Saturday Question: What Would Be Your Signature… Note?

I know, I know, it’s a tough question. Whenever we’re asked to choose any limited number of something, we feel anxiety as if someone would hold us to that choice. But bear with me, there is a twist.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #110:

What Would Be Your Signature… Note?

Imagine that you have won an unusual price: for the next 5 years, one perfumer of your choice will be creating one bespoke perfume for you per year (so, totally 5 perfumes). You have a complete freedom to choose what ingredients those perfumes will have or allow her/him a freedom of coming up with compositions… as long as today you can lock in a single ingredient, your most favorite note, that will be present in all five perfumes. Perfumes won’t be soliflores, but the note you choose will be taking center stage in each of them.

A bonus question: who will be your perfumer?

My Answer

You would think that since I came up with the question, it would be easy for me to answer. It is not. I’ve been thinking about it since a comment exchange with Brigitte in the recent Scent Semantics post. And no, I haven’t won anything, it is a theoretical question…

I think I would choose as my Signature Note linden blossom. Why? I love this scent in nature; it has an emotional connection for me. And while I’m not sure that it is my most favorite scent in perfumery, I have at least a dozen of great renditions of several other notes that I love (I will not cheat and name them here, even though I’ve been tempted to do that). But even a couple of linden-centric perfumes that I love and wear do not come close to how linden blossom smells in the evening after a hot day. And I would hope that maybe in five tries we might get closer to that aroma I love so much.

And the perfumer I’d choose… I need to sleep on it. I’ll update this post with the name tomorrow.

Linden Blossom

How about you?.

What Would Be Your Signature… Note?


51 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Would Be Your Signature… Note?

  1. Tricky question!!! Lol. I think I would chose lilac because I already have a bespoke perfume featuring a creamy lilac and I don’t have many lilacs in my collection right now. I would be curious to see what Diane St Claire would make for me…or Laurie Erickson, if she was still in the business.

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  2. OOOOHHH! Such a good question Undina.
    It’s easier knowing I’m not being held to this because my mind would change by the hour.
    Galbanum. I love how many ways it can help display green, cool aloofness. While those personality traits elude me yet, I can smell like I might be.
    Perfumer? Patricia de Nicolai. She’s the bomb.
    Portia xx

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  3. Cool question Undina!
    My note, no argument, real oakmoss. There is nothing else that gives that dark, structure & vegetal cloak to a perfume. I miss it dearly.
    The perfumer? As this is a fantasy, may I choose a talent who is no longer with us? If so Bernard Chant, a master in the use of oakmoss

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  4. Great question! Yesterday I happen to think about a note that is present in the perfumes I feel most ‘at home’ in. The note is, like Portia, Galbanum. I don’t know why, it is just present in all my favourite perfumes.
    To come to one perfumer I find much harder. Vero if she would still be alive. I just tried a few of Dusita’s perfumes for the first time, and loved them all. I already have lots of perfumes of favourite perfumers like Tanja Bochning, Hiram Green and Isabelle Doyen. So for the coming five years it would be Pissara Umavijani.

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  5. For me – definitely amber (which doesn’t really count as a single note, so probably labdanum?). But cardamom would be a close second…. For perfumer – the dream option would be Patricia de Nicolaï- many favorites from her house. (More realistic and on my bucket list – having Dawn Spencer Hurwitz create a bespoke perfume for me, although if I delved into her catalog more deeply I might find she has already created something with all of my favorite notes…)

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  6. Love the question! My note would definitely be narcissus because I love how it can be used in such a huge variety of ways highlighting its floral or animalic aspects. I never get tired of finding new scents that utilize this versatile note.
    As for the perfumer, Vero Kern would be my fantasy choice but to be more realistic I would choose Spyros Drosopolis (Baruti) because I think he creates some of the most unique scents and is such a kind person. Undina, if you haven’t tried his Linden Blossom scent you really should, it’s amazing!

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  7. Iris iris and iris. Did I say iris?Why iris? It is versatile from the standpoint that it could go from earthy to wispy and everything in between. As to the perfumer, I would go with AbdesSalaam Attar (fka Dominique Dubrano).

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    • Also jumping on the iris bandwagon, although I do feel I already have a good selection. Maybe a selection of Iris + [Note I’ve never warmed to]? Rose or musk or chypre. Bet iris, the the right hands, could make everything just fine.

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    • Iris was my “runner up” note. But I have more than five great Iris perfumes in my collection already. So, I’d just have to see if a perfumer I would end up choosing could come up with a great linden-Iris combination :)


  8. Rose. No perfumer of choice. I don’t really follow perfumers just houses or fragrances. I do love Ted Lapidus. Maybe that would be a good thing. A perfumer who does NOT usually do that note. Like I love Annick Goutal and Isabelle Doyen but they do roses to death. I don’t want a rose perfume like a rose perfume I already have by someone who already made it. I love Andy Tauer and DSH, too, but their takes on rose already exist. Maybe a new, unknown perfumer? An indie person.

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      • I have probably dozens of rose perfumes and keep buying them. They all are different. My most recent rose purchase was by Neil Morris. Years ago, I wore every rose product I owned including about five perfumes, lotions, you name it. I was very fragrant. Rose comforts me. I wear it when I need to feel safe and comforted.

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    • I need to find a sample of this note “live” because I’m still not clear of what exactly that scent is: all the perfumes with it that I tried smell different, so I cannot “deduce” the aroma.


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