open that I attribute to the Australian Sandalwood.

Pimiento +++ (2020)

You’re dreaming. In that dream you are cutting chillies and bell peppers. The juice is all over your fingers. When you lift your hand to your face in your dream, this is the fantasy your mind smells.


So, do you have any, or have you smelled some, of the Miller et Bertaux line?

Portia xx


14 thoughts on “Miller et Bertaux. Do You?

  1. Portia you are not alone in finding happiness in perfume chat!
    Miller et Bertaux are one of the many niche brands I have not explored. Largely because they are niche in the original meaning of the word. They no longer appear to be stocked in the UK & buying from Europe is a lottery after Brex***t!
    Th Pimento & Sandalwood one’s have really piqued my interest & the rabbit hole is calling. I maybe gone sometime but if I’m not back for dinner send out a search party


    • HA! Alityke, I hear you. The world seems to be shutting shop all over the place lately.
      Fortunately we have an importer who continues to carry the line in Australia. If I had to choose a niche house this would definitely be in my top 3, maybe even top 2.
      I’m so sorry you all had Brexit. What a bloody shit show.
      Maybe you’ll get across the ditch sometime and have a squiz at the French perfumeries?
      Portia xxx


  2. Yes I have tried A Quiet Morning, and yes it stays quiet through to midday, when it needs topping up. It’s a hard one to pin down but it has that something. You sent me a sample of Santal, again, hums along quietly as it goes about its business. Very pleasant.


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