Saturday Question: What Perfume Do You Wear For Your Birthdays?

I love my birthdays. Always did. And I hope to keep loving them – at least until my heath allows me to enjoy them, and I have around people who I want to enjoy them with. And since today is my birthday, I decided it would be fitting to run this SQ poll.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #103:

What Perfume Do You Wear For Your Birthdays?

Do you have perfume(s) that you always wear for your birthday? Or do you get new perfumes as a gift (from yourself or others) and wear them? Or maybe it’s just a random choice every time?

My Answer

In the past 11 years, most often I wore Ormonde Jayne Ta’if. Just on a couple of occasions I chose something different.

This year I’m celebrating my birthday during three days (why not, right?), so I will wear Ta’if for one of them. But for today I picked another perfume. Puredistance No 12. Why? It feels appropriate to wear perfume named No 12 on February 12th. And it fits perfectly for the planed activity: a food/wine pairing at one of my favorite wineries.

Puredistance No 12 is so elegant and well-behaved that I’m sure it won’t distract me or anyone around from enjoying other aromas that will be in the center of the experience.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the list of notes for this perfume: it’s extensive. And I cannot make out a single one of them! No 12 is so perfectly blended that all I can smell is a wonderfully smooth and creamy woody-vanilla combination with a hint of florals. It reminds me of my another long-standing favorite – Amouage Ubar, but even smoother and more nuanced, if it’s even possible (I checked: tested in parallel, they are quite different, and I love both). For me it is hauntingly beautiful, and it feels like a perfect choice for a special day.

Puredistance No12

What Perfume Do You Wear For Your Birthdays?


46 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Perfume Do You Wear For Your Birthdays?

  1. Happy Birthday dear Undina!

    I love that you celebrate your birthdays in style and No.12 sounds very fitting indeed. Have a fantastic time.

    I don’t have a birthday perfume tradition but it’s a lovely idea.

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  2. Happy Birthday Weekend Undina. It wouldn’t occur to me to wear a specific perfume for my birthday. If I did decide to do such a thing I would go for the one that was created in my birth year, Fidji.

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  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    Perfumes I have worn on my birthday are some of my all time favorites like Reglisse Noire, Escada Un Ete en Provence(limited edition that I bought in the early 90s during my first Paris trip), Sarah Horowitz’s custom blend she made for me in 1998 called Brigitte, GAP Heaven (my wedding day scent)…..I should really start a tradition and stick to one perfume but then I would really need a lot of backup bottles :)….or maybe not because I am old-LOL!!! I like cassieflower’s idea of choosing a favorite from the birth year….but since I thunked my vintage bottle of Melograno that wouldn’t work….I would have to buy a new one of current formulation.

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  4. Happy Birthday! My birthday is in early August which precludes wearing some of my favorites, I don’t wear ambery spicy in the heat. Some years I have asked for a bottle (my sister in law got me Chanel Paris-Riviera a couple of years ago) and promptly sprayed it on. Some years we were at the beach (no perfume) and the last four years have been all about football camp (serving lunches, photography) so my birthday hasn’t been a big deal. I fully expect my husband to start making a huge deal of it when we are empty nesters LOL!

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  5. Happy birthday, Undina! Ta’if is a perfect birthday fragrance, and I know how much you love it. I can’t say that I wear a particular scent every birthday. If I’ve been given one, then that’s probably what I’ll wear! Also, my birthday is often a day in the office, so that used to shape my choices in the before times. If we’re going out for dinner, though, I’d probably choose something special and fancy like Amouage Gold Woman.

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  6. Happy birthday, Undina!
    I don’t have any particular perfume to celebrate my birthday. I may go with any of my iris perfumes since it is my favorite note or choose from any of the ones I have always loved.
    Wishing you a fabulous day today!

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  7. Happy Birthday, Undina! Sounds like you’ve got a marvelous time planned. Enjoy! 😊 I haven’t picked any perfume consistently for birthdays, but it’s likely to be either a favorite or new to me around that time.

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  8. Many happy returns of the day 🎂
    I hope you are enjoying your 3 day celebrations. Are you making up for missed pandemic birthdays?

    I don’t have a specific birthday scent but love the idea, especially from my birth year. That would take some serious research


  9. Also wishing a Happy Birthday. I dont wear the same scent, just something i like to wear. My birthday also is end of July, so many good scents are not an option in the heat. But i mostly wear Fille en Aiguilles for Christmas…

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  10. Happy Birthday, Undina! To answer your poll, I don’t wear a specific perfume on my birthday. Like some above, I just wear what I like. I also don’t specifically ask for my birthday off either as there are times when it’s impossible to do so due to workload!


    • Thank you, hajusuuri!
      A day off for my (and my vSO’s) birthdays is one of a few things I insist wherever I work. Not that I do not suffer for that at least a day before and a day after it (like today, for example :) )


  11. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that your dinner with wine was fabulous. I usually wear my signature on my birthday, Heeley’s Iris de Nuit, but I have been known to wear one of the versions of Shalimar on my birthday.

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