Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode II, Hawaii Big Island – Tropical Leaves

I know that many of the plants you can see in Hawaii and especially at botanical gardens of the islands are not native to Hawaii, and that even those that are or could grow there on their own wouldn’t have been represented that densely in their natural habitat. But that’s the beauty of botanical gardens. The set below are pictures of leaves that I took within a couple of hours of walking in the Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve & Garden – a privately established, created and run non-profit botanical garden.

I have many more pictures from this visit, but I had to stop at some point. I’ll share more in my upcoming posts on other topics.


Images: My own



17 thoughts on “Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode II, Hawaii Big Island – Tropical Leaves

  1. We have only been to Hawaii once. Absolutely stunning. I had a friend from CA tell me – just go to the Caribbean, it’s the same. I beg to differ – there is something unique about Hawaii!


  2. Thanks for sharing these excellent photos. I am thinking of growing coleus next year, and even in the Midwest, we can grow elephant ears if one takes the bulb or pot indoors over the winter. This post is luring me on to pursue this. :) And what a great picture of Rusty.


    • Thank you! I enjoyed sharing them. Those leaves are so beautiful! (And so is Rusty :) ).

      I am thinking about trying to grow some of those plants myself – even though I have absolutely no abilities to keep them alive :)


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