Saturday Question: What Is the Best-Known Perfume for Each of These Brands?

I know it’s almost Sunday Question, but let’s do it anyway. There are several brands with which the answer to this question would probably come out immediately. Chanel? Of course, No 5. Guerlain? Definitely Shalimar! Creed? Well, you know, right? But let’s try to extend the game to five more popular brands.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #122:

What Is the Best-Known Perfume for Each of These Brands?

Name one the best-known/first coming to mind perfume for each of the following brands: Hermes, Amouage, Ormonde Jayne, Dior and Histoires de Parfums. It’s not a question of which perfume from these brands you like the most, but rather which perfume you think is the most known (among perfumistas or in general – however you prefer to read this question).

A twist on the SQ: name one more brand for which you’d like to ask the same question – and see what others come up with.

My Answer

You should think about your answer before reading either my or anyone else’s choices. I didn’t think of the answers until now (I just improvised on the set of brands for this question) – so, I’ll be in the same position you are now. So, let me try…

Hermes Kelly Caleche. Don’t know why – not only it’s not my favorite perfume, I don’t even like it. But this is what came to mind.

Amouage Gold (woman). Love this one, though it’s not my most favorite Amouage.

Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman. I have at least 5 other perfumes from this brand that I like more than this one, but still it seems like the best-known perfume created by the brand.

Dior Miss Dior. I’m sure that if it hadn’t been for the controversy of Dior’s taking the name of my favorite classic perfume and lending it to the modern imposter, I would have named another perfume (I won’t – not to interfere with your choices). But because I can’t forgive Dior this betrayal, this is the first name on my mind whenever I hear “Dior.”

Histoires de Parfums 1740. I tried this perfume, and I do not like it. But I find it hilarious that now so many people know the year when Marquis de Sade was born. Do you know the year of birth for Winston Churchill? How about Shakespeare or Mother Theresa? I didn’t. I wasn’t even sure about the decade for each of them. But Marquis de Sade…


Now it’s your turn.


What Is the Best-Known Perfume for Each of These Brands?


41 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Is the Best-Known Perfume for Each of These Brands?

  1. Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles
    Amouage Woman
    Ormonde Jayne Ta’if
    Dior Poison
    Histoires de Parfums 1969
    Serge Lutens?

    My answer: Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist

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  2. I’ll play.
    Hermes: Un Jardin Sur de Nil (I guess this pops to mind because of Chandler Burr’s mention in his book)
    Amouage: Not very versed in this brand, but Honor popped to mind
    Ormonde Jayne: Man & Woman
    Dior: Diorissimo (Historically anyway)
    Histoires: 1969

    Should be interesting to see what others think.

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  3. Excellent question Undina,
    Hermès: Caleche. It’s been around so long and still a firm favourite
    Amouage: Interlude Man. i agree Gold M & F are well known but Interlude is still so often talked about.
    Ormond Jayne: Woman. Do they make anything else (JK)
    Dior: Poison. I think of Miss Dior but in general.
    Histoires de Parfums: Ambre 114. Almost every perfumista I talk to about HdP has this bottle.

    Another house might be Piguet. I think Bandit.
    Portia xx

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  4. ok-I read the opening, and I did not read anyone else’s answers!

    Hermes: Eau de Orange Vert. Probably not what they’re known for, but it’s what first came to my mind. My younger brother loves this and it smells great on him. I bought him a bottle from eBay-was supposed to be 200 ml but turned out to be a ridiculous size-400 or 500 ml lol.

    Amouage: I’ve never tried this one but I’ve seen the yellow bottle with the white sun on it, and I love that bottle.

    Ormond Jayne: Ta’if, I think. I bought the discovery set and liked the fragrances.

    Dior: Miss Dior-the original. I thought I did’t like it, but I smelled it on a friend who is Japanese. she chose to wear a dab of it on a piece of cotton ball, which she then placed in a filigreed locket she wore around her neck. I loved the way she wore it, it seemed so inventive, and it smelled divine and subtle.

    Histoires des parfums: the Empress Eugenie scent. I have it and love it! Such a sensual scent, especially in the winter.

    Great Saturday question!

    I hope everyone has a good week,


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  5. Hermes: Eau des Merveilles came to mind (even though not for me)
    Amouage: Gold (don’t own a single one..)
    OJ: Woman (this is a top ten in my collection)
    Dior: Poison (perhaps showing my age…)
    HdP: Ambre 114 (also own and love)

    I think answers to this probably depend upon how long you’ve been interested in perfume and your age. I’m guessing you’d get a very different list from the IG crowd…

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  6. Hermes: Terre d’Hermes, closely followed by Eau d’Orange Verte (those two being the best known in general, I would say)
    Amouage: I don’t know the range well enough to comment, but maybe Gold or Lyric?
    Ormonde Jayne: Taif
    Dior: Miss Dior (the bastardised modern version, I mean!)
    Histoire de Parfums: no idea

    Another brand…? Guerlain – Mitsouko, though for me personally it is Shalimar. So many ways to look at this question simultaneously, hehe.

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    • As I commented above, I have no idea how I managed not to think of TdH! I absolutely love it on my vSO!
      Guerlain… Yeah, among perfumistas Mitsouko would be a close contender with Shalimar (and I’m not sure who’d win ;) ). And if we’re talking about “civilians” (I miss Tara!), I don’t think any of the two names would be on the top of their … fingers. Most likely, it’ll be one of the Petite Robes (or whatever it’s called).

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  7. Fun question!

    Hermes – Caleche
    Amouage – Interlude Man
    Ormonde Jayne – Woman or Ta’if
    Dior – Mitzah
    Histoires de Parfums – 1740

    Other houses I’d love to read people’s thoughts on: Serge Lutens, Tom Ford, L’Artisan, Penhaligan’s

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    • About 5 years ago, I would have probably said Mitzah. These days it rarely gets mentioned (I still like it!)

      As I answered above, SL – Ambre Sultan. TF – Tobacco Vanille (though, these days most will probably say FF).

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  8. Hermes – Caleche
    Amouage – Gold
    Ormonde Jayne – Woman
    Dior – Miss Dior
    Histories de Parfums – Moulin Rouge

    Other houses
    4160 Tuesdays – Lady Rose Lion (Monkey Unicorn)
    Serge Lutens – Ambre Sultan
    YSL – Opium

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    • I’m not familiar with 4160 enough to remember any… wait… unless I’m confused, there was some long name that included a claim about being the sexiest scent and a disclaimer.
      SL – same. YSL… Yeah, I agree.

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