Pickles et al and the house of Jo Malone

This time for the guest post Pickles came with a company. (Undina)

* * *

Hello, my human and fur friends! My cousins, Wedge Licorice and Squirrel Jolie, came for a visit, and I decided to introduce them both to the house of Jo Malone.

My nana tells me it is probably the most popular fragrance house in our humble abode. Each of her human children was gifted a full bottle when they turned eighteen (Peony & Blush Suede for the eldest, Ginger Biscuit for the middle one and Wood Sage & Sea Salt for the youngest). My great-grandma and great-grandpa love all the Jo Malone offerings as well. And I know for a fact that Undina does too.

Over the years the entire family has drained three 100 ml bottles, ten 30 ml bottles and probably forty or more of those 9 ml travel sprays. As you can see from the photos we still have plenty in all sizes in the house.

Do you have a favorite Jo Malone? If not, what is your favorite perfume house?

Until next time, furry kisses and hugs,

Pickles Bella
Wedge Licorice
Squirrel Jolie


22 thoughts on “Pickles et al and the house of Jo Malone

  1. I have travel sizes of Mimosa & Cardamom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Have never been moved to buy a full bottle, perhaps because my decent access to the line came after my collection was already too large! Was tempted by the LE starlit mandarin & honey (pretty bottle!) but couldn’t spring for the full bottle.


  2. I love this post :) I love the JM soaps-they’re so super scented, and make the bathroom or kitchen smell soon good. Fig and Cassis, Wood Sage, and I just took a shower using the Lime Basil Mandarine soap. I miss the scent 154 – my mom wore it, and it was so sophisticated :)

    Sending love from Chicken, a tuxedo cat in Canada, and her slave/trusted minion, Carole


    • You might be able to get it from the Archives collection online…I have seen it there from time to time. I like it too…might have been the very first fragrance Jo Malone made, if my nana is correct in what she told me.


  3. My collection of Jo Malone perfumes, even if not to count samples, is larger than many other people’s whole collection ;) I will be wearing them all this summer. But my most favorite ones are French Lime Blossom and Sweet Milk. Both are discontinued.


  4. Good to hear from you, Pickles! I have and love several JM fragrances: Lily of the Valley and Ivy, Tudor Rose and Amber, Orange Bitters, Red Roses, Blue Hyacinth, White Moss and Snowdrop, and more. I’ve somewhat switched my allegiance to Jo Loves, the brand that the perfumer Jo Malone founded after leaving Estee Lauder.


  5. Hi all!! Just checked…French Lime Blossom, 154, Nutmeg and Ginger are all still sold online. The company brought back some of their discontinued fragrances for online only purchase.

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  6. Pickles, you are so handsome and your cousins are lovely, too. We love Jo Malone at our house, too. My favorites are the Elderflower and Rhubarb colognes issued a year or two ago. I also love Mimosa & Cardamom, Ginger Biscuit (!!), Blue Agave & Cacao, Black Vetyver & Cafe, and and an all time love, Nectarine Blossom and Honey.


  7. Pickles looks to be living his best life! I am and have always been a cat person, although I do dearly love my dogs. My favorite JM is Nutmeg & Ginger.


    • I am just seeing this comment so I apologize for the late reply. JM Nutmeg and Ginger was the very first scent of the house of Jo Malone. I agree, it’s so good. Say hello to your dogs :)


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