Brand Appreciation: INEKE

Many years ago, I planned to run a series of posts to feature brands that I wanted to spotlight – not because they’ve released the newest popular perfume or got some award but just because. It didn’t materialize, and I published just one post. Now I decided to come back to that idea*. And today’s choice is a local to me (San Francisco-based) niche brand named after its owner and perfumer: INEKE.

I’m not sure why this brand doesn’t get more love. I’m talking not as much of “hardcore perfumistas” with hundreds of uber-expensive uber-niche perfumes in their collection (not that I wouldn’t expect Ineke perfumes to be found there) but rather about perfume enthusiasts who clear out TJ Max perfume shelves or shop “bargain basement” of online discounters. In my opinion, INEKE has all the markers of a great brand for both “civilians” and people who report in the NST’s quarterly polls more than 15 bottles purchases.

INEKE’s perfumes are pleasant and pleasing; maybe not revolutionary or daring, but at the same time they are head above fruity-floral mass-market concoctions or cookie-cutter creations from the plethora of recent “niche” brands.

INEKE’s packaging is superb: bottles, boxes and samples are all of the good quality and tastefully decorated.

INEKE’s prices are almost perfumista-free – $125 for 75 ml, which is quite reasonable if you like a scent.

INEKE has a flexible sampling program: one can get a set of 7 samples for $30 (which includes a $15 coupon for the future full-size bottle purchase) or buy individual samples for $5.

* * *

I wrote before about two of my favorite perfumes from this brand: four months after I wrote about Hothouse Flower, a bottle of it joined my collection. And five years later, I bought Idyllwild and published a story about it.

But somehow, I’ve never written about the first perfume from this brand that I’ve ever bought: Field Notes From Paris.

Ineke Field Notes From Paris

This perfume was launched in 2009. Notes include coriander seed, orange flower, bergamot, tobacco flower & leaf, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, leather, beeswax and vanilla. Perfumer: Ineke Ruhland.

Though Field Notes From Paris is leaning a tad masculine, I enjoy its cologne-y freshness in the opening, but even more, I like the woody development. Reading “orange flower,” “tonka bean” and “vanilla,” one would expect more sweetness from this perfume. It does get sweeter 60 minutes into development, but for my nose, the sweetness comes from a tobacco leaf (not fully dried type) and not from those usual suspects. Field Notes From Paris has good longevity, especially on fabric: once I remember it surviving a washing machine on my blouse. But on my skin, it’s also quite good.

From the sample set that I bought first time (perfume names from A to G), I liked Fields Notes From Paris the most, and soon I found and bought a partial bottle from one of the FB groups. When my father, who usually wore Chanel, Jo Malone and Creed, asked me to recommend him something interesting and unusual, I figured out that he wouldn’t be going to stores to ask for and test perfumes, were I to suggest anything new. So, instead, I did what probably any of you would do: I made him a set of small decants from perfumes I thought he might be interested in and added a couple of Diptyque samples I happened to have. After Rusty approved my choices, I sent the package to my father.

Rusty and Samples for Father

Over time he went through all the decants that I prepared for him, and when I visited, he showed me two that he liked the most. One of them was Field Notes From Paris. So, for his birthday last week, I got him a bottle of this perfume. I hope he’ll enjoy wearing it.


Now I’m looking forward to their next letter – K.


Images: my own

* Disclaimer: it is not a sponsored post. Also, I’ve never received any promotional or free items from the brand (if not to count a hand-made sample I got at the event once, but it wasn’t as a blogger).

25 thoughts on “Brand Appreciation: INEKE

  1. I’ve tried everything from this house and only found one fragrance that I wanted to purchase, which was Idyllwild. Oh but how do I love that scent! It’s in my top five.


    • I have such brands where I like just one perfume enough to buy, but since there are many more of those where I don’t like any, even one is already an achievement :)
      Idyllwild is beautiful! It is my favorite from the line too.


  2. I have two full bottles – Hothouse Flower and Derring Do. I bought the Discovery sampler set you mentioned when it only consisted of A thru G. I also had the Scent Library sampler set as well when Ineke produced it. I need to order a sample of Idyllwild and Jaipur Chai. I know you’ve written about Idyllwild before and have generally like it.

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  3. I have the A-G set and also somehow got H, then a decant (or a split) of I. If you ask me where these are, don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn blue in the face! That said, I’ll be on the lookout for these as I continue in my quest to clean up!

    As to why Ineke is not more popular, maybe she can be on a Sniffapalooza online event. I don’t know how the Karens pick the lines but I really think it’s a good way to get more known out there, especially if she is launching a new perfume.

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    • If Idyllwild is in a 5 ml bottle with a silver label – it’s the one that I sent you. You should find it and re-try! It is very good, you’ll like it!

      I don’t know how Ineke is actually doing: they are sold in several stores online (including Amazon). I was talking more about not hearing/seeing this brand mentioned too often on NST or IG.


  4. I have the Ineke sample set as well and Hothouse Flower is one of my favourites as well. One of my most worn gardenia fragrances actually. Some years ago Ineke came to Amsterdam to a perfume shop to introduce Hothouse Flower and she was very open to talk and nice to perfumistas. Don’t understand why this brand isn’t getting more love either. Maybe due to the fact that she is not active on IG or Facebook.


    • It might be, which is a pity because I’m positive many people would benefit if they got a chance to test her perfumes. Maybe if those of us who likes Ineke’s perfumes keep mentioning them from time to time in our posts and show in photos, more people get interested.


  5. Ineke was mentioned more often several years ago. I remember buying the sampler for $25, then getting $25 off the bottle ( back then around 2014 sold for $80 so I paid $65). Field Notes very popular and my dad and daughter each drained a bottle… bottle no 3 sits in my basement. And I just about thunked Evening Edged in Gold, my favorite from the line.


  6. I love Ineke’s wonderful fragrances. My favorite is Evening Edged in Gold, featuring the Angel’s Trumpet flower. I also am a big fan of Idyllwild and Hothouse Flower. I’m glad to hear that your father is enjoying Field Notes From Paris. It’s a great fragrance, too.


    • Unfortunately, the latest sample set doesn’t include “E” and “G” letters (I hoped to revisit those). But maybe one day I’ll make it to Tiger Lily shop that carries this line.


    • I keep forgetting that your perfume market is so much different from my. Too bad this brand isn’t represented where you live: not just these perfumes are nice (I think, you’d like FNFP, Dering Do and Idyllwild).

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  7. OOOH! I went through a mad INEKE phase U*ndina and had quite a few bottles but found I was only wearing Chemical Bonding, Evening Edged In Gold and Gilded Lily so moved the others on.
    I do notice TWO J perfumes that I’d not heard of Jack & Jackie and Jaipur Chai. Interest piqued!
    Portia xx


  8. I have a sample you gave me of Hothouse Flower, which I do like. Overall though, I will admit to having largely missed / tuned out to this brand, though it is clear from your photos that the packaging is indeed very classy. Perhaps Ineke is less well distributed in Europe, but I don’t recall coming across it much, even at the height of my interest in perfume.


    • I think they just recently got out to some European distributors, but with the avalanche of new niche brands everywhere, it should be extremely hard to establish yourself half-the-world away from your home base.


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