Rusty the Cat: “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”

While the color of my opposable digit is probably the closest to Pantone 448 C, I love flowers. And since I can’t grow them, I buy them.

As I discovered, I’m good at both picking fresh bouquets and keeping them alive. But here comes another complication: the only place in our house where flowers can survive is our bedroom. It’s not because the atmosphere there is somehow special. But it is the only living area to where Rusty has access only in our presence.

It is important because, being left alone with flowers, Rusty either plays with them, which results in knocked over vases, or eats them, which is even worse since many flowers might be poisonous for cats.

The positive side of Rusty’s obsession with flowers is that every time he does get access to them, I get a chance to take many pictures of him: he’s so occupied with sniffing, pawing and biting them while he can that he doesn’t immediately notice me with a camera to start turning away.



As I was looking through pictures to choose those that I haven’t published before, I realized that I didn’t find any of Rusty with carnations. I should probably pick up a bouquet of carnations next.


27 thoughts on “Rusty the Cat: “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”

  1. Such lovely photos!

    Our old cat Phoebe adored flowers and once knocked over a vase in the middle of the night – we came down the next morning to find a wrecked dining table, the water having soaked into the wood …….


  2. Even though I love fresh flowers,I’ve had to stop buying them. Within minutes of putting them in a vase my cat starts pulling them out of the vase and wrecking them. I’ve also asked family and friends not to buy me flowers. I don’t want them to waste their money. Sad face


  3. I have some sunflowers in a vase at the moment. I’m trying to treat myself to fresh flowers more regularly now I’m home all the time.

    The Rusty flower pics are precious! I love that’s the only time he is off guard and you can snap away. His aversion to posing for the camera is too funny.


    • I still can’t believe how much he doesn’t like to be photographed! It is very funny to watch. Once he realizes what I’m doing, he manages to turn his back to me no matter how I move around or try to attract his attention. The only way I can make him look is to say “treat!” – that usually does a trick (and I give him a couple of treats later). But today he wasn’t turning even in response to the promised bribe :)

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  4. I love these photos and I’m so amused that Rusty finds flowers irresistible! I’ve never had a cat, though I do like them, because most of my family of origin is horribly allergic to them. Our current furry resident is Lucy, a mixed breed cutie-pie that we adopted from a foster situation (Lucy was rescued from a shelter where she was to have been put down the next day, when she was a puppy). I love getting fresh flowers, though I often ask my husband to get me a new flowering plant instead, which I can keep in a pot on the front steps or plant in our garden. TBH, I’d rather get a new David Austin English Rose I can plant than a bouquet of cut roses, as lovely as those are! My favorite place to get cut flowers used to be Trader Joe’s; I haven’t been there since March 2020 but I’ll venture there again soon, I hope.


    • I usually buy my flowers from Trader Joe’s as well. I feel better about dying cut flowers than killing those that are supposed to keep growing ;)

      I think Rusty feels my emotional response to flowers – that’s why he is that much interested in them.

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  5. I used to buy fresh flowers every Saturday morning – when I was first married, no kid, free to leisurely check out the outdoor markets. I miss that – perhaps when my son goes off to college next year I’ll start buying them again. I can’t believe Rusty isn’t a perfect angel but I can see how flowers would be fascinating for a cat.


  6. Silly Rusty! Cats are so curious. I’m currently babysitting my GrandCat. Yes, you should get a photo of Rusty with every flower and make that your blog’s signature!


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