Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode IV, Hawaii Big Island – Flowers

This work week was so packed with words (I wrote 17 pages of documentation and edited another 50 written by others) that at this point I’m all “worded out” (I promise to find some for the Saturday Question post tomorrow), but I want to share with you the next set of photos from my becoming more and more distant recent vacation.

Pictures of these beautiful, strange and unusual tropical flowers I collected just in one day (and I’m showing not even all!). I wonder if you can figure out which of them is a torch flower, a rattle snake flower or a cat’s whiskers flower.



Images: my own


14 thoughts on “Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode IV, Hawaii Big Island – Flowers

    • You must go someday. It’s a haul from the east coast but I think it’s worth it. Something special! We went to Maui and Oahu, can’t wait to go back to explore the Big Island and Kauai someday.


    • Thank you!
      You should do it! But unless you plan to spend there 10+ days, I’d suggest going there via 3-4 days in California – it’s an easier trip, and it would help you to adjust to time difference better.


  1. It’s grim how a heavy work week can make a recent vacation feel like months ago.

    My guesses are: second down from top right is the torch flower, fourth (large) pic down on the right is the rattlesnake flower and last one at the bottom is the cat’s whiskers.


  2. Amazingly exotic! Agree with T on the cat’s whiskers and torch flower. Am going with the second one down on the left for the snake one – it looks like rounds of ammunition. ;)


    • Now when you mentioned it, I agree that the picture you’ve chosen also reminds the snake’s tail rattle. But Tara was correct in her choice for that one, and you both were wrong about the torch – see my response to her.


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