A Postcard from Undina: Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

Rusty and Thanksgiving FoodDear Friends and Readers,

Whether you are celebrating this holiday or not, I’m thankful to you that by coming back to my blog you give me a reason to find time and energy to take an extra picture of Rusty or perfumes, write something about samples I test or come up with the next Saturday Question. Without you, I would have been depriving myself of this wonderful distraction in favor of even more work. Thank you!

I wish my compatriots to have a wonderful celebration with warmth of your loved ones company and great traditional food (whatever tradition you follow) despite all the Supply Chain Shortages. And I wish everyone else a quiet end of the week and a relaxing weekend.


Happy Thanksgiving!


27 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for you and your blog and the wonderful perfume community we have here. It’s always a delight and lifts my spirits. And of course I love all the pictures of gorgeous boy Rusty. Ambre Narguile today!

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  2. Have a wonderful day. I hope Rusty gets a little treat of turkey, if he can handle it. Our beagle used to love Thanksgiving- although it didn’t really love him back. 11 friends and family at my house this year. My son had football practice this morning, so a goal from last January has been reached (state playoffs).


    • I’m happy for your son and his proud mom! :)

      Rusty is getting at least a small peace of turkey every year. Even if we celebrate it somewhere else, we’re asking for a doggy bag… well, a kitty bag :)


  3. Thank you Undina for this most interesting blog which I have enjoyed and learned from for many years. Special scritches to Rusty! Now I am sending a virtual fork through your looking glass to spear and taste one of the brussel sprouts (not off your plate, from the serving dish)! I left sprouts off the menu today, but your picture caused FOMO even as I concoct an avalanche of dishes for just the two Chez Mossy today. I will have to fix some this weekend!


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