Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode I, Hawaii Big Island – Getting There

For three years I dreamed of going back to Hawaii. I know that Hawaii are great almost year round. But I have a very particular time when I prefer to go there – the end of September, when water is very warm already, but the weather is not excruciatingly hot any longer.

In 2019, we had to do a long European business trip right at that preferred time. So, we added a visit to the UK as our vacation, which was great not just as a consolation but on its own as well (and having to choose between these two destinations I might have chosen London anyway).

In 2020, we had to cancel the trip because the islands were closed for short visits, and we couldn’t have left Rusty for 2 weeks of quarantine + a week of vacation. We booked this year vacation back in April. But as we were getting closer to the date, the Delta variant was on a rise, the situation in Hawaii was getting worse, and a couple of days before the departure my vSO was persuaded that he had the symptoms (we checked and both tested negative, which cost us an equivalent of a really nice bottle of perfume). So, until the time we boarded the airplane to fly to Kona, I wasn’t sure that we would make it to there this year.

We did, and it was an extremely enjoyable vacation.

Flying into Kona 2021

I have shared already several glimpses into my days in Hawaii with those of my readers who follow me on Instagram as well. If you don’t have an IG account, you still can click/tap on the picture to the right (web)/on the bottom (mobile) to see all 8 posts. But I decided to do an additional show and tell (mostly show) on my blog.

Over the next days, in-between the regular posts, I’ll be publishing sets of pictures from my vacation combined by some topic and maybe adding some descriptions if anything comes to mind as I choose pictures for sharing.

The condo we stayed in was nicely decorated with some elements of Japanese and tropical decor and a large sub-zero refrigerator, into which we immediately placed some white wine for dinner and two bottles of perfumes that I brought with me.


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And Hapuna Beach, the largest of the island’s white sand beaches, to where we went right away for the first swim, was still as wonderful as we remembered it. That evening the ocean was probably the warmest and calmest of all days we swam.

Hapuna BeachTo be continued…


Images: my own


18 thoughts on “Vacation in the Time of COVID-19: Episode I, Hawaii Big Island – Getting There

  1. It was so nice to vicariously go on vacation through your post. Loved seeing all the photos. Your accommodation looks amazing. Can’t wait to see/read more.


  2. So jealous!! Thea beach is beautiful and the condo looks amazing…I want to go swim in the ocean and then have a nice soak in that bathtub! I am looking forward to hearing about the perfumes you brought with you. Curious if you brought ones you know work well in the Hawaii climate or if you brought some new/different ones to try/test in Hawaii. Knowing you, you probably brought a combination of both.


  3. Wow, what a lovely place! Was this an AirBnB? Looks like my kind of place. I love Asian decor and the beach is so beautiful. That’s a great tip for deciding when to visit Hawaii. I’ve never been there so I would not have known this. I might add a Hawaii trip onto a Cali vacation sometime. It’s much more of a commitment for us on the East Coast so I’d have to break up the trip with some time in California I think before going on to Hawaii. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous photos with us!


    • It was VRBO: strangely, that particular condo complex never lists on Airbnb. But we’ve previously stayed in one of those, so we wanted to do it again.

      It’s a good idea to do a staggered vacation. Otherwise, not just getting there would be tough, but also a jet leg would be brutal (6 hours!).


  4. I love Hawaii so much… hoping we can get back there some day. I have a $600 voucher to use on United before April, maybe this spring. Sigh.


    • I also love Hawaii!

      You should book your tickets rather sooner than later: the price will be better now than when everyone runs to use those vouchers. And when you have tickets, you’ll be able to move them without any penalties for later.


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