Saturday Question: What Was Your Most Picturesque Vacation Destination?

I’ve been back from my recent trip for a while, but it’s summer, and vacations are all around me (in the form of out-of-office replies), so I decided to prolong it by talking about it.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #118:

What Was Your Most Picturesque Vacation Destination?

A vacation is a vacation is a vacation. But some of the places we visit stay with us longer than others. Which one were yours?

If you have any pictures online you’re willing to share, please publish a link/links.

My Answer

Hawaii are probably still my most favorite vacation destination, and variety of nature scenes these islands offer is very hard to beat. I also love city vacations, and Vienna shares my heart with London (and Barcelona might claim its place there the next time I get to spend time in that beautiful city while not suffering from different health issues, like it happened when I went there for the first time).

But the recent trip to Sedona left a very strong impression: the views were breathtaking. When you see those formations and colors, it is hard to believe that those were created by nature (vs. some ancient gods or aliens turning medieval castles and fortresses into stone), and you’re not looking at the result of some artistic filters applied to a photo. An unfortunately those photos do not fully convey the grandeur of what you can see with your eyes.


This was the view from the window of the house we were staying in. And views from numerous vista points were even more spectacular.


Amouage attars that I brought with me wore wonderfully in the dry heat of Sedona: they were as beautiful as those mountains. But as much as I liked all six of them and plan to use up my discovery set, I don’t think I loved any one of them enough to want to buy a bottle… Maybe if I were on a vacation in Oman…

Amouage Attars

Your turn.

What Was Your Most Picturesque Vacation Destination?


23 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Was Your Most Picturesque Vacation Destination?

  1. I love Gaudi’s Barcelona, though I prefer to peace & beauty of the Gothic Cathedral over Gaudi’s unfinished one.
    Walking up to the Parthenon at dawn the watching the sunrise over Athens is something everyone who can do, should do!
    The beach with fossilised sand dunes at El Medano in Southern Tenerife is pretty beautiful on a human scale.
    Walking out from the cool streets of the village of Guadelest, into the sun with the turquoise waters of the reservoir in the deep, deep valley. There are ancient burials is the caves of the cliff face & narrow walkways. Breathtaking! Only a hour or twos drive from the hustle of the Costa Blanca & Benidorm.
    Most beautiful single building? York Minster. Perfect medieval cathedral church, beautifully restored after the fire 40 years ago. A beacon that can be seen from miles away

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  2. The most scenic destination I’ve been to is Bali when I was 21. Even the rice terraces were stunning.

    I really want to visit Hawaii after seeing it so much here and now I’m adding Sedona to the list. Just wow.


  3. Hard to choose! If pressed to answer, I would say Mexico City with its colorful sights and sounds. I’m of course itching to go somewhere after no travel for over two years.


  4. Definitely Norway, with Alaska a close second. The fjords, snow capped mountains, glaciers, just magnificent. We visited both Norway and Alaska in late May, early June and that is the perfect time for both of those locations.

    I really want to visit Sedona. Every photo of it is just spectacular. And I do love a desert climate. Did you rent an Air BNB? I want to go in the fall or winter when it’s not so hot.


    • We stayed at AirBnb apartment, and it was quite nice and well-maintained. I wish we went earlier or later, when it’s not as hot yet/already. Those views are spectacular! And it’s amazing how much more beautiful those are in real life compared to photos.

      I hope to visit Alaska one day.


  5. What a stunning views of Sedona! Beautiful and I can imagine Amouage fitting there very well. Most picturesque Madeira, not the city, but the views of the ocean and the incredible flowers everywhere. Vancouver, especially Puguet Sound, and Scotland. South Africa, the wildlife.
    My husband says Hawaii is the most beautiful place he has ever visited.


  6. Sedona has got to be very hard to beat, having had a holiday there myself as you know. Certain Greek islands are also heartstoppingly beautiful – too many to mention really. I can understand Venice being suggested, and Prague is another fairytale place. Oh, parts of Norway would be high on the list! And Ireland…and Florida, come to think of it. I had better stop now…!


    • I hope one day to visit Prague. Though, if I travel to Europe, it’s hard for me to choose a destination other than London – I really-really love that city (especially if I get to see some of my favorite perfumistas while there ;) ).


  7. Ohhhhh! So many wonderful holiday ideas, especially good now the world is opening back up.
    While in Austria in 2014 Val the Cookie Queen took us to a lakeside town where there is a bone church. That town was the most worthy of pictures I ever saw. Sadly I’d left my phone on the train and have not one pic.
    Can I remember the name? Nope.
    I sometimes see it on travel show opening montages. Perfect.
    Portia xx


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